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If you weren't aware, most things that pop up on Instagram as targetted sponsored ads can often be found on eBay. So that semi-precious stone inside a water bottle that you're considering spending $20 on can be picked up for $10 via eBay. More times than not if the product is made in China you will be able to find a listing for it on eBay. 

Below I thought I would share products I've loved from sponsored ads I've seen on my own Instagram that I've managed to find on eBay for less.

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Peach Print Duvet Cover Set (£20.99)
Homeware and accessories are my favourite items to pick up from eBay but I've never purchased a duvet set from eBay, or online for that matter. But I don't see why bedding sets wouldn't be up to par. So for that reason, I've been lusting after this sweet watercolour peach print duvet cover set for the past month or so. I first spotted it as an Instagram AD from SHEIN and then found it on eBay for the same price and having read SHEIN customer reviews and images of the bedding I'm confident that the bedding set is good quality. I also like that the set not only comes with the duvet cover and two pillowcases but a matching flat sheet as well. It's just such a cute duvet set! 

Star Shaped Book Storage - gold or copper (£7.88)
When I spotted this cute rack to hold books and magazines on Instagram I instantly thought of how well it would work for storing makeup palettes?! I mean this would be perfect for storing both large and medium-sized palettes, wouldn't it? Or of course your favourite books or ones you are currently reading. The metal storage also comes in a range of different designs from stars to hearts and more geometric designs

Scrapbook Sticker Packs (and here) (£3.00)
Maybe it's because I follow a few kawaii type Instagram accounts but I'm always being shown the cutest stickers so I thought I would have a look on eBay to see if I could find different styles and to see if they are cheaper - and they are! 

I love the above graffiti style stickers but I've also loving these very kawaii style stickers that have a lot of strawberry and cherry designs! Gah, I want them all! 

Corrective Tape Pen for Kids (£1.68)
Does anyone remember these? Totally pointless but sooooo cute, right? These keep appearing on my Instagram ads, probably because it's realised I've love stationery, and it is working because now I want to buy one just for nostalgia!   

DIY Mini Tin Dolls House Kit (£8.95)
Okay, so this is kind of similar to something I did picked up from eBay recently thanks to my Instagram ads (they seriously make you buy stuff you don't need). A DIY dolls house kit! This is as miniature as it gets, as this little scene that you put together yourself is built within a small tin. I picked up a larger Christmas room scene (this one here - £10.50 ) and I've been amazed at the detail of each piece and how well the DIY kit is put together; other than scissors and glue all the pieces you need are in the set you buy - you just need the patience to put it together! I really do love these, a lot!  

Another pointless product here that I've got sucked into thinking I need in my life! These again are very kawaii/cute and are simply hard plastic bottles shaped like milk bottles. They could be used for storing juice or milk in, in the fridge or for carrying water around with you, which is how I would use them. I definitely don't need to buy one of these but they are pretty cute! 

Chances are you have most likely seen these kinds of watercolour pens on Instagram because they are everywhere! With real brush tips and water-based ink, these are perfect if you enjoy colouring and want to make it a little more 'grown-up' feeling. They are also great for drawing with and just that step up from normal felt tip pens. Instagram seems to be awash with sets costing anywhere from £20-£50 so these are not only a bargain but perfect for trying out this kind of colouring pens. 

Fun silicone phone cases are still big and of course the best place to find them is eBay! These are just two of my favourite designs but from the listing you can pretty much find everything you can imagine with all cases being super affordable and fitting even the latest phones.

I personally buy all my phone cases from eBay never spending more than £4 and I've always been happy with the quality! 

Another on-trend stationery find here with this cute PVC Filofax-style notebook. I love quirky stationery like this and this feels extra handy as you can buy refills for it and also add to it. Inexpensive and cute! 

While this isn't such a bargain I wanted to include this bag as it's come up a few times on Instagram stories and it's just so stunning. The floral embroidered backpack comes in five different colours and is both compact and structured. I love backpacks but I often don't find them elegant enough to pair with a lot of outfits but this backpack is both chic and elegant. Just so pretty! 

Cord Tote Bags (£3.89)
Another style of bag I've been seeing a lot of on Instagram right now are these cord tote bags that look perfect for carrying books around in if you're a student. They also feel quite autumnal! Really cheap but aesthetically pleasing. 

Hope you've enjoyed this eBay post! 

Fee xo. 

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