How to make Expensive Nail Polishes More Affordable

At £10.50 per bottle of O.P.I nail polish & £9.00 for China Glaze even the smallest of nail polish addictions can get expensive!

Maybe you can afford the luxury of quality nail polishes but it would still be nice to able to purchase nail polishes for a more reasonable price so you can feed that nail polish habit some more. 
Or maybe you just don't want to pay such prices when you see similar shades from drugstore brands at more than half the cost.

Either way everyone likes a bargain...
So here are my tips on how to make high end nail polishes more affordable

1) O.P.I Mini Sets 

 This is a great low cost way to try out multiple shades of nail polish from collection's that catch your eye. Each mini set contains 4 x 3.75ml nail polishes for around £12. Which when compared to one 15ml £10 full sized bottle means you are getting exactly the same volume of nail polish but just in 4 different shades of miniature nail polish!

I can see how alot of people see the mini polishes as being TOO small..however I have yet to finish a bottle, just like every bottle of nail polish I have ever owned! So I wouldn't see that as a downside to the sets. 

My favourite mini collection so far has to be the recent Burlesque Collection which comes in two different mini sets - Little Teasers & Red Shimmers which are both really lovely shimmery sets! 
However I equally like the Swiss Collection as it contains a mini RapiDry Top Coat. But there are so many mini sets to pick from!

Tip: It's always worth having a look at power sellers on eBay at past O.P.I collections (e.g the Summer Flutter collection from last summer) as quite afew will be priced at £8 or so. 

2) Purchasing Holiday Collection nail polishes once the festive season is over

Now it may just be me, but I don't feel that alot of nail polishes that are brought out for the festive time of year, scream Christmas on the nails. Yet there are some lovely champagne and red shades brought out that just look lovely anytime time of year.

However once Christmas is over with and the decorations are down, lots of companies/sellers want to get rid of there Christmas stock, so they heavily reduce it. 
I got some great bargains this month with China Glaze polishes from this seller on eBay (think four full sized polishes for £7!)


So it really is worth a look come January 1st for any reduced festive nail polishes...however they do go quick!

Tip: The same goes for nail polish collections that come out especially for Valentine's Day, they should be some good offers towards the end of February. 

3) Asos, Nail Salon websites and eBay

I've found some great bargains on both Asos Beauty and Venus Nail & Beauty Supplies in the past.
ASOS seems to always have sales and there is no need to worry about the added expense of p&p as of course it's free for anyone in the UK. Venus on the other hand do seem better for larger orders - the p&p is £3.99 but all full size China Glaze polishes are only £3.90 each!

As for eBay you can get some really great bargains if you look hard enough! I do tend to stick to power seller's if there is only a stock image available. But if there is an actual image of the product I don't mind using smaller sellers with good feedback. 

I've also found when searching for a specific nail polish brand always ticking on the 'Include description'  helps pick out all the products that are mentioned in a listing and not just in the title.

*Ofcourse with eBay there are alot of fake products sadly - so make sure to Google the name of the nail polish to see a swatch of the true shade and compare it to the eBay image.*

However if you do think you have bought a fake (i.e flaky writing, oddly spaced out lettering, no peel off label, bad quality) make sure to e-mail the seller to ask for your money back as it is a fake. Most of the time they will refund your money straight away without even asking for you to return the product.

Of course these are just a few ways of how to save money when buying pricey nail polishes - but I really hope this has been helpful! 




  1. Great tips! I'm def going to be using some of these tips so I can get my hands on some new polishes xx

  2. Great post! I am such a polish addict but it does get pretty expensive.

    China Glaze are £6.49 at Sally's, and they have 3 for 2 on them pretty often :) The 3 or 2 offer included the OPI xmas gift sets this year too. They also have a 'discount' bit at the back for old collections etc, I picked up one from the Vintage Vixens collction in December for 79p!

    Lena White will give you a discount when you buy OPI polishes in multiples of three too, so if a few of you club together you could save some money :) xx

  3. Or buy in bulk from Trans Design in the states. 9 Bottles inc shipping cost me £56 dollars, approx £35. Approx £3.88 a bottle including shipping :) I've done this several times now!

    I will be checking out that seller you recommended though for when I don't want to bulk buy!

  4. Great tips, thank you :D Your blog is definitely one of my favourites as you provide tips, a range of posts and your photos are great quality!

  5. Great post, thanks!

    If you tick the "worldwide" box then the US is great for OPI/CG polishes, brand new collections are generally around £5-£6 per bottle including shipping, you just have to be prepared to wait a week or two!


  6. Good tips. Also contact other bloggers to arrange swaps.

    Register with all the websites and they will email you discount codes. Nails Inc, Models Own, Eyeko. Just do it for everything you can think of. Nail Warehouse. Nailz2go.

  7. Such a great post. I totally agree about buying collection polishes and am also guilty of never reaching the bottom of a bottle of polish!

    I'm off to check out that eBay seller now ;)

  8. totally agree with buying polishes after the holiday seasons end. much cheaper!
    the venus supply store is ten times better than the website in my opinion! defo recommend for any nail polish addict :) xx

  9. Great post Fee! This is exactly what I do hehe :)

    Kaushal xx

  10. Great post, I always buy my OPI on eBay from American sellers, buying 12 bottles at a time so it works out about half price, not so great if you only want one colour though! X

  11. OPI minis are definetely a great way of trying out several colours. But I find that the smaller brushes are harder to work with, so don't hate OPI if you think the mini brushes are h*ll to apply with. Essie also have mini-sets I believe.

    I also buy a lot from transdesign, as OPI is £18 for a bottle here in Norway and under £4 there.

  12. Great post! I do love OPI but I'm only a student so I do not love the price tags haha!! If only it was as easy to get round the Channel nail polish!!

    Love J.

  13. these types of posts that you do are the bomb! so helpful xxx

  14. great tips! i recently got China Glaze's 'sugarplums' for just £2.40 in an ex-christmas-stock sale!

  15. great tips, fee :)

    i have to say the prices have always turned me off of trying the higher end nail polish brands. i'm not heavily into nail polish so i can't really justify the purchase. but i'll try a few of your tips because i do want to see what other brands are like.

  16. this is really useful! thanks for the tips xo

  17. Very useful post! Unfortunately I bite my nails so rarely paint them, and even then it's boring old clear or nude colours!

  18. A really solid post that I'm sure will help a lot of people save some £££

  19. great tips hun, thank you! have just checked out the ebay seller & venus beauty, wow! going to have to control myself! :)

    Aysh xoxo

  20. Great post! I really want that pink glittery China Glaze polish now x

  21. I deffo agree about Ebay - even with postage it's so much cheaper to buy polish from the US sometimes.

  22. Great tips. I really want to get that China Glaze Doll House polish. I keep seeing it on your blog and I am in love.

  23. Good tips, I do all three!:D

    Happy New Year!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  24. Fantastic tips! I already knew the first one, but had no idea on the last two~ Guess I'll never stop learning, thanks :)

  25. This is such a helpful post!!
    I was actually thinking of getting the smaller versions of OPI as i've never used a whole bottle of nail varnish. Thanks xx

  26. Wow, some really great tips. I have serious nail varnish addiction. The smaller OPI may be one to look at, thanks xxx

  27. Found you by accident, (what a good accident though) Fantastic post, and I have just been to the ebay seller and bought the Halloween Awakening set I wanted. THanks.

  28. I might sound like a heretic but I really dont like OPI nail polish, I had loads at the time I was doing my nail course at college and found them streaky and thin.. Sold them all on Ebay. I have the same issue with Nails Inc polishes too.
    Surprisingly I find Rimmel and No 7 polishes a nicer consistancy and finish.


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