The No-Spend Professional Skin Care Tip Everyone Should Know

While it would be easy to drop a list of skin care products into a blog post and tell you how amazingly well they worked for me and therefore you should maybe give them a try, the reality is we are all becoming more savvy spenders by the day. 

From using up products we own before buying more, to no-spend goals and of course opting for skincare dupes to save a little hard-earned money; I think it's safe to say the days of makeup and skincare hauls are over. 

So with this very much in mind, I wanted to share one of the hottest skincare tips with you that really is foolproof for all skincare type and doesn't cost a dime! 

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While I always have hydration and protecting my skin from the sun in mind the two things that make a noticeable improvement to my skin is 1. How my pores look and 2. The texture of my skin. Of course you can throw topical products on and even use skincare tools but this 60-second no-spend skincare tip has been the best thing I've tried in like... err, forever! 

In the name of transparency and true appreciation, I must thank the LA Beautyoligist on Twitter and The Golden RX on Youtube for this tip. Nayamka is seriously a skincare goddess with the most genuine tips and product recommendations so I highly recommend checking her out. 

Described as the one skincare rule that will change your life I personally can't believe I hadn't heard about it soon, my skin would have sincerely thanked me for it! 

The No.1 Skin Care Tip For All Skin Types 

As I mentioned this skincare tip works for all skin types however oily or dry your skin may be and it not only benefits skin texture but blackheads, the size your pores look and will even help fade blemish scars and hyperpigmentation quick by much this tip will increase the blood flow to your skin! Sound amazing, right?

Named by Nayamka as the 60-second rule this is simply dedicating a full minute to cleansing your face every evening. This may seem like an underwhelming skin care tip but trust me it works! 

No cleansing device, no silicone scrubby tool, no muslin cloth or even flannel. Just your fingers and your favourite cleanser that works for your skin, although an oil cleanser works so much better, in my opinion, to dissolve stubborn oil/blackheads in the pores!

Now you may even be thinking you cleanse your skin for roughly a minute anyway, but trust me, set the timer on your phone for a full 60 seconds and you will see how you can work on all the areas of the face and neck in that time. While massaging your skin for this extended time the oil cleanser will work more thoroughly to draw out oil from your pores which will have amazing effects on the texture of your skin if you keep it up nightly. 

My Results with the #60SecondRule 

For the past month whether I've worn makeup or not I spend 60 seconds each night massaging my face with either The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (£11) or Jurlique Nourishing Cleansing Oil (£28), both of which I adore the texture of and find they melt away makeup a dream. 

However, if I have time I actually will cleanse/massage with a cleansing oil for 6-8 minutes. This may seem a lot, because it is, but I even do this while watching YouTube or TV to pass the time, again making sure I set a timer so I don't underestimate how long I've cleansed my face for. 

While this may seem a little excessive I've found my skin texture looks much more pore-free and smoother and feels literally baby smooth! Trust me, I wouldn't do it if it didn't give amazing results! 

The best thing of all is whether you choose to cleanse for one minutes or six minutes your skin will love you for it, with congested areas clearing up and pores looking smaller and cleaner than they have ever looked before. I've personally found stubborn blackheads have been removed by cleansing for much longer than I normally would and my skin texture looks smoother and without a doubt more radiant. 

This truly is the No.1 skincare tip I've ever tried, requiring no-extra spend but with amazing results! I'd love to hear if you try it out and your own results with it. 

Fee xo. 

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