My Quest for Perfect Skin - Sun Protection for oily/combination skin

Suncream for oily skin @ Makeup Savvy

Ever since I burnt my chest aged 14 playing tennis (which left a red mark for years to come) I have applied sunscreen religiously. Come rain or shine I apply nothing below an SPF of 30, which I am sure some would say is unnecessary and that I am probably lacking in Vitamin D. However I would rather that than at worst develop skin cancer in the future or at best speed up the ageing process...which the sun is definitely known for doing. You only have to look at some people's lizard legs or there snake skin handbag arms to know this is true.

Having oily/combination from the age 13/14 has proven quite difficult where sunscreen is concerned. For years I applied rich every day sun creams to my face that only created more oil especially in the heat. It also caused my makeup to run and just generally undid the work I had done with oil-free moisturizer and spot treatments.
Even now after years of learning to only use an oil-free sunscreen it is still very hard not to resist purchasing cheaper brands or using whatever is lying around. But I know this just isn't an option if I want to have clear blemish-free skin.

This is where Dermologica came in with there Super Sensitive Face Block SPF30, this is a miracle for anyone with oily skin (there is also one specifically for oily skin but it is only SPF 20) as it is lightweight and chemical-free I find this as good as the oil-free version - it just doesn't soak up any excess oil on the skin so I blot beforehand.
It is only 50ml but lasts such a long time as the idea behind this is that it comes in an all most eye drops type container so the product doesn't come out all at once. This can be used on it's own or mixed in equal parts with your favourite oil-free moisturizer (which is what I do) or if you are that bit more oily you can mix this with you foundation and skip moisturizing.
I would highly recommend this, you can find it here for £21.90.

For the rest of my body I really don't mind a thicker sunscreen and normally go for the highest I can find which is normally SPF 50 with UVA & UVB protection. I tend to avoid spray bottles though as I feel it doesn't apply enough of the product on your skin even with several squirts. So I just buy something in a squeezy bottle. I always, always apply suncream to the backs of my hands and my feet as this is obviously were the skin is at its thinnest and I don't want old lady hands with liver/sun spots by the age of 50. No thank you!

However there is one product I have yet to find and doubt I will and that is something to protect my scalp - I could wear a hat...but really wearing a hat everyday all day in summer isn't an option. It's not even for age concerns it is basically because I dislike burning my scalp as it becomes red and inflamed. To cure it I use a KMS SolPerfection Aftersun Shampoo which takes the heat out of my scalp atleast. If you do know of a product that protects the scalp from sun damage I would love to hear about it!

Ok, I have rambled enough now. I will leave you with a two part video created by the wonderful Lisa Eldridge about her favourite sunscreens - which is really worth watching as there are some fabulous products/tips. She really knows what she is talking about.

I think I definitely need to invest in Peter Thomas Roth's Mineral Powder SPF 30 for Oily Problem skin after watching these videos.

Anyways, Enjoy!

I think this may be the last of my 'Quest for Perfect Skin' posts as I would really love to tailor some posts on skincare products that are aimed at improving the body ready for summer.
Such as cellulite creams!

I would love to know what you think and if there is anything you think I should touch upon.


  1. Great post as usual, Fee. I watched Lisa's videos last night and Peter Thomas Roth's powder caught my eye too :) do you know where you will be getting it yet? I scanned the net for the best offers but haven't decided where to buy so far.

    Other than that, I, too, was pondering preparing a series of "getting ready for the summer" posts, so I'll be really interested in reading yours :) x x

  2. lovelovelove lisa eldridge!!! she is SO talented and she gives awesome advice.

    i really want to try the no7 anti dark spot sunblock. i don't have dark spots per sé, more like... dark areas? i've got discoloration on my face and it bothers me so much. hopefully this will work.


  3. Great post. I'm like you aswell, I don't like wearing it during winter. I feel asthough it's clogging my pores up.

    I have nominated you for an award here:


  4. A great product for oily skin. I love this product.
    duck life


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