My Quest for Perfect Skin - Exfoliation

(Loreal £3.32/Neutrogena £3.50)

Another part to achieving perfect skin is exfoliating especially if you have oily/combination type skin and the past few months I have being using Garnier's Deep Pore Wash however the micro particles were a bit to large which resulted in the being to mild for my skin and not really achieving that much, as I felt like a needed a more finer grain.

So I decided to switch to a new product - L'oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub - Exfoliating. The scrublet that came with it seemed interesting and also a bit gimmicky, which are mainly why I wanted to try it out.

The Scrublet - I am surprised to say, isn't a gimmick and does actually help to exfoliate the skin, it also really works for around the side of the nose. It also for me personally really helped to not over exfoliate to the point where my skin is looking a bit angry, as however hard you press it doesn't make the scrub anymore harsh against your skin, unlike when using your fingers to work in an exfoliator.

Overall - The L'oreal foaming gentle scrub has really worked for me, it is mild and gentle but does remove dead skin cells affectly and helps to improve the overall appearance of my skin. I am now using this about 3-4 times a week.

The other product that I have added to my skincare routine is Neutrogena's Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub. The reason for this is because atleast once a week a think it is 'healthy' to use a stronger exfoliator that will really cleanse deep into pores and kind of wake up your skin.
I however wouldn't advise using this as a day to day scrub, especially if you have oily skin as this will strip all the oil from your skin and will actually make your pores over produce oil. Which isn't what you want!

The product
does what it says on the label; it cleanses deep into pores with the microbeads, invigorating the skin. The microbeads really do actually make this a good product, with three different sizes of beads in the scrub from what I can tell. As you can see in the above photo there are larger blue beads and there are also really fine microbeads that really do get into the pores.

As this is more of a harsher scrub it really is important though not to rub it in for too long as from experience your face with definitely be a not so lovely shade of red and will feel quite warm to touch.

Both of the products overall are really helping my skin to appear cleaner and to enhance my complexion which I am really pleased about.
If I had to compare the two products I would probably go for the L'oreal Scrub, it works but in a more gentle way and I really couldn't see it stripping the skin of any essential oils in the face, however overuse of the Neutrogena I could see this happening. I also love the smell of the L'oreal product it's a fruity apricot smell.

P.S. Look out for a post tomorrow, as I will be looking for a Guest Reviewer for a skincare product!


  1. That loreal scrubber looks so cool, i love gimmicks so of course i must get one! lol

  2. Oh yesterday I thought about giving a new scrub a go. Everyone uses this St Ives scrub so I tried it. It was good but even though I was using it every day I still had somewhat of peeling skin which was made even more prominent when I applied make up. Why is that? Do you think it's the grains being too big as well? I love the idea of this. I noticed you're from Manchester too! Where abouts can I buy it?

  3. I brought the L'oreal one the other day for dry skin as my daily face wash and i love it so far xXx

  4. @Superficialgirl - It does seem a bit of a gimmick doesn't it, but I would really recommend it

    @Meowcake - Your skin was most likely peeling because the St Ives Scrub was too drying for your skin type.

    I bought the L'Oreal scrub from Tesco and the Neutrogena scrub was from Boots :)


  5. I've been using Garnier Pure Unblock Foam everyday and I have oily skin to combination, I don't know if its advisable to use it everyday, maybe I should try L'oreal perfect clean foaming scrub, can you also do a review about neutrogena wave? I've been eyeing on this product too =)


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