Sally Hansen Kwik Off - The Best Glitter Nail Polish Remover!

I spoke about the Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover months and months ago just as a general remover that also removed glitter polishes really well. 

However I don't think I did it much justice really and definitely didn't stress how this is the only thing that removes glitter polish easily! 

I now only use it just for removing glitter nail polish and use a regular nail polish remover for other polishes. Mainly as it is very drying on the nails and skin (even though it is acetone free it is still very strong) so I couldn't use it as my main remover. Though when I do use glitter polish I know that will remove it in seconds rather than 5 minutes or sometimes even more!
So I thought the only way to show you how good it is at removing glitter nail polish was to show you using different brands of nail polish that most of you will have used in the past and most likely know how hard they are to remove.

To make it fair I applied all the polishes till they were opaque - so some took 2 coats and others took 4 coats (just to make it more realistic). 
Also I only put my finger into the pot for less than 30 seconds with each finger. 

*Please do excuse my awful stained nails - I would do something about it but I never don't wear nail polish (so I don't really see the point) which is why my nails are stained in the first place. So ugly though!*

Models Own - Magenta Divine


Barry M - Red Glitter 


China Glaze - Doll House 

OPI - Bring On The Bling

Barry M - Once Upon A Time

All the nail polishes above are normally so hard to remove with normal bottled nail polish remover, so I use to rarely use them in the past - large pieces of glitter seem to be the absolute worst - China Glaze Doll House was so bad that I found chipping it off to be the best solution!

However Sally Hansens Kwik Off removes it in literally seconds. 

Afterwards it is vital to apply cuticle oil or a good hand cream as it is so drying and will result in nasty cuticles and even flaky nails over time. So it really is a MUST. 

As for how long the pot lasts - it can get abit grubby looking quite quickly and the sponge does have a tendency to split (though turning the sponge upside down does help). But I find it still works as well and lasts months if you only use it for removing glitter nail polish.

I originally bought my first pot from TK Maxx however I know it can be hit and miss - so Ebay is your best bet (here are the ones I could find) all priced at around £4 inc. p&p.  



  1. I have one and it's excellent. It stinks though. But very useful for one nail at a time if you make a mess of just one. It has lots of uses. Great product.

    I got it even cheaper but I can't remember the website. Sorry. I know it was under £2....Dammit.

  2. Oh this is soo good to know thank you so much hun! I absolutely love wearing glitter polishes but hardly ever as its been such a pain to remove! Will deffo be checking this out :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  3. Great post! It's always really hard to get off glittery polishes.

  4. Great post, i use something similar but the pot I have has bristles rather than a spong. Gets the glitter polish off so easliy xx

  5. I think they sell something similar at Superdrug. It's in a smaller pot, but is only like £2 or £3?

    I've used this myself and loved it. I wish it was more easily available, though.
    I loved your post on the Tesco Contact Lens Solution - in fact, I actually went out and bought some after reading it. It's really good!

  6. Wow, £4! That's brilliant! I don't have many glitter polishes because of the fact that it's so hard to get off. Thank you for opening doors (and purses!) Hehe

  7. I've used this before way back in the day... I agree it's fantastic for removing polish but yeah very drying.

    I got mine from... a shop kinda like Savers, I think it went out of business but perhaps Savers has them?

  8. oh thank you so much ... I was really looking for something like this! Haven't thought that it is such a problem to get a glitter nailpolish off.

  9. I remember you mentioned it before which is why I have a pot of this amazing nail polish remover in my stash! I love how fast it removes glitter polishes, it's great stuff!
    Thank you! :) x

  10. this is so helpful, i was a bit put off glitter polishes because i've seen how tricky it is to remove, but i may have to reconsider!xx

  11. this looks awesome! may need to try it, i hate removing glitter nail polish

  12. Grrr I was in Boots today, as I posted on someone else's blog, I need to read blogs before I go out! I need this so much, I love a glitter, I may feel like I am 8yrs old again but I do love them. Thanks Fee. Jan x

  13. I'd wanted to give this a go for a while, then spotted it in Poundland (yes, Poundland - £1!) so thought "well, why not!" - NEVER LOOKED BACK!
    This stuff is just AMAZING. I love it. But now I never ever want to go back to normal nail varnish remover. This just makes my life so easy..!

    So yeah, moral of the story: check out Poundland!
    I've picked it up about 4 times in there - but now my stocks are running low & I've not seen it recently - always keep an eye out for it though!

  14. Wow!
    Great review!
    Its like you just read my mind, because I struggled to take off my glittery polish of my nails yesterday.I will look for this product next time I go shopping.

  15. i definitely need this! thank you for sharing!!

  16. Amazing! I really need to get this!

  17. Thanks for this, I hate having to sit there for ages taking Barry M glitter off my nails! Will definitely be looking into this now!


  18. Sally Hansen quick of is amazing, love the stuff x

  19. I have a feeling I've seen this in Home Bargains, will have to keep a look out for it. Thanks so much for the post, if it saves me from glitter polish removal hell that would be wonderful! x

  20. I love this nail polish remover, my friend found it in a pound shop a while ago and we've never looked back!

    Sarah x

  21. I've seen the sally hansen stuff before but never knew what her products did. My gf had some in a gold pot but i dont think it was actually a colour. I'm guessing this stuff is hard to come by then if you recommend ebay to get it?

  22. Very good to know, I had a nightmare getting that models own one off. Took so much time and cotton balls!

  23. Thank you so much for this post, its been a nightmare trying to remove dolls house with regular nail polish remover x


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