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When a beauty product trend appears I'm always a little cautious to jump on the bandwagon. Because let's be honest how many Instagram beauty trends have come and gone in the past year alone?! It's a lot. 

So I like to hold back, generally, well until I realised that most trending beauty products make their way onto eBay for a fraction of the cost! So today I thought I'd create a round-up of just that with popular beauty products and accessories you will have most likely seen on IG or YouTube in the past few months... and the best thing is prices start from only £1.90! 

Makeup Sponge Washing Machine  £3.69
Let's get the most ridiculous currently trending beauty accessory out of the way, shall we? If you are thinking this look more like a child's toy than something to help clean your beauty blender than you would be right, because err, it is a toy?! Yes, this is a functioning play washing machine that someone realised fits a makeup sponge perfectly! 

Simply wet your beauty blender and place into your washing machine, add a small amount of water and a drop of washing up liquid and press start! Will this clean your makeup sponge in minutes? Apparently so! But who really knows. For the price I'm very tempted to give this one a try just for the novelty aspect of it - am I going crazy? Maybe so. 

16 Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads £7.65 
Back to normality now with a current trend, I and many others are wanting to get on board with. Sustainable reusable products! If like me you often remove both eye and face makeup using micellar water on multiple cotton pads then you may want to rethink and pick up some reusable material makeup remover pads that you can throw into the washing machine and use time and time again. 

I purchased these last week as they were the cheapest I could find with UK delivery and feel for 16 pads along with the washing machine bag they are very affordable (I've been seeing similar for £16). Here's to ditching unrecyclable cotton pads for good! 

Reusable Silicone Q-Tip Cotton Bud Alternative £2.58
Along a similar line, you can now pick up reusable earbuds/q-tips. Again, another small way to be more eco-friendly and reduce your own waste but also quite practical as cotton buds are soon going to be banned from sale in the UK. 

Of course it depends on what you use cotton buds for in the first place but if you are someone that cleans up their eye makeup or removes the last bits of mascara with one then having a reusable silicone version makes sense! This will be something I will be picking up once I've gone through a few remaining cotton buds which I use for makeup smudges and to apply my trusty Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment with. 

Mini Skincare Fridge £34.98
Mini fridges for skincare products have taken off from basically nowhere in the past few months and while skin experts say they are pointless, let's admit they are pretty damn cute. Are you camp pointless or camp cute? I have to say if I have more room for one on my makeup table I would be picking one up. Yes, for the cuteness but also because I do love when products feel cooling on the skin. I mean gel eye pads, water gel moisturisers and facial mists would be ideal to keep in a skincare fridge to have to hand. But it's definitely very extra! 

You also can't really go too budget here because I certainly wouldn't trust picking up a direct from China mini fridge, so the best one I've found comes in at £35 which isn't too bad but isn't that cheap either! I think it's a miss for me. 

Nail Polish Remover Cream £4.29
So nail polish remover cream is now a thing! Okay, so it's not exactly trending just yet but I'm sure once it hits the drugstore it will be. So what are the benefits? Well, of course, there's the obvious no-spill element making it great for travel and on-the-go, it also benefits from being acetone-free and with a mild scent and well, the novelty of using a cream! 

Simply apply to the nails, wait 3-4 minutes and wipe off with tissue. If the cream fully removes all traces of nail polish and doesn't stain the cuticles and surrounding skin then I'm sold! But if it doesn't then I will be reverting back to standard nail polish remover. 

There only seems to be two nail polish remover creams available right now, the other costing £15, so I know which I'll be trying out! 

Makeup/Skincare 360 Rotating Carousel £10.79
Meet the lazy susan of the beauty world. I say meet, but chances are you have seen many a beauty set up on Instagram including one of these practical storage solutions. Designed to house makeup and skincare, I've definitely been seeing more of the latter, which makes sense as this kind of storage calls for tall bottle and tubes and can hold quite a lot. 

I personally think this is a storage solution that will stick around as it's space saving and practical and doesn't look too bad either. 

Dip Powder Nails Starter Kit £29.99
Dip Powder has been all the rage this year and I can totally see why! You can go for UV lamp options if you already wear gel nails at home or there are no lamp needed kits such as the one above which I think are just great! 

If you are new to using dip powder then you will want to pick up a kit with a few dip powder colours to get you started. This will give you all the base and top coats you require and then you can simply buy inexpensive individual dip powders from there on - I love the look of the glitter and holographic dip powders! 

The benefits are that dip powder nails last just as well as gel nails, there's no risk of uneven messy stroke marks, dip powder and the whole process dries very fast, they give the nails a high-shine finish and make the nails much stronger making it ideal if you want to grow your nails out without breakages. 

The above kit comes with all you need to get started and four nude pink dip powders but the seller has lots more colour options to pick from. I've just started dipping my nails into this kind of method and really do recommend trying it out for yourself if you love doing your own gel or acrylic nails at home. 

Magnetic Eyelashes £1.89
Last for my bargain trending beauty picks, I have a cheap pair (actually you get two pairs) of magnetic eyelashes to share with you. I'm definitely on the fence with magnetic eyelashes mainly because I have yet to try them but also because I can't see them working well. 

However, for £2 I'm now willing to give them a go as magnetic lashes for £15-20 just aren't an option for me, especially if I try them and they simply don't work! 

In theory, magnetic lashes sound great but seeing as false eyelashes need to curve with the shape of the eye I'm pretty dubious. Having said that, I think half lashes may be okay, as they sit on the outer portion of the eye and don't need to curve as such. If you are intrigued like I am but don't want to potentially waste money then these seem worth trying! 

Have I swayed you with anything here? I think all reusable products right now are great so I'm happy to have found some cheaper options on eBay and I'm still tempted to try out the ridiculous beauty blender washing machine - if I do, I will 100% review on here! 

Fee xo. 

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