Paying it Forward

The reason why I started this blog initially was because of other blogs I read and loved. My main inspiration was Lipglossiping, Charlotte's blog was just so informative and interesting, which made me want to create my own little site. However I now must read posts from 30+ sites a day and have found alot more favourites that I constantly go back to and love to read. I also now feel that I know alot of lovely bloggers and have learnt alot from them. 
So this was just a small way of paying it forward to the blogs that I currently enjoy the most.
These are in no particular order ofcourse!

Super Gorgeous (<- Just click to view the blog)
Alice has only been blogging for three months or so, however you really wouldn't think it! Being a professional photographer the images on her blog are just such great quality and her posts are always interesting.

Now and again she also posts little videos from Vimeo which are great (she would do so well on Youtube I sure of it). But I mainly just love the style of her posts and how you can rely on all the images to be the accurate shades of the product she's showing! 

Modesty Brown 
 It feels like I have been reading Jane's blog for ages now, probably because I have! But there is just something about her blog that I love. It's kind of gives me the same feeling as reading a magazine with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Her blog is just relaxing and interesting. 

It's not even that I use the same brands of makeup that she uses (her makeup is quite high end compared to mine!) but her style of writing always makes me feel like we are on the same level and I think alot of her readers feel the same. 
She is also just a lovely, kind person that takes the time to reply to comments and you can just see that she really cares about her blog and readers. 

Call It Beauty
I love Dani's blog for her reviews, they are just so detailed and full of the images you want too see (if you have a look at her blog you will see what I mean). She is also so creative with makeup and does a lovely series called "All About Eyes"

She also always throws in afew fashion posts focusing on one specific celebrity at a time. Basically her blog just seems really well organised, structured and interesting. 
I also quite like that she's a Canadian blogger, as I'm always learning about new products on her blog that we in the UK sometimes don't have.

Welsh Beauty Blog
Another new-ish blog that I really enjoying reading. It just has a great mix of posts to read, there's nail posts, talk about skincare, product reviews and a good mix of high and low end product! 
So there is always something to read. 

It's also a frequently updated blog, which I love. So I always have to make time to catch up on all the new posts. 
Similar to Jane's Modesty Brown blog it's just a nice, easy read. 

Beauty and the Bullshit
  This blog is my new found favourite. Totally different from most blogs I follow and one that I have to put time aside for, as Rowena posts are pretty thought provoking and always brutally honest which is something I love about her blog. 

She just touches on topic that I've never really though about before - such a lead in lipstick and if it will give us all cancer! and there's also afew very interesting posts on mascara. 
This is just a fun AND educating blog!

Which blogs do you love the most?
Link me up! 



  1. Ohhh thanks for all the faves, def going to check them out! :)

  2. i love Charlotte at Lipglosiping :) def going to check these links out soon! xxx

  3. Thanks for your tips of great blogs... Even though i follow what seems like 100s I don't follow any of these : )

  4. I'm subscribing all of them, I'm always looking for new and interesting blogs to read!

  5. aww! thanks, fee! i truly appreciate it :)

  6. thanks for introducing me to Super Gorgeous - love it already. favorite beauty bloggers are *yours* and even though i can't understand anything - she posts great little videos every now n then.

  7. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I've already told you this on twitter (fyi I'm Claudia_Mmn ), but you really give the best blog recommendations!!

    It goes without saying that I love your blog as well, you're one of the few people whom I really trust when it comes to product reviews!


  8. will go and have a nose at these x x

  9. Woohooo links for me to peek at :D Thank you!

  10. Love this - it's great to find new blogs and a couple of these are ones I've never heard of, but will be checking out! x

  11. oooooooooooooo this is nice.
    i am going to follow them all now :) xx

  12. This is a lovely idea - i'm so flattered you have recommended my blog! It really makes it all worthwhile for me knowing that people read and enjoy my blog - especially because you & your blog were one of the main inspirations to me when I started blogging!
    You've really made my day - can't thank you enough! xx

  13. Thanks for telling me all these great blogs! My personal favorite is Faye Cavania's blog here: xxxxxx

  14. Thank you for recommending my blog! I am really sincerely honored and grateful! Power to your blog!
    Cheers- Rowena

  15. Yours, obviously, and:

    Confessions Of A Fashion Editor:
    Gala Darling:
    Glossary Girl:

  16. Thank you so much for the lovely mention (I'll confess to going a bit misty eyed, you are so kind Fee).

    I also want to sing the praises of Alice Supergorgeous. I've known Alice online for a very long time from a Forum. She is so beautiful, has a passion for make up and she's obviously an amazingly talented photographer. When people first suggested that she start a beauty blog, she said she'd have nothing to write about. I'm glad she listened to the encouragement though, she has a terrific blog!

    My favourite blogs are
    London MakeUp Girl,Visionary Beauty and the hilarious Facegoop. As well as yours of course :D.

    Jane x

  17. Thanks for sharing the love! I'm definitely checking them all out (=

  18. Thanks for the new blog links, will surely check them out here are some of my Australian faves

    and me of course hehe -

  19. OMG I'm following too many blogs already!! lol ! However I have to thank you, because I love discovering nice blogs! :) xxx

  20. thanks for linking some blogs, i don't follow an awful lot! please don't hesitate to stop by my blog. :D

  21. Thank you SO MUCH for paying it forward to me!!! x


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