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Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season. For me, there's nothing like feeling cosy, so I'm all about lighting candles, snuggling under a soft blanket, and warm clothing... which is basically Autumn in a nutshell. Halloween is also a fun holiday that I enjoy getting excited over, even if it's just watching a few scary movies and by 'scary' I mean Hocus Pocus. 

That's why I absolutely love seeking out autumn finds on eBay at this time of year. Mainly because most things are inexpensive but also because the items I generally find I haven't seen online before so while grabbing a bargain I also feel like I'm picking up something special that isn't readily available. 

I really love all my eBay autumn finds here and I hope you do too! 

This post contains affiliate links. 

Forest Animal Stickers - UK delivery: £3.45 here - From China: £1.09 here
Okay, so I've totally included these for the cuteness factor! I mean, if you love Autumn then you simply need these in your life for no reason other than they are adorable and very autumnal. To each pack there are 46 stickers that you can use for scrapbooking or to decorate notebooks or pages with, which is pretty amazing for the low price. 

Side note: I've included a UK listing if you want to spend a little more to get them quicker, rather than waiting for shipping from China. 

Pumpkin Patch Nail Decal Stickers (99p)
Keeping with a sticker theme I simply had to include these super cute nail decals that I've just ordered. I've picked up so many water nail decals from eBay in the past and they work amazingly well as they are so fine that they seal in with a clear topcoat and have no way of lifting off the nails. I can't wait to try these out as I love all the different pumpkin designs and really like that they aren't overly cutesy! 

Maple Leaf String Lights (from £3.29)
A few years ago I picked up this cheap leaf garland from eBay and made my own light-up garland by entwining some fairy lights around it and now every autumn I bring it out to decorate shelves or tv stand in my living room. It gives such a cosy vibe! 

However, I have managed to find a LED maple leaf garland that saves the hassle of DIY-ing one and it looks really nice. From £3.29 for 10 LED lights to £5.79 for 40 you can pick the size you want and it's even battery operated so you could place the garland literally anywhere (even outside if you sellotape and waterproof up the battery pack!). Basically, if you want to cosy up a space and make it autumnal without spending much at all then you need to pick these up! 

Long-Sleeved Polka Dot Dress (£9.06)
When Autumn rolls around I'm all about long-sleeve dresses that can be worn alone on warmer days or paired with a cardigan, black tights and boots as it gets colder. This dress is a perfect example, coming in mustard, coffee and black with tortoiseshell buttons that are still very on-trend right now. Really cute and perfectly autumnal. 

DIY Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern (£4.20)
While searching for a few unique Halloween items for this blog post I came across this amazing listing for a super cute Halloween cross stitch pattern. The listing includes the cross stitch pattern, cross stitch guide and list of threads you will need for your Halloween project. So while you do need to buy the fabric, ring and threads it still works out cheaper than if you were to buy a complete cross stitch kit from Hobbycraft or similar. 

I recently picked up a DIY Christmas scene from eBay and love the idea of getting crafty in the lead up to a festive holiday. A really fun project even if you are new to cross-stitch! 

Bee Kind Yellow Sweater (£11.58)
Back to clothing with this lovely mustard sweater with cute 'Bee Kind' print to it. Available in sizes 8-16 in 3 colourways I could see this sweater paired with skinny jeans and feeling ultra-comfy with the slightly oversized sleeves. I also really love this 'Plant These Save Bees' tee (again in yellow/mustard), super cute paired with a cardigan.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier (£9.29)
While I'm all about burning candles and feeling cosy come colder evenings, I'm also about keeping toxins from candles to a minimum. So I've found the perfect compromise with this oil aroma diffuser come dehumidifier (when used with just water) in a candle design. I love USB aroma diffusers in general as not only is the steam relaxing and nice to watch but you can pick any oil scent imaginable to go in it.

Autumn Rustic Cushion Covers (£3.69)
Another inexpensive way to update your decor for autumn is to replace your cushion covers for ones with an autumnal theme. I've picked up a few cushion covers from eBay now and have always been pleased with them as they really do make an impact. My favourite here has to be the 'Lil Pumpkin' design! You can find a few more autumnal designs here for a similar price.

Halloween LED Hanging Lantern (£3.39)
Back to Halloween with these cute little lanterns that are only £3.39 each. I can't say I've seen anything similar before and really think they are cute and fun. Ideal for a Halloween party of if you like to switch up your decor.

Nights Sky Fleece Throw Blanket (£7.99)
Lastly, a super cosy find with this midnight blue star fleece throw that comes in a range of sizes from £7.99 to £11.99. This would be perfect for both Autumn and Winter on a bed or to simply to snuggle up with while reading a book or watching tv. I really love the design and have a feeling it will be super soft as well! 

Let me know what your favourite Autumn eBay find is here! I think mine has to be the forest animal stickers and the pumpkin cushions covers - so cute! 

Fee xo.  

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