The Best Summer Beauty Products Under £5

I don't know about you but when summer rolls around I find myself wanting every new beauty launch however much makeup I already own! 

But reality says otherwise, which means if I want to add to my already bursting makeup bag I need to seek out high quality but low priced products that I'm sure I will use. Below is just that, a line up of new summer launches that I've already been loving, perfect for a guilt-free spend. 


MUA Glow x Roll-On Eyeshadow - on sale £2, normally £3

If you weren't aware MUA have an amazing limited edition Glow range out for Summer and it includes three amazing roll-on eyeshadows which in theory shouldn't work that well but in reality are pretty amazing for the crazy low price tag. 

Tropical Azure, Moroccan Spice and Desert Shimmer make up the line-up of fine get pigmented shimmers that can be lightly rolled over the eyelids to add some pretty intense shimmer. My favourite shade has to be Desert Shimmer as with a matte orange or yellow eyeshadow in the socket and this shade over the entire lid it simply looks incredible even for daytime wear. 

While there's zero fallout I would say using a primer is key for the shimmer to last all day on the lids but other than that these truly stand out as some intensely pigmented yet lightweight eyeshadows. 

MUA Glow x Light Lustre Liquid Highlighter Drops - on sale £3.33 normally £5
Another product that's really stood out to me from the new MUA Glow range is the Light Lustre Liquid Highlighter Drops. These come in 3 different shades - Wonder (light), Marvel (medium) and Spectacle (dark) and can be mixed in with moisturiser, primer or foundation or simply applied directly to the high points of the face for a more intense glow. 

For the price, these really are superb, gliding and blending over the skin a dream due to the silky yet creamy oil formula and really making the skin glisten. Due to how cheap these drops are I'd even be tempted to mix them with body lotion for that all over summer glisten. 

NYX Metallic Glitter - Lumi - £5.10
An unexpected summer favourite here that I wanted to include as I initially cast glitter aside however when I realised how pretty this specific glitter was I had to find a way of using it. In shade 'Lumi' this white almost invisible glitter literally glows a holographic spectrum when it catches the light. With pink, peach and green hues this is one very pretty glitter. 

So far I've found it works well dabbed onto the eyes, mixed into liquid highlighter and even as a glitter topper over nail polish (sealed in with a clear top coat). As you would expect only a little is needed so this is a great value for money product. 

I really didn't expect to fall in love with a loose glitter in my 30's but I really can't get over this! 


Lacura Retinol Exfoliating Toner - £3.99
While the new Healthy Glow toner from Lacura may not scream summer this has been a favourite skincare product of mine for the past month and I really think it could benefit summer skin in quite a few ways. Containing five per cent Niacinamide to ease redness and keep blemishes at bay while brightening and softening the skin this is a bit of a hidden gem in Aldi and maybe not the toner you would think to pick up. 

Perfect for complexions that suffer from redness or excess oil in the summer months this is a truly soothing toner than I really think has the edge over all three Lacura Healthy Glow Toners. It's definitely calmed my own skin down while giving that smooth exfoliated effect and it's 100% a product I will be stocking up on. 

Note: Dupe for Pixi Retinol Tonic (£18.00)! 

Sanctuary Cooling Shower Drench - £2.99
Lastly, a bargain find I recently picked up in TK Maxx (you can find a lot of half-price Sanctuary products in there right ow) and what has turned out to be the best summer shower gel I've come across. 

Cooling to the skin this lightly foaming gel body wash is perfect for after long days out in the sun or to soothe sunburn. With a combined watermelon and cucumber water scent, the shower gel also smells fresh and uplighting while also being quite unique, reminding me of Korres Santorini Shower Gel but for a snip of the price. 

This has been such a summer favourite of mine already! 

Let me know if you find some new summer favourites here. 

Fee xo. 

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