Bourjois Limited Edition Vintage Eyeshadow Collection

So here is the entire Bourjous Vintage collection as promised - I thought I would do it a little sooner than planned as Asos have a sale on all the pots except for Argent (the shimmery silver shade). But the rest are priced at £3-£4 instead of the normal price of £5.85! So I figured if you are planning on purchasing some of the pots in the sale it would be nice to see some swatches first.
You can also read my previous post on the blushes in the vintage collection here.
The eyeshadows above are clockwise starting from the purple shade - Voilet Absolu, Argent, Blanc Diaphane, Beige Rose and Noir Precieux.

Here is what Bourjois had to say about the Limited Edition pots - Bourjois have teamed up with the Parisian Artist and Illustrator Nathelie Lete to celebrate the brand's Parisian heritage, with a limited edition collection of its infamous Little Round Pots for eyes and cheeks called
" Rendez -vous a Paris". Each pot in this colourful, romantic and playful collection has its own unique design celebrating famous Parisian landmarks.

Bourjois vintage collection @ Makeup SavvyBeige Rose 03 is described as a gentle highlighter which works well with both cool and warm shades - As you will see from the swatch at the bottom of this post this is a wonderful highlighting colour which is soft and subtle. This has to be my favourite out of the whole eyeshadow collection - I have been wearing this on my lid with nothing else except for winged out liquid liner, lashings of mascara with a classic red lip. It truly picks up the light beautifully, I would even be tempted to use a light dusting of it on the tops of my cheeks as a highlighter.

Blanc Diaphane 90 is described as the ultimate illuminator which can be applied to the whole eyelid, up to and even beyond the brow line to make eyes appear bigger - I really don't know what Bourjois are going on about here, do they even know where the brow line is - it doesn't sound like it. Ok, so maybe don't do that but instead use this as a base when applying the darker shades in the collection and I promise this will give you the most loveliest colour for wear in the day. Also works fab on the inner corner of the eye and as a subtle brow highlighter when really bended in.

Argent 25 isn't described as anything as ASOS don't seem to stock it -But of course places like Boots will stock this shade in the original Bourjois packaging. This is an ultra shimmery silver shade that would be a perfect pairing with Noir Percieux 04 or any dark pigmented eyeshadow to create a dramatic smokey eye. This has to be the most shimmery eyeshadow of the collection which has quite alot of glitter so I am always cautious of fallout with this!

Voilet Absolu 72 is described as an essential fashion colour. Applied along the base of the lashes or in the centre of the eyelid, it electrifies the eyes, day and night! -
I totally agree with the statement about applying this along the base of the lashes - I would apply this wet though with a liner bush (to intensify the colour) and then blend it out slightly. When used dry, the pigment is alot lighter than what it looks in the pot so it's definitely suitable for the day.

Noir Precieux 04 is described as timeless eyeshadow. Essential for bringing out the intensity of the eyes - I would personally describe this as not an overly pigmented black with small flecks of silver glitter. I don't love this but nor do I hate it, I am abit indifferent about it really. It's nice to create a smokey eye with and it's good used wet to line the top lash line using an angled liner brush. This is one of my favourite illustrations though, so pretty.

Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows in the same order as above - As you will be able to tell I have swatched them all wet and dry. Not that I need to tell you all this but the thinner more pigmented lines are the eyeshadows applied wet. But ofcourse you knew that already!

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Overall - The eyeshadows are all quite pigmented and very blendable. They also work perfectly together especially the lighter shades with the two darker shadows.

Also something that I feel is worth mentioning is that the pots themselves are limited editions however the shades are a select few from the existing Bourjous Ombre a paupieres range which has alot wider range with about 25 shades. The limited edition pots only seem to be available online from Asos and afew other websites like HQ Hair. The normal range is available both offline and online at Superdrugs and Boots.

Also like I mentioned at the beginning of the post ASOS do have a sale on at the moment.

Blanc Diaphane & Violet Absolu are both reduced to £3 each from £5.85
Beige Rose & Noir Precieux are reduced to £4 each.


  1. i was exactly browsing while i was reading post on your blog. lol

  2. cute boxes.
    i've never seen eye-shadow in such cute boxes :)

  3. These are so pretty, I have tried a couple of their shadow pots but in the regular packaging. My favourite from this little lot is Beige Rose :)

    I have tagged you for an award on my blog:


  4. Hi I love Blanc Diaphane 90 have been using it a while but cant seem to find it in stock anywhere? Do you know where I can get it? thnx

  5. @KellyCake - Welldone! Will e-mail you now :) xx

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