My Quest for Perfect Skin - Cleansing with Soap

I am guessing if you are reading this and have combination skin you either use a cleansing lotion/oil or you use makeup remover wipes and I am not going to say either are bad - well actually I am. Makeup wipes (unless intoxicated) shouldn't be a part of your skincare routine even if you have good skin. They basically do nothing for your skin and half the time don't remove every trace of makeup.

Cleansing lotion or oils on the other hand are alot better, though I have yet to find one that improves my skin and doesn't leave that tacky feeling behind. Also the idea of cleanser and then using soap or vise versa just seems pointless to me and also quite stripping to the skin.

I do however use soap well the no soap, soap kind. As I have quite an oily T-zone I would never dream of using a normal soap like Dove or Imperial Leather.

I use two different soaps. The one in the first picture is Pears Transparent Soap and is £0.63p from Boots for 125g! You can find it in most pharmacy's though for around the same price. The reason why I use this is because it is very gentle and most of all non-comedogenic - meaning it will not clock up your pores. I am also addicted to the smell of it, but that's another story.

For 63p the soap is literally huge and lathers up really well when used with warm water (never hot). However the main thing is that it will cleanse your makeup totally away and remove all traces of oil on the surface of your skin. It is the only soap/cleanser that leaves my skin squeaky clean - I'm not even joking, when you wash the lather of soap off it may squeak if you move your fingertips across your face.

The only difference with the Pears soap and the Seba med soap that I am also going to review in this post. Is that I use the Pears Soap if I am feeling really oily or I have spots. So if you do suffer from spots on a regular basis or if you are really oily around the T-zone I would highly recommend you try this. If you do decide to purchase this I would use this and only this. Twice a day with no other cleansers.

Also all no soap-soaps do tend to be abit drying to the skin so an oil-free moisturiser after washing your face is a must. But only oil-free or you will kind of be undoing what you have just done and will be adding oil back into the skin.

The other soap or should I say 'cleansing bar' I use is the Seba Med soap-free bar which is suitable for sensitive normal to oily skin. For a 100g bar it is around £2.50 from most pharmacy's.

Compared to the cheaper Pears Transparent Soap this is abit less lathering and a little less drying and would be suitable for the classic combination skin type that isn't very, very oily.

It does have a more creamer feel to it and definitely leaves the skin soft.
Either way they both work. But as a rule the Pears Soap works best on more problem skin and the Seba Med helps to control a typical not overly oily combination skin.

Here is just an image of the two products so you know what to look for. The Pears soap for some reason is classed as a Bath Soap on the Boots website - I am guessing this is because of the size and as it can be used all over the body as well as the face.

I would like to add that after so many years of trying different makeup removers and cleansers that either strip my skin of essential oils or leave it feeling tacky. This is the first time my skin has felt alot clearer and thoroughly cleansed.
But most of all these types of soap do work on balancing excess oil and unblocking pores leaving the face in all-round better condition.



  1. @ Eyelining - The Seba Med is abit less drying so may work better for you. But I have found the same, most are quite drying but I just make sure I use a good oil-free moisturiser straight after using toner.

    Fee x

  2. ooh! i've had major breakouts lately and my clinique soap just isn't cutting it. maybe i'll try the pears. even if they don't work, they're still fairly cheap so it won't be such a loss.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. I've tried cleansing with non-soapy soap too, but it didn't work for me :( it was still far too drying and over years I've learnt that really gentle cleansers work best for my skin. They do leave it clean but don't strip all oils off, which is just what I want!

    I really love Simple cleansing lotion to remove makeup, it's great when used in conjunction with their toner (or any other delicate toner, for that matter) - no tacky feeling afterwards!

  4. I'm very oily and congested and have been at the end of my tether recently. My skin has started to disgust me! I'm a few days into the Mir starter pack for combo skin. If this doesn't work i'll try the soap. Failing that. A face transplant...

  5. @ makeupbykaty

    Oh that doesn't sound good! But I know what you mean about that congested feeling. Hopefully using Mir will help.. so no need for that face transplant!

    Fee xx

  6. I use Seba-med off and on and I do like it, but find I have to remove all traces of make up first. I actually have Pears in my bathroom at the moment as I like it to wash my hands (I also really like the smell even though its weird), and it has never occurred to me to try it on my face! Think I will do tomorrow, as I'm always after something that will take my make up off quickly and balance my skin (I find a lot of make up removers too greasy). Thanks!

  7. I'm gonna try that Seba-Med soap. Thi is the second blog recommendation that I've read.

  8. I'm absolutely sure that squeaky skin is bad. Skin stripped of all its oils is prone to break outs.. the sources for that article are all cited at the end.

    But oh god, I love Pears soap. I'm going to buy some (but it won't be going on my face). You've made me feel very nostalgic!

  9. I am in the midst of trying to use up what I have before buying anymore although might give the premise a go once I'm ready to purchase something new. Just wondered if you'd tried a cleansing oil? I use origin's and love it, no residue or oiliness left on my skin and gets all my make-up (incl eye makeup) off.

    Amy x

  10. I'm already using a soap and I love it...I find that Olive oil handmade soap is one of the best for this use if you got dry skin.
    I've got combination skin so I'm using Aleppo's soap and I find it very useful.
    But I recommend to use always a makeup remover before and a toner after because it helps the skin to balance its PH. ;)

  11. this is a great post ive been looking for a decent cleanser that makes my face feel clean. I think my skin needs the pears treatment though

  12. I've been using soap & water to wash my face for years, but when I've told people this they shreik in horror! Well, slight exageration, but I'm glad it's working for someone else too :)

  13. I'm going to give the Pears soap a go after reading your blog! I've pretty much given everything on the market a go in the quest to improve my congested skin. It can't hurt! I love the smell too.. I've recently switched to using Vosene shampoo which smells similar. They smell so clean! Yum!

  14. I've been trying out Pears recently. Absolutely love the smell haha!! Been using it a few days now and really do think there has been an improvement

    Currently reviewing it on my blog

  15. thanks for the interesting information


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