Launch Date for Paul & Joe Alice In Wonderland Collection

Paul & Joe Limited Edition ASOS Online Exclusive Alice In Wonderland Collection Tin
Left; Fantasy Right; Day Dream £25

Both of the Alice In Wonderland tins will be available to buy from on Friday 5th March.

Here is the information for the Day Dream (blue) tin -
Charm your friends with this enchanting Alice in Wonderland set from Paul & Joe. Open up a world of colour with this pastel blue compact, featuring iconic illustrations of Alice, Dormouse and the White Rabbit. Including blotting paper and mirror with blotting refills and creamy orange shade of lip treatment, perfect for the girl on the go.

This is what the Fantasy (pink) tin states -
Pop your own pocket-sized fairy-tale into your handbag with this classic Alice In Wonderland set from Paul & Joe. Alice, the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit all adorn this soft sorbet beauty pack, which holds blogging paper with mirror, blotting refills and a milky pink lip treatment for the perfect pout.

I have to say it does all look very beautiful, but £25 for a sheer lipstick and some blotting papers in a pretty looking case...I'm not convinced.

I just can't help but feel Paul & Joe haven't captured Alice In Wonderland...I had visions of a Face Powder or a Blush with a huge puff... Or a compact mirror with wonderful illustrations and a shimmery bronzer inside.

Yes, something more like the 2008 Disney Collection by Paul & Joe and if I remember rightly the prices where slightly cheaper the lovely face colours being £17.
I personally feel the new Alice In Wonderland movie already has been overly merchandised and the movie isn't even out yet.

On another note - Will you be buying the Paul & Joe Alice In Wonderland Tin when it comes out?


  1. I don't think I will be - it just feels a bit like jumping on the band wagon without really thinking what they're doing! I love the tin for the fact that it's the classic Disney cartoon illustrations (which I love!), but I feel that £25 is steep considering that the UD Alice plaette was only slightly more than that and yet offered such better value for money. I suppose a keepsake tin would be lovely, but I'm guessing that they're not really that big anyway :/

  2. alice is everywhere!! soo coool haha

  3. Love the colours in this collection, still a little undecided about the packaging though x

  4. Jeez I was going to but but I didn't realise it was going to be that much - faints - there isn't much with the cheshire cat on and he's my favourite

  5. So dainty!:D I think I'll pass though but my sister might.
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  6. £25 is a bit much isn't it? It is ADORABLE though :) x Please please follow me? xxx


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