6 Top Selling Amazon Beauty Products in 2020 (they might surprise you)

Amazon is pretty much a go-to for everything now, including makeup! But while the beauty department is still a chaotic mishmash there are endless drugstore products to unbranded skincare and accessories to discover making it feel like an Aladdin's cave rather than a jumbled mess!

So I thought I'd delve in after re-purchasing one of Amazon's bestselling makeup products last week and share with you six of the best selling beauty products on Amazon right now! Some products I really didn't expect to be as loved and purchased as they are.

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Eylure Dybrow Dye Kit £5.63 
The top-selling product in Amazon's beauty department is Eylure Eyebrow Dye Kit. This is surprising and on the other hand isn't, because while it's a pretty boring 'maintenance' kind of product it really does work and I even bought it from Amazon in 2014 according to my account.

With nearly 2,000 reviews, 80% of which are 4-5 stars reviews if you are looking to buy an eyebrow dye on Amazon then it's likely going to be this one. However, the product packaging and name has recently changed (from Eylure Dylash to Eylure Dybrow) stating it cannot be used to dye eyelashes anymore in line with new EU regulation however beloved fans of the product say none of the ingredients have changed!

I personally wouldn't risk home dying my eyelashes with any product unless someone was applying it for me with my eyes firmly shut, but I can confirm Dybrow works amazingly well at tinting the brows without dying the surrounding skin and is just as good as going to a professional for it- oh, and it gives around 10-12 applications!

Blackhead Remover Vacuum £21.99
Sales for blackhead remover vacuums are up by a staggering 40,000% on Amazon so with that fact it's no surprise this £22 gadget is amongst the top-selling beauty products right now. But is it safe?

I know while I've been prone to wanting to extract blackheads from my t-zone and understand how pleasing it is to see how much oil and gunk you can remove from your face, I realise they simply come back within days and there is an amount of trauma you're putting your skin under.

But is using a pore vacuum more gentle and safer to use on the skin at least? According to some even positive reviews, with overuse, the device can in fact bruise the skin! So if you did try out this product I'd say less is definitely more and if a pore won't unclog it's best to leave it alone. It's also worth noting that dermatologists have weighed in and have stated that using this kind of suction device is very drying to the skin and is best avoided if you use any kind of acid or retinoid as your skin will be far too sensitive.

I can see the appeal of this product but it's a pass for me!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel £6.50 
This was my recent re-purchase that I'm a huge fan of and according to Amazon, a lot of other customers are too! With 700 mostly positive of glowing reviews this really is a drugstore skincare gem that I'd highly recommend trying if you love hydrating lightweight skincare.

While this is a pretty basic product it's has a good amount of hyaluronic acid which is essentially what the skin needs; hydration! It also is free from nasties which I think is why so many people are getting along so well with it. This is one Amazon bestseller I'm really not surprised about!

OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask (1200ml) £9.58 
Ever heard of Osmo's Intensive Deep Repair Mask before? I came across it online a few years ago, and discovered it to be an a-mazing hair mask for dry hair even though I still have yet to see it in any physical shop! 

For the low price (you can pick it up from only £2.99 here to try it out) this is as good as it gets without being silicone heavy. It's rich and creamy feeling without being too heavy on the hair and to top it off it's got an amazing vanilla scent and pearlescent appearance! With just shy of 700 reviews this is one loved hair mask on Amazon and I'm totally re-purchasing it now I've remembered just how good it actually is! 

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Liner £3.00
When a product on Amazon is this cheap it makes you wonder if it's simply an add-on item to get over the £20 threshold for free delivery or if it's actually just a really good budget product. And from looking through a handful of the near 2,000 customer reviews it's pretty clear to see it's the latter, with this budget Rimmel black eyeliner being simply a product that does what it says. 

As a lover of drugstore products and of Rimmel I'm surprised I've never tried this eyeliner but from reviews it seems it's a true black liner that is pretty water-resistant and has a nice added extra of having a smudger brush to the opposite even. This really seems like a hidden gem! 

15pcs Marble Makeup Brush Set £6.97
Much like eBay, Amazon has a lot of unbranded makeup brush sets and from past experience, they are generally really good quality. So in a way, I'm not surprised to see this random brush set as one of Amazons top-selling makeup products. 

Working out at under 50p per brush you probably wouldn't believe these could be of good quality but from the mass of positive reviews and customer photos, it's clear to see these are pretty decent brushes for the price - especially the face brushes by the looks of it.

If you are in need of some new blending brushes then these are very worth a shot for only £7! 

Are you surprised at any of this best selling Amazon beauty products? Like me, have you even bought a few of them? Let me know! 

Fee xo. 

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