Free Models Own Eye Makeup Kit for Fabulous Readers!

I thought I'd quickly mention this as Barry M and the Sunday News of the World did something similar awhile back now and it was a case of collecting the two tokens and quickly getting the set before they went out of stock! 

So Models Own have kindly teamed up with the free Fabulous Sunday magazine to offer their readers the opportunity to receive this lovely set for Free! 

The set comes with - Models Own Fabulous Black Mascara, Black Liquid Eyeliner, Duo Eyeshadow, Eyelash curlers, Tweezers and a makeup bag.
To claim the free gift all you have to do is collect two tokens from either the 9th, 16th or 23rd January magazine and take them to a participating Tesco store ( excludes Tesco Express and Tesco petrol stations, Metro stores etc). 

However the tokens are only accepted until the 24th January!

As the Newspaper only costs around £1 this is a really great deal for all Models Own makeup lovers!



  1. ooh that's a really great deal! I'm gonna have to pick up the magazines to collect those 2 tokens :)

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  3. I love these posts on freebies because, even if I'm italian, I've got a friend who lives in london so I can ask her something :)

  4. I do not need extra makeup so even though it'll only set back £2 I doubt I will be getting this offer :)

  5. I saw this advertising in the paper last week. My mum buys it everyone Sunday so free gift for me coming up :) x

  6. canada definitely needs to jump on this freebie bandwagon! :p

  7. Fab! I collected the tokens when they did the Barry M offer :) thanks x

  8. Ooh wonder if they have the offer in Ireland, must take a look! LovelyGirlieBits

  9. Thanks so much! What a fab offer!!! :)

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