What I've been Reading, Watching & Listening to This Christmas

For me, the lead up to Christmas is possibly more special than the day itself. Even as an adult I try to encompass the festive feelings and magical joy Christmas can bring to even the most boring of days, by actively seeking and setting time aside for all things festive.

This year I'm working my way through Christmas movies I've yet to watch, more on that later, discovering new festive reads and even starting a Christmas vinyl collection. Take a peek at my ever growing Christmas bookshelf to discover a few treasures and find out my favourite Christmas movie of 2018, below!

What I'm Watching this Christmas 

A sure way to feel festive is to watch Christmas movies - fact! It's cosy, you can get snacks and you can do it any time of day when you have spare time. So, of course, I've been doing quite a bit of it so far this Christmas. Home Alone has been watched, along with Arthur Christmas and I plan to re-visit more classics such as Miracle on 34th Street and Elf before Christmas Day.

However, for a bit of fun I thought I'd set myself a goal (possibly the more enjoyable goal I've set myself for the entirety of 2018), to watch all the classic Christmas movies I've never seen! This includes A Muppet's Christmas Carol, Jack Frost, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express and Christmas with the Kranks. I have a feeling a few of you will be shocked I haven't watched some of these!

While completing my festive goal I have also managed to fit in the time to watch The Christmas Chronicles which is new to Netflix. From seeing the trailer I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it but after watching it and laughing throughout and aww'ing as the ultra cute elves, I can happily say it will be a movie I watch every year from now on. Of course there is an amount of sickly sweet scenes and a few eye-rolling moments but for the most part I found it really well put together and fun.

I also plan to watch The Holiday Calendar while wrapping presents as it looks a nice easy watch.

What I'm Reading this Christmas 

A few years ago I decided to build upon my Christmas cookbook collection. I enjoyed this so much, bringing out my stack of festive books each year, that I decided to extend it to fictional book and any Christmas reads that caught my eye.

Fictional Christmas reads can often be picked up chea on Kindle but to be honest I find them not to my taste as the storylines are often totally unbelievable and a bit too fluffy for my liking. I'm more about discovering beautiful Christmassy books that I can bring out and enjoy each year.

Non-fiction wise I've been recently picking up and reading a book I treated myself to last year; New York Christmas. Not only is this one beautiful book, with stunning photography throughout, it's also like nothing else I own - with a mix of recipes, short real-life stories and even carols printed out. If you are looking for a special Christmas coffee table book and something to give you that warm festive feeling then this is the book to pick up - you won't regret it!


Another ultra festive read is Letters from Father Christmas which oddly isn't that popular but I think is an absolutely adorable book. This special book is an archived collection of handwritten and self-illustrated letters from J.R Tolkien acting as the role of Father Christmas to his three children from 1920 to 1942. With simple letters in shaky handwriting whilst his children were small, to more detailed and elaborate stories as the years go by, even with input from Father Christmas' polar bear chief assistant and elves. Not only is this a book of short Christmas stories in letter form but a book about love as the love Tolkien had for his children shines throughout, making this such a beautiful and magical book.

Without a doubt the most creative and heartwarming Christmas book I own and one I often pull off my bookshelf in December to read some of the many letters within. A book about storytelling, love and the true spirit of Christmas.

More festive reads for both young and old: Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy, Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson, Snow in the Garden: A First Book of Christmas by Shirley Hughes and A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig

What I'm Listening to this Christmas 

Don't worry, no cheesy tunes here!

Okay, so much like my Christmas bookshelf I like the idea of having a collection of Christmas albums to bring out each year. So far these mainly consist of vintage Chrismas vinyl finds from charity shops (if you own a vinyl player then check out your local charity shop - there's always a stack of them!). However this Christmas I've picked up two special ones. A bargain 2-disc vinyl with lots of classics on (Winter Wonderland from Asda £9) the Sia Everyday is Christmas.

Everyday is Christmas is an album I loved listening to on Spotify last December (it's still on available - you can listen here) so I decided to treat myself to the vinyl edition. All the songs are of course Christmas themed with a good mix of upbeat and slower songs. My favourites from the album that I listen to on repeat are - Snowflake, Puppies Are Forever and Everyday is Christmas.

I've also been loving this John Lewis Advert Songs playlist, which is perfect if you aren't keen on traditional Christmas tunes!

I hope you enjoyed discovering a few of my festive favourites - please feel free to recommend any similar finds of your own. 

Fee xo.
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