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Boots Beauty Formula @ Makeup Savvy
About a month or so ago I noticed Boots Original Beauty Formula range in a larger Boots store and was really surprised at the low price of these items (alot of the range is priced at £3.89). All of the skincare products come in glass bottles or jars with classic ingredients that you would of found in beauty products of the 1800's. So all the products look and feel well thought out.

After sniffing and reading alot of the ingredients it was clear to see that this is a classic simple line that will suit most skintypes with nothing harsh or abrasive.

This ethos reminds me of established brands like Astral and Pears with there not overly fragranced products that just 'work'.

Boots Beauty Formula @ Makeup Savvy
Aside from the beautiful packaging this is a lovely fresh toner which contains Rosa Damascena (rose water) and Glycerin (the stuff that makes clear soap) and is suspiciously like Burt's Bees Rosewater & Glycerin Toner however it isn't priced at £14.50, thankfully.

Like I say this is a fresh toner that is really soothing and calming after cleansing/washing the face at night (I use a more energizing toner for my morning routine).
It leaves the skin feeling quite moisturized and supple but by no means tight.

I almost feel with this product it could really help to sooth the skin and in return remove redness especially around the nose and chin.
I also feel like this would be ideal for someone with sensitive skin or someone that is new to using toner especially for under £4.00.

I really do like this product, It looks nice sat on my dressing table, it's priced really well and it works.

However I am now lusting after the Cold Cream cleanser which pays homage to Florence Boot with the formulation taken from one of the very first Boots beauty product.



  1. I keep meaning to pick some of this line up. I love the traditional packaging!


  2. I have the cold cream cleanser, I love it. The packaging is beautiful and it just makes my skin feel lovely, I slather it on my face at night when my skin is feeling a bit dry and in the morning my skin feels lovely. Can't use it every night though obviously.

  3. i love this packaging! the product loves fab too, may give this a go :)

  4. Think I might just give this a go, packaging is purdy xx

  5. looks like an old school medicinal type thing... love it!


  6. Oh I would buy this just for the lovely bottle :). Looks great! xo

  7. I really like the packaging!:D I must try this, will check if we have it at Ulta.:D

    Thanks for posting!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  8. I love the packaging, I haven't seen this in my local Boots but I will have to look out for it, as it sounds like a bargain.

    Ellie x

  9. I've tagged you for an award on my blog :) I tried looking and I don't think you've done it before!


  10. Oh I love this...been using it for about a week and i'm liking it so much that i've already picked up the cleansing milk and vanishing day.

    L x

  11. This stuff is really good.. I spent months trying to overcome bad skin and then thought I'd try cold cream cleanser.. There was an offer on that and this product so I picked this up too and have since had great glowing skin! I think my skin was just very dehydrated and needed these gentler, simple formula products to rebalance it! Get some. Also lasts a long time :)


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