NOTD - Rumple's Wiggin' Shrek mini O.P.I

I must admit this picture of my fingers is making me cringe slightly, just look at how dry and wrinkly my little finger looks! and to be honest my nails don't look that great either. I painted my nails at 2am this morning then went to bed, so I am far from selling this nail polish to you all! 

Nasty nails aside, this has to be my new favourite lilac nail polish - yes,really. It's almost a creamy soft lilac but if I am honest isn't the easiest to apply, as it is abit streaky. Naughty O.P.I
But other than that it is a lovely colour especially for summer. 

Actually there is one other thing that I don't truly love about my new favourite lilac nail polish..and I am sure it is pretty obvious. When OPI say mini they mean mini, it is a tiny 3.75ml! But as I never finish full sized nail polishes I am hoping it will last awhile.

Anyway here are the rest of the Shrek-Tacular Minis...

From L-R 
What's with the Cattitude?, Fiercely Fiona, Rumple's Wiggin', Who the Shrek Are You? 

I think I may try Fiercely Fiona next as it is my name...Fiona that is. Also on abit of a side note, does anyone know what Rumple's Wiggin' means? 



  1. Ahhh i'm totally loving these polishes, i've been after them since I saw them advertised :)

    One of my best friends is a massive Shrek fan and a massive OPI fan ha .. So they might just be the perfect gift for her birthday :)

    Gorgeous colour though!


  2. What I get from Rumple's Wiggin' is that it means Rumple Stiltskin is having a hissy fit?!
    I'm about 80% sure Rumple Stiltskin is in one of the Shrek movies but I can't remember if he's moody or angry or anything :p
    At least, that's what wiggin' means down my way.

  3. That's a stunning soft lilac very summery :)


  4. Pretty colour! and your fingers looks fine! :) x

  5. you just totally sold me into getting the mini shrek collection- loving the lilac colour!!

    um Rumple Stiltskin is like a 'baddie' in the latest shrek film so something bad about him? =S lol

    Cotton x

  6. Eeee these are adorable! While I'm not huge on Who the Shrek Are You?, I love the soft pastel tones of the other three :)

  7. I love the lilac color. I didn't think I would like anything from this collection, but that color is nice!


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