NOTD - Ulta 3 Spring Blossom

As it was so sunny today I decided to paint my nails with the Ulta 3 nail polish in Spring Blossom I received from winning You've Got Nail's giveaway!

I really don't know much about Ulta 3 as I'm guessing it's an Australian brand..correct me if I am wrong. But I couldn't find any of there nail polishes available in the UK. Which is a shame as this is such good quality for something that retails at around $2.50!

(arggh I got a hair on my little finger and dented it)

The first coat was a little streak but the second went on perfectly with no streaks at all. I personally love it, it gives off that happy feeling too it, if you know what I mean but I am sure some of you will absolutely hate this. I did get a lovely nail art set with this..but I thought it would be abit too much as the colour is so bold.

But hopefully I shall be doing afew nail art NOTD's in the future.



  1. Ooh, I was just thinking today how I really fancy a pastelly yellow nail varnish - & then there you are with your pretty yellow nails!

  2. I've been really into random nail colors lately, this is so pretty!

  3. It's so weird knowing that, a week ago, that little polish was in my hands, ready to post!

    It looks fab on you. And no, you can't get them in the UK. At the moment, it's an Australian only brand.

    Fingers crossed they start selling it across the pond - it's a great brand!

  4. wow I usually hate yellow but for some reason I am actually in love with this color! Fabulous!


  5. yellowis so summery and beautiful!
    i love this color && your nails are amaizng.<3

  6. yellowis so summery and beautiful!
    i love this color && your nails are amaizng.<3

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