40+ Movies and Documentaries on Netflix To Suit Every Mood

I don't know about you but right now I'm finding my mood to be all of the place. One minute I'm a rational thinking human trying to see this weird, worrying time as 'time off' and make the most of it, to minutes later having feelings of claustrophobia and questioning - will the world ever be the same?! 

Which means some days call for binge-watching light-hearted fluff and others, becoming engrossed in a bizarre crime documentary series. So I thought while we all have more than enough time to kill I'd come up with a mega list of movies, series and documentaries you can find on Netflix! 

There are some gems here, so I've listed my own personal favourites at the bottom of this post if you're interested. 

Heartwarming Documentaries
Life, Animated (trailer
Won't You Be My Neighbour (trailer)
Being Elmo (trailer)

Feel-Good Movies
Wish Man (trailer)
Dumplin' (trailer)
Sierra Burgess Is A Loser (trailer)

Inspiring Documentaries
Expedition Happiness (trailer)
Resurface (trailer)
Minimalism (trailer)

Release your Inner Child Movies
Unicorn Store (trailer)
The Neverending Story (trailer)
The Wizard of Oz (trailer
Hook (trailer

Dystopian Movies
Okja (trailer)**
Ex_Machina (trailer)
Downsizing (trailer)

Laugh Out Loud Movies 
Love Wedding Repeat (trailer)
Dumb & Dumber (trailer)
The Hustle (trailer)

Jaw-Dropping Documentaries
Abducted in Plain Sight (trailer)*
Voyeur (trailer)
Enlighten Us (trailer
Tiger King (trailer)**

Mental Health-themed Movies
Horse Girl (trailer)*
All The Bright Places (trailer)*
Brain on Fire (trailer)*
To The Bone (trailer)*

Worthwhile Health & Wellbeing Documentaries
Iron Cowboy (trailer)
The Magic Pill (trailer)
The Bleeding Edge (trailer)
What the Health (trailer

Nostalgic Movies
Mystic Pizza (trailer)
Dirty Dancing (trailer)
When Harry Met Sally (trailer)

Tearjerker Movies
The Pursuit of Happiness (trailer
Irreplaceable You (trailer)
Marriage Story (trailer

Series to Binge-watch
Love is Blind (trailer)
Sex Education (trailer)*
Fargo (trailer
Dirty John (trailer)*

Comforting Series to Switch on Any time
Gilmore Girls (trailer)
The Movies That Made Us (trailer)
The Toys That Made Us (trailer)
Dogs (trailer)

*Trigger Warning 
**Trigger Warning - Animal Cruelty

Standout movies and documentaries for me include Life, Animated; a real hidden gem that centres around an autistic boy with a love of Disney - this is the most creative and multi-layered documentary I've ever seen! As for movies I'm a huge fan of anything uplifting with Dumplin' and The Unicorn Store being two of my favourite watches in 2019. 

Also, if you didn't know there's now a Netflix Party Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch any Netflix title with your family and friends while sticking to the current guidelines of your country to keep everyone safe. The extension includes a group chat, emojis and even the option of making your own GIFs! 

Fee xo. 

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