10 Products I Can't Live Without

I can see this post being a bit boring for afew of you, especially as I've mentioned these products before one time or another. 
So I'm going to try and make it short and sweet!

All the product below aren't in any particular order really as I use them all almost daily and couldn't be without a single one of them. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette - £27.00

I think this has to be Urban Decay's best product yet (however much I love there Primer Potion). All 12 eyeshadows are amazing, just so soft and blendable. Think my favourite shades have to be Sidecar, Sin, Smog and Toasted. Actually tempted to write a full blog post about the palette even though so many people have spoken about it - just so I can photograph all the amazing shades.
A good quality beautiful palette that has a great range of neutrals!  

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara - £21.96

I justify the price of this by reminding myself that it's the best mascara I have ever used my miles. Nothing looks as amazing as this on the lashes. Just so volumizing and actually one of the only ones that lives upto it's claims. 

The one downside to the product is that it does dry up and goes sticky within 3-4 months which isn't great. But for the 3 or so months that I get out of it, it's more than worth it. Like I say just gives amazing volume and length to the lashes just like false eyelashes! 
Amazing stuff!

No7 Products

When picking the 10 products for this post I literally picked up the products I use all of the time and need in my life and somehow that consisted of three No7 products! 
I do really like alot of products from the brand even though I think they are abit of a boring brand that likes to play safe most of the time. So I was surprised that I picked 3 No7 products without thinking. 

 No7 Ultimate Body & Face Brush £10.21 - It probably isn't the best kabuki brush out there but it works perfectly for me. I use this daily to dust abit of matte bronzer onto my chest and neck. Don't think I would use this on my face though as it's just too big and would be abit slapdash. Just a great brush for getting bronzer evenly onto the skin - really couldn't be without it in summer.

 No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick £8.00 - I think I've talked about this a million times now. Such a good coverage concealer for the price, really lasts all day and it's too pink or yellow toned, just somewhere in the middle. A perfect cream to powder formula so great for oily/combination skintypes. Maybe abit too powdery for drier or more mature skin though. 
Never seen a reason to try other concealers as this just works perfectly for me.

N07 Amazing Eyes Pencil in Brown £7.75 - I've never actually bought the full sized version of this due to always getting a mini one free in the gift sets they always seem to do. Just such a soft brown shade that is so wearable and not at all harsh for fair skinned people like me. I use this to line my bottom lid and then smudge it out abit and I also use it on my brows. Again as I am so pale my eyebrows are near to invisible so I have to fill them in and this just does the trick. I tried a No7 eyebrow pencil in blonde - so awful and the wrong shade for me but this is just perfect for natural looking brows.

Ok, I haven't been that short and sweet. So here are the rest of the product quick-fire style! 

Revlon Superlustrous Lipsticks £7.49 -Love so many shades in this range: Demure, Paprazzi Pink, Fire & Ice and Gentlemen Prefer Pink. Not too drying and lasts really well. Really need Cherries in the Snow still!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder £5.99 - My everyday bronzer - the best affordable matte bronze I have found!

Paul & Joe Blotting Paper £3.50 - Cheap and cute but they do the job! Just little sheets that soak up excess oil - with no powder to them which I really like.

Boots Botanics Facial Brush £6.10 - The one thing that has saved my skin from redness and spots, I just cannot describe what a difference this little brush has made. A true wonder product that I'll have to review very soon!

Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Beauty Sponge £4.95 (Superdrug) - Another amazing product that I can't live without now. Applies all liquid/cream foundation evenly and perfectly. Just gives such a flawless look to the skin that I really do love. 

Thanks to Simone for asking me to do the tag - make sure to check out her own Top 10 here and the rest of her lovely blog!  



  1. Revlon's lippies are fab, so are the Paul & Joe blotting papers - use them every day.

    And I love No7 too - have quite a few favourites from their make up range.


  2. I want that sponge!
    oh and the UD naked palette,
    can't believe its still selling like hot cakes.
    Maybe one day, just one day, I'll be able to get my mitts on one!
    :D x

  3. Can't wait to see a review of that brush, I'm worried it would be too harsh for my dry/combination skin?

    Also, do you possibly have a link for the sponge from superdrug? I can't seem to find it anywhere and my local superdrug doesn't stock them! *disaster*! xx

  4. looking forward to your review of the brush! @_@ what do you do with it though??


  5. i love the bourjois bronzer as well!!

  6. Nice post Fee!!

    Have you done a review with pictures of the YSL mascara on your blog (like a picture with one coat and a picture with two coats)? I can't remember, but would love to see it!
    Hope your okay!! X

  7. I'm really interested to hear more about the botanics brush! I have the body shop one but it's soo tiny.

    Great post x

  8. You've got items I've really got to rate up there!

    The Naked palette is self-explainatory on its own, and I really like the No 7 body and face kabuki too. It's so fluffy and dense!

    I've not tried the Bontanics face brush, but did buy the Body Shop face one and really liked it (actually wrote a review on it recently on my blog, which you're free to check out) since it's small enough to get around my nose area.

    The Revlon Superlustrous lipsticks are really great, and so's the lipgloss range which accompanies it.

    Cassie x


  9. I was wondering where you can find the Paul & Joe blotting paper? The only one I found at Boots were the Boost brand and I think they were expensive (£3.60 for a Boots branded product is a lot when compared to Paul and Joe)!

    Thank you!

  10. I really want the Urban Decay Naked palette, all the colours look gorgeous x

  11. awesome post. i really really need that Naked palette. why do i still not own it?! really love this post :) x

  12. I LOVE Revlon superlustrous lipsticks!!

  13. YSL faux cils is my favourite too!

  14. I so want the Naked Palette... *starting planning on spending birthday money*


  15. Wow love this post! & I agree about the Naked Palette, I ADORE mine :)

    Sarah xx

  16. I have the Boots brush for the body and love it! Might try the face one! At the moment, I use the BodyShop Buffer Sponge but that costs £3 in itself and you have to replace it every month or two.


  17. I think my next 3 purchases will be the Naked palette (I can't believe I haven't got this yet!), YSL mascara and Estee Lauder Double Wear. I've been wanting all of these for ages
    Stacie xoxox

  18. Great products Fee, I really need to try this beauty sponge now, I have read so many good things about it!

  19. Naked palette all the way Fee! I'm so glad to own it as it's seriously perfect for everyday wear! x


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