A Personal Christmas Gift Idea

By now you may or may not have done your Christmas shopping, but what if you have that certain someone left to buy for that you simply can't think of a gift for?

Well, you could take one of their interests or hobbies and pick from over 100,000 pieces of metal-mounted metal art prints on Displate. Yes, however niche their taste or interests there will be something that will suit them perfectly.

This post has been kindly sponsored by Displate - all opinions are my own.

Designed by artists in every theme and design imaginable Displate is a hub of creativity and when picking out the stunning art prints for this post I literally fell down the Displate rabbit hole and have to narrow down my choices as I loved so many!

Why pick Displate over a regular piece of art? As I mentioned whatever you are looking for you will find it on Displate. But another huge reason to pick Displate over traditional framed art or paper posters that can crease and tear is the total ease and flexibility your gift recipient will have when hanging their new artwork. Each Displate (metal art print) comes with a simple magnetic system which you simply adhere to the wall and place the artwork onto - totally hassle-free. This gives flexibility with the area you can place the artwork, instant straightening of it and means you can swap over the metal artwork in seconds whenever you want. It also, of course, means no use of power tools or screws in the wall! Displate art prints can also be leant against a wall of course.

Here I have the absolutely stunning Leopard Garden artwork paired with Night Blossom from the Secret Flower Garden collection from Hyun Lee in the Large. Like all Displates they have a smooth matte metal finish meaning no glare, are Giclee printed and are simply so vivid in colour!

While the easy to use magnetic mounting allows me to move my art up and down and further or closer together I'm currently displaying them side by side and really love how they look together. I also really appreciate that they have been designed by a talented artist! 

Shopping by collection means that if you want to pick up more than one piece of artwork you can find pieces that will work together with ease or you can simply mix and match - for example, why not pair the above Cactus art print with someone cute or equally quirky. Displate metal prints also come in the most amazing gift-ready packaging that is really vibrant and fun, so no-wrapping is needed.

Below I have a few more art prints that would make for an excellent personal gift this Christmas (or to even a treat yourself to!)

Disney - It's Kind of Fun To Do The Impossible, Jasmine, You Can Fly!
Fun - Starry School, Little Llama, No5 Aloha
Floral - Flower and Birds, This is My Happy Place, Every Hour of the Light

As you can see Displate have so many clever, stylish and fun metal art prints that would be perfect for any friend or family member. 

Displate also wants to make a positive impact on the plant so with any Displate purchases they will plant 10 trees on your behalf. So far they have planted over 7.5 million trees which is pretty incredible! 

If you want to make someones Christmas extra special this year with a thoughtful gift or you simply want to treat yourself to some beautiful artwork then look no further than Displate! 

Also, Displate is giving Makeup Savvy readers 15% off, simply use code SAVVY15 at the checkout here!

Happy Holidays!

Fee x

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