A Weekend Note

I quite like doing these types of posts so I'm thinking of making it a weekly feature..it just makes my blog abit more personal and friendly! 

As I will be upto my knees in bubble wrap this weekend I thought I would share with you a print by Rob Ryan (before it gets packed away). He is an amazingly talented man.

Hope you are all doing something nice
this weekend and I will see you all on Monday!



  1. I like these posts :) they're cute! -x-

  2. Good luck with the packing, I love Rob Ryan prints too.

  3. happy packing/moving, fee!


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  5. I always love your photos, and the print is very nice. I think you've got a good taste... you're so artistic!

  6. Hope the move went ok, I was doing exactly the same thing this weekend too! xx

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