Cheap Brushes for Nail Art/Makeup

When I say cheap I mean cheap. I purchased a set of 15 nail brushes from an Ebay seller for a mere £2.94 including delivery. But what swayed me to write this post though was the fact that the price is the same where ever you live in the world. 

The brushes are actually £0.99 Buy it Now and the flat rate P&P is £1.95.
The reason for them being so cheap is that they are from Hong Kong and to be honest I was abit weary as it was my first time buying anything from Hong Kong. But they arrived within 6 working days in perfect condition and with NO sales Tax added on. 
So this is the reason why I am sharing this with you, because I know how hard it is to trust an International seller with only stock images of the products. 

You can find the exact listing here from Abcdeshop.

Anyway onto the brushes. Out of all 15 brushes I found that alot could be used for makeup instead of using them as nail art brushes. Especially the above fan brushes. These two brushes are so soft and are shred-free. I have been using the white fan brush for brushing away fall out from my under eye area. The orange brush I have been using to apply powder highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones and also for dusting powder over my t-zone. As the brush is so fine it is perfect for applying powder as it just gives a light dusting of powder to remove any shine. 

Alot of the other brushes are perfect for applying gel eyeliner with. The two above are the main ones that I have been using and yes, they have been washed and are still just as good. 
The left bent brush is perfect for lining the inner corner of the eye and the right flat topped brush is great for creating a winged out look as you can achieve a thin or thick line with this brush, which you can see below. 

Here are some of the other brushes that are great to line the eyes with. The rest are definitely aimed at Nail Art, however I have found afew of the longer tipped brushes hard to work with as they are quite bendy/soft. 

The two brushes below are the ones that I have tried out the most. The metal dotting tool works really well for applying dots of nail polish to the nail or creating small hearts. The other brush is good for creating flicks on the tips of the nails. 

Last but not least the brushes come in a clear case with clear plastic sleeves to protect each brush, which is definitely needed for the longer tipped brushes. 

Overall I am just really impressed with the quality for the price that I paid. Definitely worth buying even if you aren't into nail art.

Also this may seem like a sponsored post (because I have been so positive about this item) or that I have been sent them for free, but I 100% haven't. It was just a Ebay seller that I stumbled across and thought it was worth the risk for £3 and it definitely was worth it. 

I just wanted to share these with you because what can you buy for £3 these days!



  1. Great post :) I love that you got an angled brush! Wish that was in my set. They're a great bargain xx

  2. Wow, what a bargain, I may make a purchase!

  3. I've just ordered a set - these sound amazingly good value!

  4. What a bargain thanks for sharing with us xx

  5. Ooh this is rather tempting - I may well have to be inspired & purchase my own set!

  6. they sound great! Fan brushes are so expensive normally!

  7. Thanks for sharing :) I will definatly be checking these out! x

  8. It's so great when you come across a good bargain on ebay! I've been after an affordable bent eyeliner brush for a while, so I'm definitely checking this out! Thanks!

  9. Awesome, so glad you shared !!

  10. These look really good! Gonna have to get some.

    Lisa xx

  11. I just bought mine, after losing my benefit get bent eyeliner brush ive been needing a cheap alternative, this is great thanks for sharing it!! x

  12. Just about to purchase and I love that the seller mainly sells electronics and accessories, how random they would sell these brushes?! Nonetheless they are fab and am gonna get me some!

    Thanks :o)

  13. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  14. I know this post is quite old, but I went on ebay to look for these and they've GONE DOWN in price! Only £2.20 now :)


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