MUA £1 Makeup - Perfect for Christmas

I thought I'd post this up whilst Superdrug are offering free p&p until 16th November! 
I actually bought these MUA products at the start of the offer online as the whole range seems to be out of stock in my local Superdrug or with all the seals broken (there are downsides to the products being so cheap - skanky teenagers with equally skanky fingers).

Anyways I thought I'd buy afew products that would be great for the Christmas party season as I always personally love to add abit of glitter and try out new in-expensive products! 

As you can see the packaging is basic...but atleast it's not tacky looking and after all everything is only £1. So we really can't complain.

I decided to purchase two pearl eyeshadows (shades 11 & 12) after doing abit of swatch googling and can say I'm certainly not disappointed. However the matt eyeshadow (shade 16) is a different story all actually reminds me what a 14 year old girl may cake on right upto her brow bones (I'm sorry for all the teenager bashing in this post....but it is true!). It's a very light pink matt eyeshadow and I just don't know how I'd use it. Therefore I didn't even swatch it...and you wouldn't be able to even see it unless I caked it on, which I couldn't bring myself to do! 

As for the metallic and glitter gel eyeliners they are above and beyond what I expected, just amazing quality for the price.

All products swatched below are in the same order of the reviews - 

Shade 11 Pearl eyeshadow - I think it's safe to say all the MUA eyeshadows need a good base before being applied, so I've been using Urban Decay's Primer Potion underneath and a Benefit Creaseless cream or else any of the dark eyeshadows will crease or go dull towards the end of the day. 
This is a really interesting multidimensional? brown/green eyeshadow. In one light this just seems a shimmery brown/red shade however it almost have a cast of emerald green shimmer over the top. Very pretty for the price!

Shade 12 Pearl eyeshadow - This is quite similar to shade 11 however it has a slight cast of gold over the lighter brown. Really pretty, however both eyeshadows do create quite abit of fall-out!

Shade 3 Liquid eyeliner - This is such a strong deep gold eyeliner with a perfect short applicator for easy application. I'm even tempted to say that it's waterproof as this really doesn't come off even with water and abit of scrubbing! Shall be definitely purchasing more shades.

Glitter eyeliners - Love all of the shades however the brush on all three seems to be different in one way or another! Which isn't all that great. Shade 1(silver) - This is so, so glittery and has abit more of a gel formula than the others which I quite like as it applies really smooth. Shade 2 (gold) - The brush on this is perfect and for the price this is packed full of glitter! Shade 10 (black) - Least liked brush on this, just way too pointy and hard, which seems to drag off the product if you go over it. However the shade is really dark black with lots of fine silver glitter. Great if your scared of too much glitter!

One thing to mention with this range and I guess it is to do with the price, is like with the pale pink matt shade, I think other products in the range could be abit hit & miss. Like some of the matt eyeshadow & mascara for example. 
 So googling the product your thinking of buying to see a swatch is a must I'm thinking, which is why I've swatched all the products. 

But then again if you do go out on abit of a's only £1!



  1. I usually love this post, and was very interested in finding out about the makeup. However, you calling a teenager skanky is not right. I am a 15 year old girl, and have never broken seals on makeup as it is unhygienic; so you stereotyping teenagers is quite upsetting.

    I also do not 'cake it up to my brow bone'. It's pretty harsh for you to stereotype my age range. I agree, some teenagers do break the seals on makeup and apply it wrong- but that doesn't mean all of us do.

    Great post except that though.. xoxo

  2. LOL! Your 'teenager bashing' really made me laugh! Hahaha.. Great post! Amazing pictures as always! Can't believe these products are a pound! x

  3. The eyeshadows are definitely hit and miss. The pearl ones are all top, the mattes...not so much. The deep brown matte shade is great though, perfect eyebrow filler and crease colour :)

  4. I have to agree about the matte eyeshadows, it's pretty difficult to get any real colour out of them. Also, the liquid eyeliner cracks and flakes off when I use it...not cool and pretty irritating when the flakes go in your eyes!

  5. I love MUA! I have a few of their eyeshadows and they are great quality for the price! :) xx

  6. i bought the matt black from mua to use over my eyeliner :) x

  7. I agree with Sophie.

    I am also 15 and I equally hate when people open makeup, and I think you'll find that isn't just teenagers.

    I don't cake makeup on either, and it is unfair to sterotype teenagers this way when plenty other people cake on makeup - people of all ages.

    Please remember that teenagers read your blog and that you were a teenager too.

    Dissapointed in this as I normally enjoy reading your posts.

  8. I have a liquid eyeliner by them and I only bought it because of it's £1 label. It's not the best I've ever used but it's certainly not the worst. And my previous more expensive liner had a better brush so I simply dip it into the £1 MUA pot and it's perfect!
    Thanks for the heads up on Superdrug doing free p&p too :)

  9. Great post! I have a few of their eyeshadows and think they are amazingly pigmented for the price! The stand in my store always looks really sad and lonely and definitely should have more attention paid.

    Obviously you were not branding all teenagers in your post and your comment should have been taken in a light hearted manner! xx

  10. I love it when the shimmer comes out this time of year. I am adoring your bronzed gold colour. x

  11. I don't like it when people break makeup seals, but confess I do like to open boxes of palettes which are prone to crack/break prior to purchasing so I can make sure I'm not taking home something that's reduced to powdery rubbish already.

    I really enjoyed your post, but found the reference to 'for its price' to be tad annoying. It's a pet hate with all the bargain reviews, because they're all so cheap that is the price of £1 proportional to £1-worth of quality? Or is the £1 item equivialent to say a £12 Mac product? I don't believe quality should be compromised for whatever the price. If the item is cheap and the quality obviously terrible, I'd rather save up for the more expensive version rather than spending money on cheaper goods that I'll never use, but adding up to quite a lot in the end!

    Apologies for semi-rant comment, but since I really like your reviews on the cheaper makeup brands like George's polishes, I really hope you'll change the angle and not focus so much on the quality reflecting cost, but purely on the quality itself.


  12. i must admit i looked at these in my local superdrug and i didnt think much of the eyeshadows but maybe i picked up the wrong colours cause ur swtches look pretty good i agree with u some of them look like the cheap product u buy for little girls who want to play dress up. looking at ur swatches i will defo go back and by the liquid liner, great post :)

  13. I'm a big fan of the MUA range... Thanks for the heads up on the free delivery!

    I really like the matte shade 16 for using to blend out, particularly if I'm trying to cover up a mistake or just to make the colour a little more subtle round the edges, it's very good for getting rid of hard lines if you're having blending problems!

    I'd highly recommend the blushers, especially shade 4 which I love. Lipsticks are great too.

  14. LOVED this post.

    I for one took the skanky teenagers comments in the Tongue in cheek way it was obviously intended. :-) some sensitive people out there today, and I thought it was just me who was due on. ;-) (see, Tongue-in-cheek. It's so easy to do)

    it's such a shame some people have to go through posts with practically a red pen mentality correcting certain things with which they don't agree.

    The beautiful thing about blogs is that we CAN all have different opinions and have different view points. I am interested to hear that for it's price the MUA range is reasonable. It's good to know especially for people on a budget.

    Thanks once again for a very interesting blog post.

    I'm off to hug myself on the sofa and take two paracetemol ;-)


  15. @Sophie & Anonymous -

    First of all I'm sorry if I offended you...and this really wasn't my aim! However it was ment to be tongue in cheek like the above comment mentioned...there really aren't downsides to the MUA range being priced at £1!

    As for lots of teenagers reading my blog - your probably right...however I don't just write what comes to mind and I don't contantly have my readers in mind when writing a review, I just write it!

    Anyways like I say..didn't intend on offending anyone with a simple review, so for that I'm sorry.

    Fee x

  16. @Cassie -

    Totally agree with you about checking the product before you buy it, like you say you don't want a powdery mess.

    As for me saying 'for it's price' I don't even know where I wrote it (I'd have to go back and re-read my review) but it's just what came to mind.
    Maybe not base afew words that you have a pet peeve on the entire I sadly can't take on board everyones pet hate as it would end up that my own voice would be lost!

    But if you read other parts of the review you will see I haven't based the whole review on the fact all the products only cost £1!

    Hope you keep on reading!

    Fee x

  17. Oh wow, thanks for the tip! I'm going to check out the Superdrug website!

  18. Great post, i really like the eyeshadows and think there such good quality for £1!, have you tried the lipsticks?, i would really recommend them, i recently did a post on my favourites from the range. Check it out at..

  19. Agreed. MUA is a fab line, but their matte shadows really need some work. I found them really powdery and difficult to work with.

    Reminds me, I need to write up a post myself!

    Chrissy xx

  20. haha I am a teenager, and I don't mind all the bashing, beacause I know a lot of people who are AWFUL at applying makeup, amd I was too before I got my *ahem* obsession with makeup...
    Also, I share your hatred for people breaking seals, so annoying! But If it's already open, I do confess to tring it out if they're no testers... I mean, C'MON! NO TESTERS?! haha thanks for the post I'm curious about his range :))) xxxxx

  21. Great post, the lipsticks are worth checking out too- they're really lovely!
    I honestly rarely hear anything bad about this range, except for the matte eyeshadows!

  22. Thank you for replying to my comment. Ranting I know, but I felt it was taken a little too far.

    I would say that 70+% of girls at my school do break seals on makeup, and it sometimes looks like they have applied their makeup with a shovel- though not all of us do.

    I mean, I probably did at some point, but the comments were a tad insensitive to your 'teenage audience'. It was the 'skanky teenagers' that should have been 'some skanky teenagers'

    Thanks for apologising, and sorry if my comment seemed aggressive- it wasn't intended to be.


  23. I did pick up a few bits recently and I need to have a little play. From my swatching session in store it was obvious that it was a bit hit, miss or maybe. It is to be expected but I do think there are some gems Beauty's Bad Habit showed a lovely dupe for Club (is this the one you have here?). I look forward to playing more. I might even be tempted in to some glitter ;)

  24. im 14 id im smart enough not to cake on PINK eye shadow up to my brow bone as well as every other 14 year old ino,i actually bought shade 11 today and put it in my crease,dont think this blog is for me anymore... :/

  25. Skanky Teen bashing <3 I'm 16 and took no offence as I know people my age like the example ones you said apply makeup badly and break seals and are just plain skanky! Hah, love this post, Fee! x

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