Confessions of a Lip Balm Addict

Okay so I may be over exaggerating, slightly. I never have eleven lip balms in my bag, more 5 or 6 in various compartments of my bag for easy reach!
Which isn't too bad...however I do have alot more than the ones shown above, in the form lots of Blistex, Carmex, Vaseline pots and tins oh and lots of rubbish novelty ones. 

I am tempted to say they all do the same thing - they make your lips softer. But as I'm sure any lip balm addict will agree, there is alot more than that to a lip balm. 
First you have clear or pigmented, then you have medicated ones for chapped lips, then you have wax, lip butters and gloss lip balms. Then of course you have unfragranced and fragranced. 
So as you can see having 30 + lip balms is actually a needed thing and of course you can't try before you buy (who would want to with the state of alot of testers) and to be honest I don't even trust sniffing testers in shops these days.

So after trying to justify why I need so many lip balms, here are the ones that I have purchased in the last 6 months or so that aren't too tatty to show you! 

Models Own Lip Balm 'Ballet Pink'  £5.00 - This is almost a clear gloss with lots of fine pink glitter in it that kind of gives a shimmer to the lips. I would say this is actually a gloss however it does keep the lips soft & hydrated throughout the day. I don't actually like the fragrance to it though, which is a shame. It's abit too synthetic and sweet and the only thing I can say the smell reminds me of, is shampoo! That aside it is a nice product, just not to sure about the £5 price tag.

Models Own Lip Balm 'Fuchsia -full' £5.00 - This of course is from the same range as above however I much prefer this product to Ballet Pink, mainly due to the improved fragrance. As for the shade itself do not let the strong pigmentation of this put you off! It can either be use in a small amount to give the lips a light pink stain or you can apply this almost as you would a lipstick however you have the added bonus of it being really hydrating. I really feel this is more worth the £5 price tag.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Orchid 'Petal Pink' £8.00 - I am almost sure I didn't pay £8 for this, I think I paid around the £3-4 price mark at Asos I think. Now I would say the pretty orchid on top of the pot isn't very practical, however this is always somewhere in my bag and it has never fallen off, but if the flower ever did fall out you would be left with quite a cheap looking plastic pot! As for the lip balm itself, aside from the slightly shampoo like fragrance I really do love this. It does what a lip balm should do and is the most perfect candy pink colour when on the lips. My only criticism would be that it's doesn't last that long and I do find myself reapplying this alot through out the day.

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer 'Nutmeg' £5.99 - This falls into the category of 'most used lip balm' and you have to be something special to get there! Love that this is 100% natural and actually feels and tastes like there are no synthetic cheap ingredients in it. Also really love the shade of this, perfect for winter and very wearable in the day as like the name mentions it does have a shimmer to it. The only thing I could see putting anyone off is the peppermint oil which I personally quite like it. However it does give the lips a slight tingling sensation and is scented quite strongly of peppermint.

Natural Products fragranced Lip balm 'Christmas Pudding' £4.00 - I think I bought this as a set of three from Asos last Christmas thinking they would just be cute little lip balms to keep in my bag. Oh, how wrong I was. Aside from the packaging there is nothing to like about this lip balm - it smells of plastic, it's sticky and doesn't keep your lips soft what so ever. I don't think I could even bring myself to  give this to my 4 year old niece to play with, it is that bad.

Mrs. Fields flavoured Lip balm 'Chewy Fudge' £2.00 - I eat this.. umm I mean I USE this when I'm feeling abit hungry, it is THAT good! I actually bought this on eBay due to it being an American product and hands down this is the best novelty lip balms I have ever purchased. Okay, it is totally synthetic and I am sure there is nothing natural about it. But the fragrance of this is just SO good, like warm fudge brownies! If you are a lover of chocolaty novelty lip balms, then this is a must. Also it does actually keep your lips very soft!

Clinique Super Balm Moisturizing gloss '09 Currant' Free - As most of you will know this came free in the November issue of Elle and I am not too sure if I actually like this. I think the problem is it being fragrance free (which I don't mind) but then it being called 'current' and it being a berry shade I just keep on wanting it to have some lovely blackcurrant scent to it. I just can't seem to get my head pass it and always feel abit disappointed when I apply this to my lips. It's just quite a sheer glossy balm. I don't love this but nor do I hate it either!

Palmer's Medicated lip butter £3.00 - I had such high hopes for this when I bought it - I had visions of a perfectly fragranced Palmer's balm that would sort out my dry lips in winter and to be far it does the job, perfectly. Really medicated and soothing but that is the problem! I bought it because it was the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula but this just feels like I am smearing the gooey centre of an After Eight mint all over my lips. Which is not what you want! This is something I will turn to when I have a really bad cold I'm sure.

Anatomicals 'Stop Cracking up' lip balm - I'm totally on the fence about this. Really love the smooth soothing texture and actually thought I liked the almost ice cream like flavour to it. That was until it started to wear off to leave behind this slightly sickly tasting over fragranced lip balm that you want to wipe off your lips. But it does really work! It's just a shame the fragrance is so awful.

Marks & Spencer Coconut Lip butter - As you can see from the above image I love, love, love this lip balm or should I say lip butter. It almost reminds of something The Body Shop would sell if I still shopped there. It's quite a simple balm that leaves a thin layer of the butter in your lips and really does last alot longer than most of the other products I use. As for the fragrance it's just a lovely sweet coconut scent that doesn't actually feel too plastic like or man made! I highly recommend this if you have never tried anything from the Marks & Spencer beauty range.

Burt's Bees Honey Lip balm £3.50 - I can't say I love this more than my Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer, but I do still really like this. For me this is the ultimate totally natural lip balm. It is basically made up with mainly beeswax and other essential oils, so it is quite a waxy balm that you do need to warm up on the lips to actually get any of the product on there. This means that it's not sticky or gloppy, it just gives that thin film of product that you need. This is also the only lip balm that stays on through eating and drinking!

Bepanthen Ointment (nappy rash barrier cream) - This is the only product that never finds itself into my handbag (ok, well in winter it sometimes does) but carrying round nappy cream is NEVER good, especially when you are childless. This literally makes the most perfect over night lip treatment. It isn't overly scented or actually that cream like, it just a white quite oily cream that works wonders on chapped or extra dry lips in winter! 

After talking about each individual lip balm and only covering just under half of what I actually own, I am maybe thinking I don't need anymore lip balms for quite a long time!

As always I'd love to hear what you currently use! 



  1. I love lip balms! My favourites are Nivea Pearl & Shine (Very pretty, £2 something) and Palmer's Cocoa Butter one (Smells divine, £1.69ish)

  2. Burt's Bees is always my go to lipbalm! I carry it around with me at all times.

  3. I've never used any of those lips balms that you owned! The ones that I do use atm are vaseline (the one in the huge pot) and mentholatum supersoft lipbalm. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference..XD But maybe I'm loving the Vaseline more..
    Marks and Spencer Coconut Lip Butter seems nice. =) I love the smell of coconut!
    Loving your review!

  4. I really like the cherry one in the little tin with the yellow lid, just have no clue what its called as my daughter "borrowed" it and I haven't seen it in months. Must nag her about that!

  5. I work for Clinique and do full on glamour every day of the week. But on my days off Apricot Superbalm is my bestfriend!!!! ♥

  6. Top tip on the Bepanthen - I shall be purchasing this for when the cold weather sets in and may or may not end up carrying it around with me! :)


  7. I have never though to use Bepanthen on my lips, but i'm definitely going to try tonight! I have tubes of the stuff for my son so will be testing it on my lips.
    Thank you for the tip! xxx

  8. I use Carmex in the tube form, I really don't like little pots as I find the product gets underneath my nail. I have a few Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers I need to give some loving to though! In fact, I think I have nutmeg, I got them in a set a while ago, and haven't used them because of the peppermint smell, I dislike peppermint lol.

    Such a shame the Christmas Pudding was so disappointing, it's adorable!

  9. I have Nutmeg as well but I don't like the peppermint oil at all, I use Softlips most of the time and I love them! :)

  10. Great tip about the Bepanthen! My lips tend to get really chapped in winter, i'll be picking up a tube! xx

  11. I think that ASOS pie lipgloss is from NYX...see link: Thank you for the review!

  12. Thanks for the Bephanthen tip! I suffer quite badly with dry lips. One of my favourites that I just used up was a Mango one from Peacocks of all places. Just loved the fragrance and it cost £1.50 x

  13. i am currently using: mac tinted lip conditioner (my HG lip balm), burt's bees honey lip balm (for just around the house) and rosebud salve (for when i can't find the burt's bees lip balm :p).

  14. Loves burts bees honey, i like simple ones that arnt sticky/shimmery/too strong smell or coloured lol.. might try m&s now though

  15. Bepanthen's amazing for everything, from lips to healing tattoos.
    I'm using a generic lipbalm from Morrison's right now, and it's made my usually dry and rough lips very soft. It's clear and fragrance-free too, which is nice.
    I've used several balms from Lush before, and they were pretty rubbish, and started smelling bad after a week or two of use. Has anyone else experienced this?

  16. I never thought lip balm could be so interesting!
    I love the Models Own lipblam, but it's the only one I own, they all look lovely though xxx

  17. Dr Hauschka lipcare stick :)!

    Greetings from Germany
    xxx Judith

  18. I am the same except with gloss , i have tons in my bag. Its embarrasing

  19. Have you tried the EOS Lip Balm? (the one in the sphere shaped container) I am in the US and I am not sure if they sell it in the UK. It is my HG lip balm and it is soo good. I also like Burt's Bees original lip balm and Mac tinted lip conditioners. Thanks for the post :)


  20. @Louise - Oh I've tried the Nivea Pearl & Shine - like a slightly pearl pink shimmer balm isn't it. Also really need to original palmers cocoa butter one, instead of the stupid medicated one!

    @Aimee - Yes, Burt's Bees are kind of my favourite for lip products too, just because they are so natural and do the job!

    @Aisyah I actually love the Supersoft lip balms but I forgot to include it. The one I'm currently using is called "Soft Vanilla" I think, really nice.

    @Debbie - ahhhh think you mean the Cherry Carmex one, no wonder your daughter "borrowed" it of you :). Love all the little Carmex pots.

    @Hannah Is that from the supersoft lips range, the apricot one? In a long thin turn up tube. Love anything with apricot in it!

    @Rachel - Bepanthen really works a treat and a tube will literally last you forever!

    @WelshBeautyBlog - Hope it worked for you! I find it best to apply it before bed or while watching tv as the white lips don't look all that great!:)

    @Small Town Gal - Oh I know what you mean about getting it under your nails with the Carmex pots, they are just that bit too tiny. Also quite jealous of your Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer set, didn't love the peppermint at first, but it has grown on me. Really need to get the Champagne one.

    @Agnes - I don't think alot of people like the peppermint in there. I don't mind it, but don't think it's actually needed in them!
    Love the vanilla one from the soft lips range :)

    Fee xx

  21. @Laura - I have the same problem with my lips when it's really cold, they can go from being fine to really sore & dry feeling, not nice. But I find Bepanthen really works.

    @isabelisLOVESit - I just had a look at the link and they do look the same don't they. I recently went into Urban Outfitters and also say some similar ones in a set, so I think they are cheaply made with the same design!

    @Charlotte - I can't say Bephanthen is the coolest of products to be using, but it does work. Also I didn't even know Peacocks sold anything like that! Will have to go have a look.

    @Dani - I still haven't tried the Rosebud Salve, but it comes in such a pretty tin! Think I will have to put it on my stocking list for Christmas! ;)

    @Siobhan - I know what you mean, I can get abit sick of the overly fragranced ones that smell really cheap and are too sticky.

    @Julia - Bepanthen is good for everything isn't it, I find it works really well on the heels on my feet even!
    Never tried any of the lip balms from Lush - but that really doesn't sound good!!

    @Lauren - Me neither until I wrote this post ha I didn't think I could write so much about them! I do like the Models Own one, but I just can't get use to the smell of it.

    @Judith - I've never tried it, probably because you can only really get it online. But I will have to have a google for it! Thanks

    @Steph - hah I know what you mean. In every part of my bag I have afew...totally no need for it!

    @A Touch of Gloss - I've heard alot about them but never tried them as like you mentioned they don't sell them in the UK. However they do sell EOS products like the shaving foam in certain shops. They do look really cute though!

    Fee x

  22. I am glad I am not the only one who has 5 or 6 in their bag at once. I have far too many.


  23. Omg it's not just me, this proves to my mother that I'm not crazy ;-)

  24. my fave all time lip balm that i've never strayed from as it feels lovely and not too greasy is body shops vit e lip balm

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. hahahaha Its sooo funny< i have like almost all of them in my handbag!
    I Like them all really, but agree that i feel always disappointed that the clinique one doesn't smell fruity! xx great blog!

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