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I have been MIA for afew days due to having ISP issues and probably will continue to be away for afew days
as my ISP have blocked my IP address ie my website. So while you can see my blog/website, I can see nothing just an error page.
Therefore I am posting this without seeing any previews to if it looks about rubbish this is why!

Anyways onto the image above...Recently I fell into the trap of purchasing a fake. However luckily for me I already owned the Benefit product in question and was repurchasing it as I needed a new one, which meant I had something to compare it against!
If I didn't have the genuine product to compare it against, I don't think I would of had a clue it was a fake.

I have noticed that there are quite alot of fake Benefit products on the Internet so when my blog is working fine again I plan to do a post on the matter and how to spot a fake in general.

My question to you though is...

Can you spot the fake?
Is it the one on the left or the right?


  1. I guess the one on the left, because there i more of a gap around the concealer section on the right and also the edging on the top of the case is messier. but like you say, very similar.

  2. I think the one on the right is real? :)


  3. left one left one!
    ribbon is pink, it's always red!
    I've one too, that's how I recognised it


  4. I'm going to say the one on the left is fake because the ribbon looks a bit dodgy. However, if I saw either one of these in a shop I wouldn't imagine there was any fakery going on! xxx

  5. There are so many fake benefit products on ebay. Benefit don't sell through wholesalers so only purchase from the shops x

  6. I would say the left one is fake because it isn't lined very well at the top of the lid. The fake is very good though! They must of put some effort into it

  7. it looked like the left one is fake. It just isn't put together as nicely.

  8. Left! The 'border bit' around the inside of the case is not equal..rushed job with the sticking! annd the ribbon...oh they tried with the imitation but they failed.



  9. Honestly, it could be a warehouse flaw. Even the design on the inside cover is spot on.

  10. I would say the one with the pink ribbon is fake, although I think its hard to choose. I definitely wont be buying any benefit from ebay now though! x

  11. I can't believe that one of them is a fake! The quality of fakes is getting scarily better - so easy to be fleeced when shopping online these days!

    Can't wait to find out which one is!



  12. I think its the one on the right-don't know what makes me think that though! :) x

  13. I think the one on left only because the way it stuck together looks a bit crocked

    Wow they do look exactly the same and I would not mind i have this product and i cant really telllol xx

  14. both look good to me, how do the products match up performance wise?

  15. i'm thinking the one on the right looks a little less pro for some reason?

  16. I spotted a lot of benefit fake item by simply touching and swatching them... but I can't understandq hich one is it between these two.
    maybe the bigger one?

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