The Ultimate eBay Christmas Gift Guide


By now I think it's pretty clear I love a bargain however it has to be good quality and worth it, hence why I named this blog 'Makeup Savvy' all those years ago. So this year I decided I had to put together an eBay Christmas Gift Guide.

As we are nearing Christmas itself all the items below are from UK sellers with Buy it Now prices and free delivery, oh and everything is under £10! I'm really pleased with all the gifts I've found here and hope you find a few things you like - I may have already bought the Star & Moon Hair Slide Set and the ingenious printed cookie rolling pin!

Disney Illustrated Desk Calendars 2019
Princess (£6.99) HERE - Heritage (£5.47) HERE
Every Christmas I end up gifting a few personal diaries and calendars to my loved ones because while Christmas Day is only a week away from a New year not many people have a fresh calendar at the ready. So I feel this type of gift is pretty fail-safe and always well received! 

If you know any Disney lovers then you may want to check out these pretty adorable desk easel calendars. What I love about both calendars is that they aren't in the typical Disney design but more illustrated and modern, especially the Disney Princess Calendar. I'm tempted to buy myself one!

Zodiac Constellation Necklace
Gold or Silver (£2.99) HERE
Personalised and custom jewellery is without a doubt a lovely Christmas gift idea however if you are on a budget it can be tricky. However, I managed to come across this listing of stunning Constellation necklaces (12 star signs available) for only £2.99! For the price you aren't getting sterling silver of course but wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a small gift box this could make such a lovely personal gift. I'm so impressed with this bargain find!

Vintage Style Moon & Star Hair Pin Set
£2.99 HERE
Another bargain find I can't get over is this set of three vintage-style hair clips. Again, these wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a gift box would look make such a lovely gift for someone that enjoys doing their hair. It's also something that would seem much more than an under £5 spend! I've already picked these up for myself to wear on Christmas Day!

Rose Stone Facial Roller & Gua Sha
Facial Roller (£5.69) HERE - Gua Sha (£3.99) HERE
If you have a skincare obsessed friend or relative and don't want to risk getting them someone that won't suit their skin type then a skincare tool instead could make for a really appreciated gift. The skin care tool of the moment is without a doubt a facial roller and while they are generally upwards of £20 to even £80 I managed to find a bargain listing on eBay from a UK seller. 

This is ideal for someone that likes to try new things when it comes to skincare and the rose quartz of both the facial roller and gua sha tool really is stunning! I would personally gift both of these tools together and again wrap them in plain tissue paper in a gift box to make it much more of a gift set.

Sally Hansen Holiday Collection
Gold & Red Range or Silver & Purple Range £7.90 each HERE
Okay, this may be a 'buy for yourself before Christmas' eBay find, but there's also no reason this wouldn't make a lovely Christmas gift either! I personally love Sally Hansen nail polishes, but at £8.00 each they aren't the cheapest, so this is why this ultra-affordable gift set jumped out at me. There are two festive themed sets available, both gift boxed, containing 4 mini nail polishes ideal for the Christmas and winter nails. Love, love, love!

10 Piece Marble Makeup Brush Set & 8 Piece Sailor Moon Brush Set
Marble (£3.19) HERE - Sailor Moon (£7.85) HERE
Another good gift idea for a beauty lover is a new brush set. That could be a teen just starting out in makeup, someone like myself who is obsessed with makeup brushes or someone older that only owns a few or could do with some new brushes. 

Generally, brush sets are over the £10 mark but I thankfully found some bargains on eBay! The above marble effect set can be picked up for a little as £2.39 for 4 brushes or £3.19 for 10 - amazing value for money. I've had quite a few cheap brush sets from eBay and have been beyond impressed with the quality for the price so I think these would make a great gift. 

The other set is a little more money, however, they are magical and actually made out of solid metal (they are pretty weighty!) and come with a pouch to store them in. Again, these would make for an amazing gift. You can also find a similar Harry Potter-inspired wand brush set for only £3.85 here!

Katie Loxton Pouches
£9.95 - HERE | HERE | HERE
A few years ago I came across a range of Katie Loxton pouches/clutch bags in the Lake District and instantly loved them. Since then the brand has grown and so has the range of pouches, which can be used many ways - as a makeup bag, large pencil case or even as a clutch bag. 

Retailing for £17 they are a mid-priced gift, but I have been able to find a few for under £10, making them a bit of a steal and a perfect budget gift!

Personalised Compact Mirror
£5.63 HERE
Anything personalised feels a bit special, doesn't it? So for £5 I had to include these lovely personalised compact mirrors available in 15 different designs! I think one of these wrapped up would make such a lovely gift - I will be buying at least one or two I think.

Velvet Ring Display Organiser
£6.79 HERE  
If you know anyone that enjoys wearing rings then this may be a lovely gift for them. This ring organiser is not only a great piece of storage but it's pretty sleek looking being velvet flocked in either light grey or black. 

USB Ultrasonic LED Humidifier Oil Diffuser
Rabbit or Deer (£10.11) HERE
I recently picked up my first ever USB Oil Diffuser for an upcoming gift guide and while I've wanted one for quite some time I really didn't realise how amazing they were until I tried one out for myself. Not only do they work as a humidifier when used with simply water but they scent the home and calm or energise the senses when used with essential oils. They also act as a lamp and give off a light mist that's quite soothing to watch. 

So when looking for a second diffuser for my living room I came across this very cute offering and instantly thought what a lovely gift it would make! Not only is it super affordable but it's powered by USB (I plug mine into my USB plug) and pretty compact. 

This would make such a sweet gift when paired with a set of essential oils!

Puffin Collector's Edition Hardback Books
Little Women (£8.51) HERE | Peter Pan (£7.79) HERE | Anne of Green Gables (£7.89) HERE
If you have a bookworm in your life then gifting them a collectors edition of a classic can make for a very thoughtful gift. This is what I started doing for my sister a few Christmas' back, giving her a Puffin classic illustrated by Anna Bond (from Rifle Paper Co.) each year until she had the entire set. While inexpensive this made for a lovely gift that I know she will keep forever. It's also just nice to read a few childhood classics as an adult! 

Whether you gift just a single beautifully illustrated special edition book or a stack, a book-loving recipient is bound to be thrilled with this gift.

Mugs Galore!
Personalised mugs (£8.99) HERE | Marble Mugs (£6.49) HERE | Gold Dots Mug (£8.95) HERE | Unicorn Mug with Lid (£8.32) HERE
Okay, so I may just have included a range of mugs because I'm mug obsessed and have quite a collection! But in my defence, I really believe a special mug can make a really nice gift. There's also the option of filling said mug with wrapped chocolates, hot chocolate or even a pair of cosy socks. 

My favourite mug here is the personalised option as who wouldn't be pleased with a stylish mug with their name on it! However, the 3D Unicorn mug with lid and spoon is pretty damn cute!

I Can't Adult Today Cross Stitch Kit
£7.92 HERE
DIY gifts are something you would think to pick up for kids but not necessarily adults. Especially when adult crafts are often specialist and pricey. However, with hipster-inspired cross stitch being kind of on-trend at the moment I was able to find an inexpensive kit. The set includes everything your gift recipient will need to create the above 'I can't adult today' pattern and then can proudly hang it on the wall when done. 

There are a ton of these style of adult cross stitch kits available on Etsy, however, I really haven't seen any as cheap as this one!

Embossed Cookie Rolling Pin
Various Styles from £5.99 HERE 
Lastly, I had to share this ingenious rolling pin. I don't know about you but I've never seen anything like this before and now I need I need one for myself! 

Perfect for the baking enthusiast in your life this extra special rolling pin comes in 2 different sizes and 8 different designs, all embossed with different cute designs that can be rolled onto cookies and even pie toppings to create the sweetest embossed baked goods. I really do love this product! 

Let me know your favourite eBay find here and if you pick anything up for yourself or as a Christmas gift! 

Fee xo.
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