Layering Nail Polish

Some people layer blusher, some even layer different mascaras (can't say I've tried it myself) and I layer nail polishes. I'm sure alot of people do this though!

Yes, I have afew favourite combinations - Topshop Gypsy Night with Natural Collection Lunar Haze and Barry M Hologram Hexagrams. 
I also love Revlon Nude Chic with No7 Matte Top Coat - the most perfect mannequin nails. 
Also OPI Overexposed in South Beach with NYX Red Glitter over the top. The list goes on...however I do have a limit of three (or four) nail polishes at one time! 

I feel it creates a totally different nail polish that no one else has and it can also look like your wearing quite an expensive nail polish!

So here is my current favourite layered nails.

Two parts
Natural Collection Black Cherry 

For £1.79 this is actually amazing, such a lovely colour on it's own for winter. Really deep with abit of shimmer.

To one part Revlon Starlight 800

I actually found this in a pound shop! Love going into pound shops for this very reason, you are bound to find quite rare discontinued nail polishes and for only £1! This actually had the $4.59 CVS sticker still on when I bought it. I would never wear this on it's own, as I just don't like how sheer nail polishes look however over the top of any nail polish it looks fab! This is kind of similar to the Lunar Haze Natural Collection polish...but better.

...and a sprinkle of NYX Red Glitter! See it's like baking just without the fuss or umm, the food!

I already own Barry M Red Glitter (NYX and Barry M are so adventurous with there product naming) however that is more of an opaque red glitter so there would be no point in using it over any other nail polish. Where as this is more of a top coat with red glitter running through it. Just lovely! 

Et voila! Beautiful nails. 



  1. Love this!! Looks quite Christmas-y :)

    Kaushal xx

  2. I love layering, but I'm really into using fun top coats over my usual polish!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm a layer-er of nail polish too :)


  4. Oh I like the combinations you've done! :) I layer blushes and mascaras!! :) You have to try layering mascaras, it gives a nice effect! ;)

  5. stunning! revlons nude chic is one of my favourite nude polishes so i definitely need to try that with the no 7 :) thanks for sharing! <33

  6. I like to layer nail polishes, especially the boring ones I like less to create a unique shade that's far from boring =D

  7. Wow they look so pretty. I'm definately going to experiment with layering nail varnishes now!

    If you get a moment, please check out my blog.


  8. how lovely! i really should get some polishes that can create nice effects. at the moment, i'm just going with one-tone nail polishes (i'm getting bored with it :p).

  9. ooo I am going to try this out!

  10. I love this SO much! Didn't it take hours to dry?

  11. @Charlie - Not at all, I always try to pick quite an opaque base thats good with one or two thin coat..then just really thin layers on the sheer polishes over the top.
    Never can be bothered to sit around waiting for my nails to dry!

    Fee x

  12. Love the colors! Great post hun, more items to add to my wishlist :)

  13. Love it! I've never tried layering polishes before.. I'll try it next time! :)


  14. Never tried this before but it looks great. Will have to experiment this week.


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