AD Discovering The Scents: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (plus 25% discount)

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When it comes to skincare you could say I’m a bit of a fan. My passion for skincare started over a decade ago when I ditched the face wipes and discovered how transformative double cleansing can be for the skin. 

One of the first really effective cleansers I ever tried was, you guessed it, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, in fact, thanks to blogging and a quick search I know that was over 11 years ago! Since then I’m never without Cleanse & Polish in my bathroom cabinet, be it the original or a limited edition scent which I always enjoy. 

As Liz Earle is currently celebrating the cult Hot Cloth Cleanser with an amazing 25% discount off the entire range (right here) I thought it was time I took a deep dive into the scents Cleanse & Polish now have to offer to discover not only new favourites but to serve as a kind of guide to which cleanser scent you may favour.

Why is Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish a Cult Classic? 

With over 130 awards (and counting!) it's safe to say the Cleanse & Polish is loved by the beauty industry. For me and many others, it's a true skincare staple and often one of the first seriously good cleansers we tried.

Created over 25 years ago, the iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of the best ways to show your skin some love. The rich cream formula not only feels luxurious as it melts away even the most stubborn waterproof makeup but with the additional muslin cloth, exfoliates away dead skin cells and excess grime, leaving the skin clean, hydrated and exfoliated - all in one step. 

Cleanse & Polish is also a joy to use. I find myself using it more as a 2nd cleansing product in the evening as it simply feels soothing to the skin and whichever scent I use the formula never fails to make my skin feel fresh and perfectly clean. 

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Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Scent Range 

Over the years Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has grown from the original scent to include countless limited-edition versions and new scents. While I used the original version for years I've always loved buying a limited edition pump or tube as it makes using this cream cleanser even nicer. Discover the full scent range along with my thoughts below! 

The Original

The main noticeable scent in the Original Cleanse & Polish Cleanser is eucalyptus which is strong, energising and zingy. For me, this has a fresh menthol scent that leaves the face feeling fresh and awake. This is really nice if you love your skin to feel extra clean and fresh. A good staple to use both morning and night for this reason. 

Bergamot & Juniper 

If you are looking for a fresh Spring type scent from your cleanser then look no further than this. I instantly get the smell of bergamot with this which is light, fresh and grassy. Simply really uplifting and pleasant. 

Rose & Lavender: Relaxing Edition 

It's not often you come across a lavender-scented cleanser, which is a shame as lavender not only is a lovely ingredient in skincare but smells wonderfully relaxing when used in the evening. So as you can expect this smells soothing and relaxing. The rose in this is subtle but it brings down the natural lavender aroma to make it calming and while it’s still a powerful scent it feels perfect for an evening routine. A truly lovely scent. 

Patchouli & Vetiver 

If you are looking for a fresh but natural scent then this is the one for you. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what patchouli smells like but can say this has a fresh cut meadow type aroma. Think freshly cut grass and wild meadow flowers. In fact, this aroma transported me back to a few coastal summer holidays. Again, another cleanser that's perfect for spring and into summer. One to use in the morning to feel awake and fresh. 

Bourbon Vanilla & Clove Bud 

I had a feeling I would love this scent just by the sound of bourbon vanilla. If I’m being totally honest this is what a lot of women would want a male fragrance to smell like. It’s rich, addictive and sexy without being overpowering. The clove bud combined with the smokey warm vanilla scent is simply perfect. This easily could be a unisex product that you share with your spouse/partner. I’m in love! If Liz Earle created a body care range in this scent I would be the first to buy it. Just dreamy! 

Grapefruit & Patchouli 

This is a similar scent to Patchouli & Vetiver, with a slight zing from the grapefruit. Again a very fresh, uplifting scent that instantly takes me to spring. The grapefruit and patchouli together almost brings me back to the original scent with eucalyptus, but a toned-down fresher version. While this isn’t my favourite it’s still a lovely fresh scent.

Natural Neroli 

Out of all the scents in the Cleanse & Polish range, I think this one surprised me the most as it’s such a unique scent that has a luxurious fragrance-like quality to it. Natural Neroli has bitter orange and green notes for me, that gives strong Mediterranean vibes. While subtle there is a sharpness to it with the citrus note which I really love. Again, this is a scent I could see translating well into a body cream or fragrance as it’s just so fresh and addictive to smell. This is without a doubt the cleanser I’d pick up most in summer, both evening and night. 

If you love the sound of any of these scents, remember there's currently 25% off Cleanse & Polish range until midnight on the 23rd December. Following this, you can find 20% off in the Liz Earle Winter sale until 5th January - all with free delivery! 

Fee xo. 

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