It's not often I feel the need to share a beauty offer with you, but sometimes I have to make an exception, especially when the saving is amazing! 
Before rushing into Christmas shopping for others I like to prepare for Christmas. From adding to my Christmas decorations to ensuring I have a few new festive nail polishes and I've added to my cookbook collection. 

This is all of course done on a budget as I try not to overspend on myself at this time of year (unless it's on a beauty gift set I can't resist!) so for me, there's no better place to shop than on eBay.

Below are a few Buy It Now listings that have caught my eye recently, all UK based and with free delivery. I hope you find a few festive treats here too!

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Now is the time we are seeing a huge influx of Christmas beauty gift sets that while aimed at gifting others, I know as a beauty lover I and many others will simply want to treat themselves to. 

But while I repeat 'I must resist' under my breath while Christmas shopping, I believe a little treat, especially a money-saving one, is certainly allowed in the lead up to the 'big day'! Below I've sourced a range of affordable Christmas beauty gifts from the totally inexpensive to the luxury but with a huge saving, all of which I'm really impressed with! 

As the temperature dips, I find myself using lip balms daily and with a slightly excessive stash I enjoy the fact I get to use lip balms more. So today I thought I'd run through my favourite lip balms for dry lips, from under £2 to a pricey £21! 

Side note/question: Do you believe using lip balms perpetuates dry lips? I'm really not sure if I believe it! I think over applying can have the opposite effect but using a lip balm as and when needed really does keep dry lips at bay for me or helps remedy them at least. What are your thoughts on this? 

By the time you get into your 30s you may be seeing a very different set of 'issues' to the previous decade. From sunspots to fine lines and even a shift in skin texture and skin type. And without sounding too much like a Debbie Downer, the skin simply doesn't repair itself as quickly or as effectively past a certain age.

So if there was ever a time to care about what you put onto your skin it's now! The first step and something that can have a huge impact on how the skin feels, looks and ages is cleansing. Not simply removing makeup before bed but effectively cleansing to keep it clean, hydrated and youthful. Below I have cleanser recommendations for all different skin needs for both morning and evening cleansing ideal for anyone in their 30s and beyond. 

This post contains PR samples and affiliate links. 

Nothing inspires me more to be creative with colour than an Autumn palette. Deep berries shades and rust tones are my thing and Autumn is the perfect time to let them shine. For me, this is with both eyeshadow (you can read about my favourite autumn eyeshadow palettes here) and nail polish. 

Come this time of year I can't wait to paint my nails, often picking an autumnal base colour and pairing it with a glittery top coat as I like to believe with both Halloween and Christmas on the way I can get away with a little daytime sparkle. 

There are endless autumn nail polish shades you could go for but I decided to pick out the most noteworthy shades from my collection. There's a delicious palette of autumnal shades here along with two stunning top coat nail polishes that couldn't be more perfect for this time of year if they tried. Oh, and all nail polishes here are budget-friendly! 
Only a few days ago I was sharing with you an amazing priced limited edition beauty box from Cult Beauty (sadly sold out now). But it seems like there is another amazing box that has just launched that I couldn't resist telling you about! 

This collaboration box with Pixiwoo (Sam & Nic Chapman) is something I've hoped would happen for years and finally it's here and amazingly doesn't break that bank at only £28 even though it includes some amazing products worth £80+! Read below to find out exactly what you receive and where to get it. 

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