Does Barry M know it's Christmas time at all?

Now Mr Barry M confuses me at the best of times with his strange numbering system, but his 'new' Christmas giftset has got me even more confused. 

You see if I'm right in thinking I saw his 'Limited Edition Xmas 2010 Gift Box' on Asos back in the summer, titled something completely different! Which would actually make sense seeing these really aren't festive shades! Naughty, naughty hey?

I mean really...maybe create a set with all the bestsellers/favourite shades..I'm thinking Mushroom, Dusky Mauve, Pink Flamingo and maybe a glitter polish or a clear. 

But Pink Flamingo, Bright Purple, Colbat Blue and Fuchsia seem a really odd choice of shades to me!

Plus the painted nails on the box aren't even the shades that you get, just a re-used promo image! 

So Mr Barry M I really think you need to stop being a scrooge, re-using old giftsets/promotional images and thinking mentioning the words 'Limited Edition' and 'Christmas' will get people buying these!

I suggest next year you look at brands like China Glaze and Sleek and come up with something fun and sparkly which will get us all 'oooo' and 'ahhhing' and putting on our Christmas lists!

My choices would be - 

Silver Cascade - So perfect for the festive season with a great mix of silver, red and green glitter.
Red Glitter - So opaque and perfectly festive.
Hologram Hexograms - Amazing over any shade especially other fine glitters and nude polishes. 
Bright Red - Great on it's own or with abit of added nail art! 

Also another little suggestion - I'm thinking you could re-name your white nail polish calling it 'Barry White' or even better Barry W - White Christmas!

To really get into that festive cheer your sorely lacking this year!



  1. You're so right! It would definitely be nice to have a more festive selection, although maybe as well as the 'normal' gift set just for those looking for a less festive selection.
    I reeally want the red glitter...may have to buy it later!


  2. Totally agree! That giftset has nothing to do with Christmas!

  3. Yes, I was puzzled when this promo hit my inbox. A big 'no thanks' from me.

  4. I agree, that's really bad! Would love to see a great xmas collection including Dusky Mauve..


  5. So true! It would be nice to see new colours from Barry M defo!
    And the xmas collection really does need major work! xx

  6. Evil corporations! This reminds me of another nail polish brand "Sinful Colors". They're from the US and selling for $1.99, recently they've shown up in Canada at $5.99 each! Good thing I know my cosmetics and didn't buy any! Unfortunately some of my friends bought them and boy were they mad afterwards!

    Sorry for the rant,

  7. I was thinking this when I saw it too! Tbh though, Barry M is generally aimed at young teens. I doubt they're aware of the hype that has surrounded other Barry M polishes or really care about wearing Spring shades in Winter!

  8. You're so right Fee! These aren't festive shades. I had no idea these were old giftsets :/ That's rather disappointing... Bad, baaaad Barry M!


  9. These are very summery colours! I think they should release a set of glitters and a set of deep colours for the Christmas season, much more appropriate!

  10. I haven't seen this gift set but I really love your alternative. I'd definitely snap that up!
    Jane x

  11. Thats crazy. Not really festive at all and the reproduced photo?
    I think Barry M needs to hire you as a creative consultant. I like your ideas much better and was actually like, "I wish I could buy that set" :)

  12. You should SOOOOOOOOOOOOO work for Barry M! ;)

  13. haha love you Fee love the 'barry white' idea copyright it :) I just did my you tube video on all the glitter vanish they have. I agree the colours they have chosen are odd, I think that not everyone loves red and glitter (I love em) but I think this would apply to everyone. Still not very festive. Love this post, this made me laugh so much xxxx Thank you for the tip on the makeup storage, you rescued my wallet xxxx

  14. I've started being a little more festive and added some glitter polish to the ends of my nails to give a dipped effect. :)

  15. Your selection is so much better for the Christmas season! They should so make it.

    Florrie x

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