Products I want to try out in 2011...

I'm definitely one of those people that see every new year almost like a fresh start... I don't go over the top about it, but I definitely feel more positive about the coming months and always find that I become more organized in all different sorts of ways.
This of course includes beauty products... I always like to look at what I've bought over the past year and kind of assess what I'm lacking and what I'd like to try out.

So here are the products I plan to try out in 2011...

Sort out my skin with Mario Badescu

My skin dramatically improved in 2011 with the help of various products, so I'm now pleased to say it is alot brighter and glowy looking, thought I do still 'suffer' with afew spots and nasty blackheads.
So if I can sort out the blackheads around my nose and fine a prevention for spots then I will have found the key to perfect skin!
The Mario Badescu skincare range seems like a good choice - a brand with no bold claims or cheesy packaging, only minimal ingredients, quite natural and lots of good reviews. So I plan to purchase the Silver Powder £10.95 to help further reduce the appearance of blackheads and the Drying Lotion £13.95 to prevent them nasty under the skin spots and just general pimples!

Minx it up with Nail Rock Nail wraps! 

I actually cannot believe I haven't tried these yet*...the whole range looks pretty amazing and most importantly easy to use! 

These are great value for money with 24 nail wraps for £6.50 - 12 for the finger nails and 12 for the toes (2 extra per set just in case you mess up!) - but these could last for ages if only used as a statement nail on just the ring fingers!
*I actually ordered some just after writing this yesterday!

Go over to the dark side with lip colour

 I only recently tried a darker lip colour, it was a lovely Essense lip crayon in a Plum shade and for once I actually looked in the mirror and thought it looked right on my I normally feel that I'm just not a lipstick kind of person. I think maybe with my longer darker hair and my pale skin it just worked more than say a coral or a pink lipstick would. 

So I'm going to try and build on my new found courage, first with something quite soft like the Models Own Lipstick in Plum £5 (2) and maybe also find out what all the fuss is about with Mac's Russian Red £12.50 (3). Until I'm brave enough to pull of the lovely dark shade that is Revlon Black Cherry £7.49 (1) and Topshop's Beguiled £8 (4). But all won't be lost if I'm not feeling daring enough to be seen out in public wearing such dark lips as I can always apply them as a soft stain with a clear gloss over the top. 

Follow the China Glaze road...

I still love budget nail polishes like Barry M, Beauty UK and George as they reallly do some amazing shades. However there is just something about China Glaze that I have fallen in love all started with China Glaze Doll House and carried on with Great Barrier Beige, I was just so impressed with the unique shades and quality. 
This year I'd love to get my hands on 'For Audrey' the most perfect duck egg/Tiffany blue and 'Ruby Pumps' from the Wizard of Oz collection. 

Try an entirely new organic brand

Last year I said Yes to Yes To Tomatoes, Good Things and Naked Bodycare - all natural & organic brands and I really loved everything I tried!  
So this year I intend to continue eliminating any products in my routine with too many ingredients and replacing them with new natural brands that I've never tried before. 

As I loved the products I've tried from Yes to Tomatoes so much, it only seems right to test out Yes To Carrots. I'd also love to try the Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer after Dani from Call It Beauty raved about it on her blog.  Plus I'm sure I'll have to try the new Naked Skincare range after absolutely swearing by there body and haircare range throughout 2010.

What new products are you thinking of trying this year? 



  1. I want to try some Mac products, the perfume "Eternity" from Calvin Klein and some organic brands. :)

  2. Ok missy. Lets get something straight.
    You are my #1 beauty blogger, I have decided as of now (and probably as of a long time ago, subconciously)

    I love the idea you pitched in the nail foils paragraph. Would've totally passed them by until you mentioned how long they'd last on the ring finger alone.

    You converted me *shakes fist in air*


  3. I hope you do a review on the Mario Badescu silver powder, I've heard good things about it online but need a good review somewhat closer to home to convince me to buy it!
    Also, 17 have some nice shades of lipstick that aren't too expensive if you're looking to experiment.

  4. Ooh I need to try those nail wraps!

  5. Hi Fee,
    The Mario Badescu sounds really interesting as it was recommended to me when I did a post on suffering with acne. It is next on my 'to get' list. I've never tried China Glaze, tend to be quite loyal to OPI, how do you think the two compare? You should definitely try dark lips, I have a ton of deep shades but I tend to always blot them and wear as a stain (I'm such a coward!). Rimmel have got quite a good selection of less scary darks. Jennifer X

  6. I always wanted the mario badescu silver powder! I've got another idea for you: off with those heads by bliv. I used it for a month and my blackheads situation was really getting better. Unfortunately I finished out my sample and now they're back.
    for the organic brands I don't like them, yes to carrots is not fully organic but it contains paraffinum and petrolatum which I don't like as cosmetic ingredients( my opinion) and korres is pricy . If I had to give you an advice I will say liz earle because even if it's not fully organic it is well fomulated and really effective :)
    sorry for the long comment!

  7. Dark lip colour is the best - I've totally been addicted for a couple of years now!

  8. I am going to try more mac. I thought it was just a cult brand with alright stuff. I love it now :)


  9. Oh i love Korres, you will not be disapointed, and i want to go for a darker lip too, i am a bit bored of the nudes atm. I want to try some Benefit products.

  10. I am definitely with you on the bolder lip front! As for China Glaze's For Audrey - you really do need it! It's gorgeous and applies beautifully x

  11. Ooh I bought some nail foils the other day, just waiting for them to arrive!

  12. i love russian red but be prepared as it's very pigmented and hard to apply!xx

  13. Hey Fee,

    Well the Nail Rock Nail Wraps look good but I will wait for your review to come out cause they might be too fiddly for me, can you rate how easy they are to use when you do a post please?
    I am looking to get some Rouge Bunny Rouge, some China Glaze nail lacquers and also find something to create the most amazing flicks on my eyes :) xxx

  14. ooh, the nail wraps! i want to try those out, too :)...

    also, i've heard great things about mario badescu's drying lotion, i'd really love to try that out.

  15. Yes to Carrots/Tomatoes/etc/ are great, I really like their products, worth trying definitely, especially lip balsm and hair masks. xx

  16. I rhink I need to try more makeup full stop - I am so scared of looking like a trollope that I wear so little makeup that I still look tired all the time! So for me less of the skincare and more of the makeup, maybe some more lipsticks! Great food for thought post Fee, thankyou. Jan x

  17. I'm with you on the dark lippie thing hun! Deffo wanna be more adventurous this year :) Oooo I badly wanna try out Nail Rock! Please do let us know how you get on with them. FYI...ASOS have got em on sale!!! go get some more! lol! I think I might do, even though I'll have no idea how to use em!

    Aysh xoxo

  18. @Shopperita - Love Eternity...I've had quite afew bottles of it in the past, a really lovely scent.

    @Meowcake - Aww thank you for the lovely comment, it really did cheer up my day!
    Glad that I've converted you to Nail Rock nail wraps :) once mine come I think I'll be very tempted to just use them as statement nails so they last quite afew months...but we shall see!

    Thanks again for the nice words. xx

    @Julia M - Will definitely post a review of the Silver powder if I purchase it...and thanks for suggesting 17 as I do always forget they do lipsticks and just tend to look at there eyeshadows!

    @Cherry Pullinger - I know I've been thinking the same for months now and finally decided to just try them out. Really hope I like them :)

    @Lipstick Luvvie - I think the Mario Badescu range has always had good things said about it so fingers crossed the Drying Lotion will work wonders!
    Thankd for the recommendation as well, will definitely have to try one from Rimmel..I don't want anything too scary to start with!

    @Olivia - I've never heard of Bliv...shall have to Google it to see if I can get it in the UK. As for Yes to Carrots...thanks for that, I own afew Yes to Tomatoes products (same thing really) and there only have 3 or 4 ingrediants when buying anything from Yes to Carrots I will have to check the ingredients before buying!
    I should of really mentioned Liz Earle as I seem to be the only blogger that hasn't been sent any samples to review. But even if I don't I think I will have to buy a nice sponge from there and the Cleanse & Polish!

    @Rachel - I don't know were I have been for the last year or so when dark lips have been more popular - I just seem to obsess over lipbalms and more pink/rose toned lipsticks!

    @Georgia - More Mac sounds like a good idea...if only I could convince myself that spending £80 + on afew products was a needed thing! haha

    @EllysMakeupbag - You won't be disapointed with Benefit...there bronzers & blushers are lovely as are there lovely sets which are really fab(great value for money). But I would maybe skip there skincare and foundation as they can be quite pricey and you don't tend to get alot of product for your money.

    Fee xx

  19. @Georgina - I've been looking at swatches of 'For Audrey' and it just looks such a perfect shade for spring and summer! I really do need it.

    @Look! Flying Monkeys! - ohhh which did you go for? Would love to see them once you apply them!

    @Holly - Pigmented as in stains your skin if you get it anywhere other than your lips you mean? ohh I didn't know this..will have to look at some reviews first I think now!

    @Gem - Will definitely rate how easy they are too apply - from videos I've watched the application does look quite simple, so fingers crossed!
    PS. Always looking for a new eyeliner that will create a perfect (actual black) flick that doesn't wear off throughout the day!

    @Dani - The Drying Lotion looks good doesn't it...think it will be best as an over night treatment on them nasty spots!

    @Rose Selavy - Thanks for the recommendations as I really didn't know what to try from Yes to Carrots, will have to try out there lip balms now!

    @Jan - haha I'm sure you couldn't possibly look like a trollope, ever! Do you watch Wayne Goss (Gossmakeupartist) on Youtube? His makeup tutorials always seem to look amazing and un-trollope like! Plus he is rather easy on the eyes ;)

    @Aysh - I actually got them in the sale :) that's what convinced me really! Will 100% do a review on them once I've tried them out.

    Thank you all for taking the time out to comment! It really does mean alot.

    Fee x

  20. wow loving your list, would love to see the skincare by Mario Badescu works out as my skin is just so dull and lifeless and spotty (fun times).
    I really want to try China glaze everyone ravers about them, I heard Nail rocks are not great. I was going to get some form ASOS but read some reviews that were less than impressive. Loving your list, I need to just check out all the old and get a primer !! I have wanted one forever but still don't know which what one would be good and not too pricey. If you have any recommendations that would be great xxxx

  21. @Lipstick Luvvie - I forgot to mention the difference between OPI and China Glaze. But really they are just as good as each other! I just always seem to be attracted to the shades that CG bring out over OPI...but I'm going to have to put myself on a ban soon and stick to just buying Barry M & Stargazer polishes as they too do some amazing shades!

    Fee xx

  22. @Vintage and Cake - Thanks for the comment :)

    Really hope the Mario Badescu products works to sort out the little but highly annoying problems!
    As for the Nail Rock wraps...doesnt sound good..but shall have to wait and see I guess now! But fingers crossed they are worth the price atleast.

    As for a primer do you mean just an eye primer or just a general face primer...I'm probably not the best to ask really haha (for once) I don't actually use one or have tried that many. I did love one from Marks & Spencer, oddly...but it was discontinued! tsk. Since then I've just spent more time getting my foundation and base to look better.
    Sorry I can't be much help!!

    Fee xx

  23. Hello,congrants for your blog!Korres is a nice brand with good and bad products.The Wild Rose Moisturizer is really good i must say and products from their makeup range(like lipsticks and foundations)are really nice.The price here in Greece is average for a drugstore brand ,around 15 euros for the Wild Rose Moisturizer compare to asos in uk 24.68 euros...what a difference...Let me know if you want something to try from korres range.I would be happy to swap products with you using paypal at the future.I'm new to bloging and my address is Love from Greece

  24. Hello,congrants for your blog!Korres is a nice brand with good and bad products.The Wild Rose Moisturizer is really good i must say and products from their makeup range(like lipsticks and foundations)are really nice.The price here in Greece is average for a drugstore brand ,around 15 euros for the Wild Rose Moisturizer compare to asos in uk 24.68 euros...what a difference...Let me know if you want something to try from korres range.I would be happy to swap products with you using paypal at the future.I'm new to bloging and my address is Love from Greece


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