My Quest for Perfect Skin - Tinted Moisturizer

(Images - Taken by myself)
Face - Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream in Natural

For several weeks now I have been cleansing, toning and moisturizing my face and I have to say my skin has improved however as you can see from the photo above it is far from being perfect but I haven't had any break outs which is a sure sign I am doing something right.

The main things that I still need to tackle are; blackheads, a few whiteheads and open pores around my nose. This is why I have decided to go for a lighter coverage of tinted moisturizer, now this was no easy decision after using Max Factors Second Skin Foundation which I love. But if I want to be kinder to my skin I know I need to use something that is going to let my skin 'breath'.

Compared to the Max Factor Second Skin that I had been previously using 5/6 days a week the consistency of the tinted moisturizer is actually more creamier and soaked into the skin obviously like a normal moisturizer however throughout the day it did feel lighter.

There is only one obvious down side to wearing a tinted moisturizer and that is coverage, the imperfections in my skin are more noticeable however in the long run if this makes my pores less clogged up and lets it breath a bit, then I am willing to use it. So it is so far so good for right now but I will be sure to do another review of my skin and using Tinted Moisturizer in a few weeks.

I am however going to find an Oil Free version of the Nivea Tinted Moisturizer as I've noticed around my nose is getting more oily than normal as it is so moisturizing, meaning I am using powder more, which seems like I am defeating the object somewhat.



  1. Hi! Made a comment on your last entry... just in case you didn't see, I gave you an award. Please check my blog. :D

  2. Hi :-) I suffer from black heads and giants pores on my nose too. Recently I've been swearing by the Soap and Glory the fab pore 15 min facial peel. I use it 2-3 times a week for the full 15 mins and it seems to have really improved things!
    If you find and oil free version of the moisturiser please do let me know!

  3. I too suffer with blackheads around the nose and hate them!! I remember some time ago I was using the Derrmalogica Microfoliant and it worked wonders and left my skin so soft and smooth - I must get some more of the stuff as my skin has gone really dry and flaky lately and it looks awful!!
    Your skin looks great.

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  5. @Eyelining - I have just ordered some Soap & Glory 15 min facial thingy, that is my next step to perfect skin.

    Is actually trying to reduce the size and appearance of the pores around my nose and chin. I have heard good things about it so I hope it works!
    If I find an oil free version I will post you a comment :)

    @Happy1234 - I think the only comfort about pores/blackheads is ALOT of people suffer from them especially around the sides of the nose.
    I shall have a look into the Microfoliant I am sure my local spa stocks it.


  6. Your skin looks so smooth and amazing...I love it :) xxx

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