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I have decided to cancel my September favourites this month as I just can't bear to admit that it's October let alone that it will be November in 2 weeks. I am slightly looking forward to buying warmer winter clothes & some nice new shearling boots though, however I cannot tolerate the cold!

Also I haven't really being loving alot recently, as most of you will know I am due to be moving house quite soon which means I have so little makeup now - just essentials really.
I also thought it would be nice to include some rubbish products that I haven't been liking, before they go in the bin or to my sister! 

Products that are in my good books - 

Eco Tools Concealer Brush (used for pressing on eyeshadow) I have afew of the Eco Tools including the eyeshadow brush, however I just find that the concealer brush just works that bit better for applying eyeshadow and packing it onto the lid. It just fits the eye that abit better and it abit more stiffer compared to the e/s brush. But on the whole I love the whole of the Eco Tools range, but I love this brush in particular and also the powder brush!

No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush - I am sure I've spoken about this brush before. It's just a perfect brush for blending any eyeshadow and fits perfectly into the socket line to create definition and as you would expect this brush is really soft and flexible.

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara - Now I don't care about all the mumbo jumbo behind this. I just like it because it's a good mascara to create volume and length without any horrible clumps. You do have to kind of wipe of the excess onto the top of the tube which is abit nasty as you get a buildup of product around the lid. But other than that this is a really black not overly wet mascara.

Sanctuary Body Butter - This is only a travel size so it only cost £1.80 I think, but it really does last ages. I'm not overly seen on the Sanctuary range, however I do like this and there facial masks. It's nothing overly special, but it smells really nice and leaves the skin soft and feeling more supple.

Bourjois Shimmer Shine Liquid Eyeshadow (32 brun magnetique) - I keep forgetting to buy more of these when in Boots as I really do love this product, alot. I thought showing the applicator would give a better idea of the product than I could describe as with the top on it's abit hard to tell what the product is like. I personally prefer to apply some of the product onto the back of my hand then apply it to the lid with my fingers or a brush. However the one draw back to it being a liquid eyeshadow is that it does dry quite quickly so you have to work fast with blending out the edges. But if it wasn't a liquid then you wouldn't get the pigmentation with it I guess!

E.L.F Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (Luminance) - I received this off the lovely Charlotte, and to be honest it wouldn't be a product I'd normally buy myself. Mainly because it doesn't look very bronzer-ish to me. However I have found this is perfect over a darker matte bronzer to give abit of a glow to the cheekbones & temples! Or used alone when I'm not wearing alot of makeup to just highlight the skin abit. 

Products that aren't too great! 

Barry M Blusher (Terracotta 6) - I just don't get this product, it's almost like it's bronzer and a blusher. The shade is either really not suited to my skin tone or it's just a strange shade and I am sadly thinking it's the latter.

17 Hide Away Concealer Cream (Medium) - I can't really judge this product too much as it is a shade too dark for me. But even so this is just too cakey to use as an under eye concealer, it just settles into all the creases and I do expect a concealer to concealer everything and not just blemishes.

No7 Smoky Eyeliner - This product is kind of focused on making applying eyeliner alot easier and the first few times I applied this I thought it was maybe true. But the more I used it the most I realised it just isn't that great. The main problem being the applicator, it's just too bendy and rubbish really. The other problem is with the powder, it just creates too much fall out or it actually gets in your eye, which can be awful when wearing contact lenses as the black powder gets stuck underneath it! Not attractive or comfortable. Also there is an annoying ball bearing in the lid (I guess to weigh it down so it doesn't fall over) that rattles while you are applying the liner. I don't know if it's just mine though! The thing is I feel with a better applicator this could of been quite a good product! 

 What are your beauty in's & out's this month?



  1. My main love this month is definitely the Barry M Nail Effects. On my second bottle already xx

  2. I've just given away that Barry M blusher to one of my friends - it looked horrific on me (NW15) but on her darker, yellow toned skin it looks gorgeous, she is very naturally tanned though, unlike me *sob*

    I lost my No 7 Smoky Eyeliner! I have no idea where, I've even looked under the sofa and I can't buy it again, which is a shame as I really liked it being as I'm eyeliner challenged (wonky be thy name). They don't have that No 7 brush in my local Boots, which is a huge shame as I am itching to try it out.

  3. You have mentioned the No7 brush before, I bought it with one of the £5 off vouchers after seeing your post! My favourite make-up product this month is Covergirl Lash Blast mascara, I love the wand!

  4. Great post! I should probably do posts like this, because i always forget to do "monthly" favorites! Those brushes look so nice, you have a great mixture of everything here :) x

  5. Love this post.. I'm loving my Mac Mineralize skinfinish this month! I forgot how much I loved it until I found it in my cupboard earlier this month! You should defo do more posts like this one! Love it :D xxx

  6. Love the No 7 Brush, hate the 17 concealer (I used it for years, before discovering a whole world of concealers), but still loving the No 7 smoky eyeliner though! Thanks! xx

  7. Thank you - I read this post before heading off to the Trafford Centre, bought some stuff in Boots and got handed my £5 voucher and thought "I know exactly what I am getting with this" and stormed the No 7 counter for an eye shadow brush on your recommendation! Also bought a £25 MAC foundation and creme blusher brush, blog post coming soon on both!

  8. The ELF Bronzing Powder looks absolutely gorgeous xx

  9. @Big Fashionista - Can you believe I still haven't got a bottle of it! Thinking it would look great over gold nails or deep red maybe.

    @Small Town Gal - ahhh I think it maybe that it doesn't suit anyone with pale-ish skin, I just couldn't wear it!
    As for the eyeliner, I think I was maybe abit to harsh on it. If you really can't apply liquid eyeliner, then I am sure this is a god send really. No need for a steady hand really.
    As for the brushes, they only tend to have a really small range in the normal stores which can be annoying when the No7 £5 vouchers are out.

    @Becky - Oh no, don't tell me that...I always get abit worried when people take my advice then tell me they have! I really hope you liked the brush. As for the Covergirl Lash Blast...I am jealous!

    @Nikki - Thanks :) I am thinking of maybe giving up on my monthly favourites after doing this post. Just so I can write one when I love enough products, I'm thinking!

  10. Body butter, pj's, and a huuuuuuge bar of chocolate is a must for the winter!

    I adore Cliniques body butter at £20.50.

    You could eat me! ♥

  11. Ha ha! Another thumbs down for the smoky liner! The ball bearing is in mine too and I think it's in there to agitate the product. Seems odd though as it's really just powder and not liquid. Ball bearings are most often used to keep liquid products mixed. You sometimes see them in nail varnishes.

    Lovely post. You have reminded me how much I wanted to try the No.7 brush. I might have to get it with one of my vouchers :)
    Jane x

  12. @LipglossAndLeopardPrint - Thanks, I think I may start doing these types of posts instead of the monthly favourites! :)

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog - I think thats what it is with the 17 concealer, there is just so much better out there. Thanks for the comment btw!

    @Debbie - I hope you like the No7 brush, I always cringe when people buy anything on my recommendation (even though that's what my blog is about I guess) just incase they hate the product ha and think I'm no good. going to the Trafford Centre.

    @Lucy - It really is...I really don't think there is anything else like this out on the highstreet really!

    @Hannah - Body butter, pj's and chocolate all sound great to me. Least they all make winter that bit more bearable! :)

    @Modesty Brown - I was thinking I was being abit harsh with the No7 Smoky Liner. But I just don't get the whole powder thing with the applicator, it just doesn't work.
    As for the ball bearing...I'm still confused, you see that is what I was thinking, it was there to agitate the product even though it's only a powder. But it's not even in the bottom part were the powder is. It's in the lid.
    Or am I being abit simple??

    Also you must get the No7 brush with one of the £5 vouchers, it is lovely.

    Fee x

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