The other day while mentioned Pixi Wakeup Mist in this summer essentials blog post, I realised how much I enjoy a beauty mist. Whether it's glow enhancing, a setting spray, to cool down or even to keep blemishes at bay, I have a lot of mists that I LOVE!

That said a lot of mists don't offer that much so today I thought I would point you in the direction of ones that do deliver on what they say and are the best of the best I've come across so far!

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I may be missing a trick here but I can't say I've come across many a hydrating mist. Hydrating toners that you apply with a cotton pad, yes. But in mist form, no. Which is why Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist (£18) is my go-to when I want to give my skin the quickest dose of hydration sometimes as a step in my skincare routine but often when my makeup is looking a little cakey due to dehydration.

I know this is also a favourite of many as it simply works well; containing both hyaluronic acid and black oat to really help the skin to retain moisture without leaving any kind of residue. A great remedy for thirsty, dry feeling skin. Side note - I also kind of love that it's called Milky Mist!

If you are looking to add a dewy glow to the skin and love mists then Iconic Prep-Set-Glow (£22) is 100% the product to pick up. Before trying out this ultra-pretty glow mist I struggled to add a visible non-glitter glow to my base makeup. From illuminating primers to glow drops nothing seemed to give the kind of glow I wanted on blending out my foundation. Now when I want a fresh & dewy glow I prep my skin with this mist after applying my skincare routine and then again once I've done my makeup and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference!

If you are looking for a healthy visible glow without the skin looking overly sparkly then this is your mist.

Over the year I've tried a lot of makeup setting sprays and while some have worked better than others I never came across a mist that wouldn't wet my entire face creating water droplets and that I didn't have to shield my eye makeup from. That was until I discovered Morphe Continous Setting Mist (£15) which not only gives makeup amazing staying power but is air powdered to distribute a micro mist over the face. Applying evenly and lightly over the skin this mist truly finishes off the skin in just the right way. Hands down the best setting spray I've ever tried!

When it comes to facial mists for acne/blemish prone skin the beauty market is sorely lacking but thankfully Korean brands are slowly making their way here and have quite a few. My favourite out of the ones I have so far tried is Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner (£15) that importantly contains salicylic acid.

This easy to apply toner can be spritzed over the face and left to dry or applied and then removed with a cotton pad. It's also a great mist to applied over any blemish prone areas of the body after showering such as the arms and back. For me, this is effective while being light and sensitive and really can be used on all skin types. A unique daily-use product ideal for anyone struggling to keep blemishes at bay!

Whether you want to cool down on a hot day or you're simply prone to overheating then you need an aerosol can of thermal water. Some people would say buying water in a can is pointless but it's something you can carry with you anywhere, is great on beach holidays for cooling down and on sunburn in the evening and I truly believe it's more cooling than just splashing your face with water. Oh, and it doesn't disturb makeup as it's a fine mist.

Most thermal waters are very similar so you could just go for the cheapest price point, however, Vichy Thermal Water Spray (£7) just has that extra something, being a cooling finer mist that keeps the skin cool for longer. For blemish prone skin especially come summer I highly recommend La Roche-Posay Serozine Face Toner Mist (£10) for it's antibacterial and mattifying properties. 

Do you have a favourite to-go facial mist?

Fee xo.

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