First ever Makeup Purchase

My first ever purchase of makeup wasn't from saved up money or pocket money. It was purchased with 'holiday money' which me and my sister received from my mum at the start of our holidays. I remember how my mum use to say it would always burn a hole in my pocket as soon as she gave it me and how I would sit on the plane thinking about what I could spend it on!

At the age of twelve I remember going into a Spanish pharmacy (the kind that would stock Clinique and Vichy) and while my mum looked at perfumes I decided to look at the endless rows of makeup and that was when I first set my eyes on Pupa. I can still remember the stand with all the red and cream packaging. The compacts amazed me, shaped into hearts, flowers and teddy bears and priced at over £100! However my eyes landed on a small compact (Pupa Ice Kit in Fashion) and I remember calling over my mum to work out how much it would be on her little currency calculator! I stood there for ages contemplating whether to spend £30 (which was most of my holiday money) on this shiny glossy compact with so many different shades.

I did finally decide to buy it and can still remember how my sister explained which product did what. Then for the rest of the holiday I applied the four lip glosses religiously, sometimes all at once!

Even now at the age of I googled for an image of the Ice Kit I am still drawn to it with it's lovely ice-cream layout. But at £23.00 for abit of nostalgia I think I will pass and wait till my nieces grow up.

My next purchase was Bvlgari's Petits et Mamans Eau de toilette spray and to be honest I haven't got a clue what my 14 year old self was thinking. I would love to go back and ask her! The perfume is described as ;-

'A joyful fragrance for sharing by children & their mothers. Delivers warmth, freshness, love & intimacy.Characterized by an original chamomile & talc note, combines sunny feel of Sicilian bergamot & orange.'

It basically smelt of freshly bathed babies...with a hint of baby wipes. I do remember not really using it though and thinking it was a bit to 'soft' smelling.

So the only thing I can think was I had sprayed too many strong smelling perfumes all over myself and then finally picked up the Bvgari perfume which came as as nice surprise from the other potent fragrances. Well that is the only reason I can think of as to why I would buy such an odd smelling perfume that is actually aimed at mothers and there babies!

My next perfume purchase was alot better I may add - Anna Sui - Sui Dreams with it's lovely blue handbag shaped bottle. Which I think I would probably buy again as an adult.

I hope you have liked my little snippet of makeup history and hopefully it has jogged your own memory as to what you saved up your pocket money for.

I really would love to hear any stories of what your first ever makeup purchase was and how much you loved it!



  1. so cute that you remember it!

    i personally don't remember, but even if i did, it probably wouldn't be interesting :p

    the pupa ice kit is adorable!

  2. i remember having a makeup kit like that! :P,X

  3. your first makeup purchases were very cute!! i love the sound of the perfume shared by mom and kids XD

    my first makeup purchases was from Red Earth, and later Benefit.

  4. I am pretty sure my first makeup buy was Rimmel blush in Santa Rose. Or was it some cheapy mascara? In any case, it was nowhere near as cute as yours :( I feel like my childhood/young adulthood was very dreary now ;)

  5. my first purchase was a lipgloss that my mum took away... she didn't want me to use makeup... i was 12 by the way
    and my fist perfume was amore amore by cacharel and i hate it sooo much ... i got it used it couple times and never touched it again... its weired but i find the sent really disdusting

  6. I love Pupa it's so pretty! Usually they're cheap but I think it's because they're rare that their stuff costs so much.

  7. That is so cute! I can't remember at all what my first makeup purchase was, but it was probably something really awful and tacky!

    Ellie <3

  8. That is so cute! I can't remember at all what my first makeup purchase was, but it was probably something really awful and tacky!

    Ellie <3

  9. My very first "big" makeup purchase was some drugstore mascara (don't remember which one) and I wore it all the time, I got it when I was around 13ish? I remember feeling so lady-like and grown lol :)

  10. I didn't think that there is pupa in UK my first makeup purchase was a pupa kit ;)

  11. ahah gosh I still have that ice kit from pupa at my parents' house.

    My first makeup purchase (eehm...maybe my mom's, as it was a gift from her) was a pupa make up kit shaped as a bear. lovely. Too bad I don't have it anymore, it was perfect!

  12. That is the most novel perfume purchase that I've heard. Most people (including me) can remember a dodgy bottle of Anais Anais or Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps. Or for the really adventurous, Lou Lou by Cacharel. So Bvlgari is pretty damned classy for a 14 year old - whatever the fragrance was.


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