My Quest for Perfect Skin - Dior Capture Totale One Essential

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(Capture Totale - One Essential
£75 for 30ml)

I'm sure the phrase 'to be savvy' will not be ringing in my ears when the cashier smilingly says 'That will be £75 please' or will it?

Let me explain.

I have tried out the fairly new Dior Capture Totale One Essentual serum. 10mls to be precise, which if they weren't free samples would of been a 1/3 of a bottle totaling £25. I normally don't make a habit of seeking out expensive skincare products, not even samples just in case they do work. However going against what I normally do I tried out a 2ml free sample of the product in question, while thinking it most definitely wouldn't work - mainly because it looked slightly like a re-vamped anti-aging cream which my 21 year old skin didn't need.

I was wrong, oh so wrong. After three days my mere 2ml sample had run out and my skin was showing huge improvements. The last thought when I went to bed that night was were could I get hands on some more. Yes, I scarily had the same thoughts as an addict.
So in addict form I managed to get some more samples, I was one happy girl. Each morning I applied the smallest amount, post cleansing, pre moisturizing, the texture was fresh and seemed to soak in my skin within seconds with the subtle smell of orchids.

After I had finished all of the free samples my skin didn't even feel like my own. It was even, plump and blemish free.

Then came my dilemma, to buy or not to buy. At £75 for 30ml it doesn't come cheap especially if I could go through 10mls in just over two weeks. However I came to a decision.
I have decided to continue in my quest for perfect skin trying out more wallet friendly options such as Clinique and Garnier but I had given myself til mid May (my birthday) in which to source a cheaper alternative to Dior's skin-boosting super serum. If I succeed my purse and my face will be more than happy. However if I cannot find a cheaper alternative I will have excepted the words 'That will be £75 please'.

So either way there is perfect skin at the end of this tunnel.



  1. I too have oily/combination skin, and found a crea, called quinoderm, £2.65 from boots thats works like a miracle on acne/spots( believe me, iv tried everything from the age of 15, now age 30). Also started getting oxygen crystal clear facials and after 3, my skin has shown massive improvement in pore size,and also flattened out my scars caused by acne to the extent i can now go without make up(a total no/no before), i have another 2 to get to complete the course then a maintenence facial every 4-6 weeks, £70 a time but it works!!! Thought id share, love your blog.xx


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