Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover

This will be a bit of a kwik witty aren't I. No really it will be a quick review as the images speak for themselves really. 

Sally Hansen's Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover is acetone-free remover for both artificial nails and natural nails. The idea is that it's a tub with a huge sponge in it as you can see below and you stick your nails into the centre of the sponge were there is a scored cross to insert a nail or three! The sponge contains alot of nail polish remover however there isn't actually any liquid in the bottom of the tub - so there no chance of spilling it. 

So then you kind of rub your nail against the sponge or just keep it in there for afew seconds and that's it - all your nail polish is removed. 

As you can see below not only does it remove normal nail polish but it also removes glitter polish - which is truly a godsend (if you have ever tried to remove glitter nail polish you will know what I mean) of course you can do the trick of soaking a cotton pad in remover then wrapping it around the finger with tin foil to keep it on and looking like an alien for a good 5-10 minutes. Or you could use this which removes any glittery nail polish within seconds. No rubbing at just disappears into the sponge. 

So as you can imagine this stuff is strong - not really strong to the nails as it's acetone free, just slightly toxic smelling. I have found I've got use to it though and I've only had it 2 weeks or so. It does say it's lemon scent (you can get other scent like Apricot..) and it is when it's on your at least your nails don't smell of chemical afterwards! It's also not greasy at all. 

I did say this was going to be a short review didn't I? 

Anyways, pricewise I bought mine for £4 at TK Maxx...but I think it was sheer luck. There was only one and ofcourse the stock in that place changes daily! 
However there are quite alot on Ebay for around the same price including postage and there's also different scents if you don't want lemon smelling nails. 
If you do find one in TK Maxx  though and think it feels like there is just liquid inside like I did - don't worry! It really does sound like it's a tub of remover and no sponge...of course until you open it that is.
As for how long it will last - I am pretty sure it would last a long time as there is plenty of remover in the tub. Of course when it does dry up you could always pour in some normal nail polish remover, which I sure would work fine. 

This really is a great product that cuts down the time of removing nail polish, it is also great for when you mess up a nail. You can just stick it in the tub and not worry your removing polish from the rest of your nails. 
Not forgetting that is removes glittery nail polish so easily.

I couldn't recommend this product more highly!



  1. I love it! Excellent idea, I want one!!

  2. I use this as well its brilliant isnt it. Also great for packing when going away. Ive tried other stuff but nothing compares for quickness x

  3. omg, i need this! acetone free AND spill proof? sign me up!

    have a great weekend, fee! x


  4. Oh, I love this product, glad you do too!:D

    Thanks for posting about it!:D

    Happy Friday!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. wow, looks awesome!
    I seriously can't believe that I still don't have a nail polish remover...

  6. I really, really want to try this now!

  7. Oooooo, I think i'm gunna need this!
    Spesh as i use soo many cotton wool pads x

  8. Great post :)
    I actually just ran out of my cleaner yesterday while I painted my nails :)

    Ive never tried this product looks like it works well ill have to jot and go grab a bottle... thanks x

  9. Naf1sa on Twitter18 July 2010 at 16:47

    There's a house of fraser outlet in leicester, went there today and they sell this for £1.95!!!!!!!

  10. I'm showing my age here, but I remember my mum having one of these years and years ago, and it sounds like it's just as great now. Love TKMaxx

  11. this looks amazing, Ive seen these in poundshops the past few weeks.. poundworld I beleive so deffo check out your local pundshops :) x

  12. Ooh I've bought the Apricot one, but haven't used it yet. Glad to know it works well!!

    Mine was around £1.95 which I bought from this cosmetics shop at Hatfield Galleria outlet shopping centre, if you're anywhere near there, you should try it! They have 3 to choose from, one is lemon, one is apricot, and the 3rd one doesn't state what fragrance it is...

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