Stippled Glitter Tips Nail Tutorial

I really wanted to do a nail tutorial that didn't need a steady hand or any kind of detail - so I decided this would be perfect. 
You can apply this as messy as you like, then clean up around the nails afterwards! 

Things you will need for the tutorial -
  • Nude colour nail polish 
  • Black nail polish 
  • Scissors
  • An old cosmetic sponge or cheap kitchen sponge
  • Multi Glitter nail polish
Step One

Before applying the nude nail polish quickly buff and polish the nails to remove any ridges, as all lighter coloured nail polish do shows up any blemishes or ridges in the nails. 

Then apply two thin coats (or until opaque) of the nude polish - letting the first coat fully dry before applying the 2nd coat. 

 Step Two

For this step you will need to cut the sponge into a small wedge shape (roughly abit bigger than the size of your nail), this will do all your nails. 

Next, paint the black nail polish onto one side of the sponge. 

Step Three 

With the sponge stipple the tip of each nail quite lightly, re-applying the nail polish onto the sponge when needed. The more you stipple the nail the nicer the effect will be! 

At this stage I normally clean around the nail with some remover. 

Step Four

For this you need to paint just the tip of the nails with the black nail polish - I've found it's best not to load the brush with too much polish or it will look too thick and won't blend with the stippling underneath to well. 

Step Five

When applying the glitter polish you want to apply two coats - one over most of the stippling and the 2nd coat on the very tips of the nails so they are opaque. 
To finish off - clean up and apply a clear topcoat once the glitter is dry. Cuticle oil around the nails will also make sure the cuticles don't dry out after using the nail polish remover. 

To remove glitter nail polish I highly recommend Sally Hansen's Kwik Off  Acetone Free Nail Colour Remover - this literally removes the most opaque glitter nail polish in seconds! 

Feel free to suggest any nail tutorials you would like to see in the future!  



  1. omg i love love love this look!!!! amazing will try it later :) wow xx

  2. So pretty!! My nails are bare at the moment, shall give this a go :)
    Thank you for the tutorial! xx

  3. WOW! The nails are so pretty and a great way to wear the glitter nailpolish. I will try it very soon!

  4. loveee this :) so cool! xx

  5. This is gorgeous! Definitely going to try it soon, I'm a firm believer in glitter all year round. :)

    Sarah x

  6. This is bloomin' amazing Fee!!

    Kaushal xx

  7. I've been nail art crazy lately! I'm gunna try this out tonight!

  8. WOW, Fee! What a great, almost grungy (sp?) way to wear glitter! Love it. Will definitely do it for a night out soon :)

  9. oh wow!!! I'm totally going to try this out. I've actually found nail sponges with a little holder thing at the top in a store near me, so I'll try it with that! What a great reason to grow my nails out!!

  10. This is really cool idea! I like the layering and it looks really nice on you!

    Lucy from

  11. Wow what a great idea! Can't wait to try this!!

    Love J.

  12. What an amazing tutorial, thank you for doing this!

  13. Really nice effect! I love the look of that OPI glitter - I need to get me some...


  14. ahhh, this is exactly the kind of look i can achieve with my level of ability (not to mention patience :p). anything more complicated will drive me to madness!

    this is SO pretty, fee! i'll definitely be trying it out :)

  15. Oh wow! Gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. Wow hun that looks incredible! Love it! Especially because this looks like something that clumsy old me could attempt! Would love to see more tutorials! :)

    Aysh xoxo

  17. Thats amazing....I love it!!!!!!! Brilliant post! xx

  18. wow I love this, Fee this is soooo cool and I'm sure even I could do this (miracle)My nails need some love :)

  19. I love your tutorials. I would like to see one on gradient nails using a sponge? I tried before and it was an EPIC fail!

  20. So cool - I'll have to try this out the next time I'm going out - have you (or anyone else out there) tried it with another color other than black? Red maybe? Just a thought!

  21. Wow, I've never been into nail art but yours look amazing! Is it quite hard to do it yourself though? I have just started a makeup blog, I'm going to put a link to this page on there :) please follow me too - thanks x

  22. What colour is the glittery nail varnish? Amazing!

  23. @Flash Hound

    It's OPI Bring on the Bling :)

    Fee x

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