A New Year's Resolution, Completed!

Totally off topic from makeup I know... but I thought I'd have abit of a ramble as I was planning on not posting today (due to spending too much time painting my nails yesterday). 

So on New Years day I decided to start working my way through my long list of resolutions (as I do actually take them fairly seriously) first starting with ordering some China Glaze nail polishes, four to be exact...the resolution being I needed more China Glaze nail polish in my collection (good resolution, no?).

Then me and Mr Makeup Savvy (or Tim as I'm sure he's prefers to be called) decided to wallpaper the blank wall of our bedroom and finally put up the mirror that's been resting on the dressing table since I moved house. 
I also changed the chair for a more comfy one and sorted out my makeup abit, but all in all it took only 3 hours! 

As for yesterday...

I spent a large portion of the day paint my nails, as my 3rd resolution is to create a nice nail polish swatch library here on my blog in order of brands or maybe colours. 
So I painted my nails with all the Barry M polishes I own, which did take alot longer than expected... as it was - painting, taking a photo, removing and re-painting and so on! 
However I did decide to be a crazy woman and do abit of nail art for the fun of it and tried out teeny weeny mini leopard print nails and afew other things. 

I loved the mini leopard print that much I decided to go even smaller and just do it on the tips of the nails over Revlon's Nude Chic.

Then using a eyeliner pen I created the little odd shaped spots on the ends of the nails - really simple.

Which brings me to my 4th and last resolution (well that I will be mentioning..I have so many resolutions). Which is to post at least two nail art tutorials per month

My Google Analytics tell me these are the most viewed posts and I know alot of people find them more interesting than just lots of reviews...so that is what I shall do more of. 
I'm going to stick to using basic tools but hopefully fun designs/ideas like mini leopard print and how to create hounds tooth nails etc!

I'm sure I will be back tomorrow with a more Makeup focused post! 


  1. love the leopard print tips, they look great x

  2. Your wall looks amazing!
    So do your nails

  3. Your bedroom looks great, where is the table from? Love the leopard print nails too!

  4. loving the wallpaper looks great.
    Your nails are amazing i wish i could do fancy things like this x

  5. You nail polish addict you! x

  6. You're very good getting started on your resolutions this early on in the year. I'm still procrastinating!x

  7. Your NY resolutions are the best! Most people, including me, want to minimise our make up stash... i love how your 1st one is actually about increasing it!

    PS: your nails look amazing!


  8. The wallpaper really looks so elegant and totally transform a room :) Keep the Nail Tutorials coming, You gave me the faith that I could also do it. ;) x

  9. I absolutely love the Revlon Nude Chic mani!!

  10. Bedroom looks fab, nails look fabber! Love the mini leopard print, very cool.x

  11. Love your bedroom - it looks great! Also, nail art tutorials would be fab - I'd love to be a bit more adventurous with my nails this year, so I'll stay tuned! xx

  12. Your bedroom is gorgeous! And as for the nails, I love them all! I still haven't tried doing leopard nails, think I'll have a go tonight :) xxx

  13. Your nails look fab! I've been seeing eyeliner being used on nails on lots of blogs now, I think its just become something that most bloggers do. Can't wait to read your posts throughout 2011! X

  14. Your nails look amazing! I also use a liquid eyeliner as I don't own a nail art pen, but yours look so much neater than mine!
    I'm in a full time job now which sucks because I can't practice funky designs as much.
    But when I next get the chance I really want to try these leopard tips, they look so classy with the nude! x

  15. Love the nude nails with the detailed tips, they're so different! :-D x

  16. I do like the wallpaper. Your bedroom looks lovely.

  17. I really love the look Fee the revlon nude is gorge :)


  18. I absolutely ADORE these nails!! :) Thank you, Fee, for sharing :) xx

  19. Fee

    I think the nails look great. I can't believe those were hand drawn, I thought for sure it was a stencil. Can't wait to see more nail looks from you.


  20. Fee, I love you. Tremendous diplomacy in my opinion. That wallpaper is lovely, if only I had been so productive this New Year.
    Jane x

  21. love your wall! and those nude nails with leopard tips are amazing *_* i wanna try them!

  22. Your nails look absolutely amazing!


  23. just discovered your blog hun & am loving your nail looks! you are seriously talented :) Have heard of this eyeliner trick to create patterns & am aching to try! Just one question though hun, does it not smudge easily?

    Aysh xoxo


  24. I love your blog and this wall paper is amazing!

  25. Thanks for all the comments, they are much appreciated!

    @Becky - Thanks for the comment, the table is from Tesco...but bought it afew years ago now!

    @Jo Woods - Thank you so much for the lovely award! Off to check it out on your blog now :)

    @Aysh - Aww thank you...it's actually dries quite quickly but I've found using quite a watery top coat works best as a thick top coat can sometimes drag the design abit and not look as neat!

    @Alaina - Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

    Fee x

  26. Very nice decor! And I'm loving the nails too :) x

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