Top 5 Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes

Up until late last year I was totally new Huda Beauty, in fact, I didn't even know the brand was created by a beauty blogger - I know, where had I been?

But thankfully that all changed when I tried a Huda Beauty liquid lipstick and my first ever eyeshadow palette from the brand and totally fell in love. Fast forward to now and my Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette collection is ever growing as I'm a huge fan of eyeshadow in general and can't get enough of this phenomenal range that is filled with some of the most stunning shades I've ever tried.

So in collaboration with Huda Beauty being this month's Brand of the Month on Cult Beauty meaning FREE worldwide shipping, I wanted to share my top 5 eyeshadow palettes with you. And yes, that of course, includes the latest launch: The New Nude Palette!

The New Nude Eye Shadow Palette 
£56.00 | BUY HERE

Just dropped this month the total palette of dreams that I feel was made for Instagram as it's just so god damn pretty and without a doubt the prettiest Huda Beauty palette thus far!

Containing 10 buttery mattes, four light-reflective duo-chromes, two pressed glitters, one pressed pearl and even one concealing shade to create a flawless base & for the glitter formulas to adhere to this is a palette designed to create endless soft to smokey and even out of the box looks with.

Already loving Huda Beauty's pigmented shimmer shades I was excited to try out some new formulas with the two glitters and beyond amazing speckled duo-chromes and the paler matte blush nude tones were definitely calling to me.

Since receiving this new palette I really cannot express how much joy it's been bringing me every time I apply makeup. Firstly, the speckled duo chromes as you can see from the swatches below are absolutely stunning and really do exceed my expectations with how buttery smooth they are and how they catch the light on the lids. These also simply look perfectly blended and even just my dabbing them directly on the lids with a fingertip. These shades are also amazing doing a very good job at making me feel festive as they scream Christmas party makeup... although I've so been wearing them on the daily right now.

Side note: 'Kinky' a warm cranberry shade is the only standard shimmer formulas and as you would expect is beyond smooth and foiled. This shade alone is stunning but when used under any of the new duo-chrome formulas really comes to life. I simply had to share this as it's one of my favourite combinations with this palette.

The other joy this palette has been bringing me is that it has such an array of soft blush shades that look simply beautiful on the eyes; without a doubt my new kind of smokey eye. While the matte shades do kick up quite a bit of powder they are very soft and blendable and actually have the best pigmentation I've come across in all the Huda Beauty palettes I own, while also being buildable if you really want to add drama or depth to your eyes.

My only criticism with the palette is with the two glitter shades that while looking amazing in the palette are pretty much pressed glitters that do require glue to work effectively and so it doesn't drop down onto the cheeks. So in which case, I'd have expected more than a cream concealer in the palette, however, there's no denying these are some stunning shades perfect for the upcoming festive season.

If you already love Huda Beauty products or you are wanting to pick up your first palette from the brand then this is the palette I would 100% recommend - so special and cherish in my vast eyeshadow palette collection already!

Rose Gold Remastered Eye Shadow Palette 
£56.00 | BUY HERE

Following on from Huda's latest large palette launch I had to include the stunning Rose Gold Remastered palette which has been a staple in my collection for many months and I rely on for its super foiled shades, described by Huda as metal fondants.

Containing 9 matte formulas and 9 foil formulas this 18-pan palette is well thought out with a multitude of looks that could be created that easily suit all seasons, especially Summer and Winter.

The matte shades that I adore using with all the shimmer shades in this palette are 'Demure' and 'Sandalwood' as they are perfect crease shades and ideal for every day. Although a lot of the darker matte shades in this palette are great for darkening up any eye look even when using other palettes not from Huda, as the matte formulas are non-chalky and come with fantastic pigmentation.

As for the foiled shimmer shades that initially drew me to this palette, they are as good as they look, if not better! Being a rose gold palette and one that's been re-worked there are quite a few gold and rose gold tones that apply to the lids absolutely beautiful, giving that smooth foil effect. These shades truly are amazing to pair with any eye look and I've even found that 'Blessed' and 'Bubbly' can actually be used as highlighters!

Darker foil shades include 'Dubai', 'Fling' and 'Trust Fund' all of which apply smoothly without fall out or enhancing fine lines. They also work amazingly well with the dark matte shades within the palette for more evening/nighttime glam looks. I especially love 'Trust Fund'.

If you are looking for a palette packed full of foiled shades and love metallic tones then you cannot go wrong with this dreamy palette. While I never tried the first rose gold palette I can certainly say the remastered version doesn't disappoint!

On to my favourite smaller more compact palettes now that is ideal if you are on more of a budget, travel often or simply don't want such a large palette, like the ones above!

My own first Huda eyeshadow palette was one of these smaller compact palettes and I found it was a great way to get me into Huda Beauty and interested in trying out more products. Travel wise these are the palettes I now pack as they are the perfect size for any makeup bag even when 2 or 3 are stacked together. I also think they are pretty affordable for £25 each as they contain 9 pans, making them half the size and less than half the price of the large palettes.

The original Obsessions range consists of three nine pan eyeshadow palettes - Mauve Obsession, Warm Brown Obsessions (seen above, left) and Coral Obsessions (seen above, right).

Coral Obsessions Palette
£25.00 | BUY HERE

Described as a slimline edit of the most sought-after orange, red and yellow-toned hues this has to be one of the most summer-ready palettes I own and has been thoroughly enjoyed throughout this past summer and on two holidays thanks to its compact size.

Containing 7 matte shades and 2 shimmery foil-like shades, this is a palette for creating matte smokey coral or orange looks with a pop of shimmer on the lids. Of course, I love, love, love, the two shimmer shades, especially the bottom right shade as it's an amazing rose gold/coral hybrid, however, the matte shades really come in an amazing array of colours and blend together really well. I also that this palette contains two quite unique shades with the vivid fuchsia and mustard yellow shades.

Warm Brown Obsessions Palette
£25.00 | BUY HERE 

If the above palette is to be considered a summer palette then this only could be the winter offering, with such an array of caramel and chestnut brown shades that will compliment all skin tones.

The Warm Brown Obsessions palette contains with 8 matte shades and a rich bronze foil shade to the centre that works perfectly with all shades in the palette. Being a shimmer eyeshadow lover I think this palette could have done with another foil formula in the beginning but after using it I soon realised that it's a palette that can create many totally matte eye looks and is perfect for those in-a-rush kind of days when you still want your makeup to look put together. For me this consists of using the matte bone shade as a base then one of the three medium browns blending into my crease, then a dark brown to deepen the crease and the shimmer shade packed onto my lids and smudged along my bottom lash line - a great 5-minutes look.

Both Obsessions palettes are a great standing point for any Huda Beauty newbie or if you find the choice of larger palettes overwhelming.

Topaz Obsessions Palette
£25.00 | BUY HERE 

Clearly, in no particular order (other than the gorgeous New Nude palette) I had to put one of the gemstone obsessions palettes into my top 5 Huda palettes as it's simply a dream palette if you love warm-toned eyeshadows as much as I do! It's also a palette that gives me such autumnal feels with its rich tones in both matte and shimmer formulas.

Along with Topaz Obsessions, the gemstone-inspired newer Obsessions range includes 6 different palettes; 1 including all shimmer shades and the rest being a combination of matte & shimmers perfect for creating multiple looks with. 

Consisting of four vibrant duo-chrome shimmers (which are very similar to the formula of the speckled duo-chromes in the latest New Nude Palette!) and five creamy mattes –  in rich rose gold, amber, burnished bronzes and tangerine orange this is one stunning palette and my favourite out of the gemstone-inspired Obsessions palette range.

While 5 of the 9 shades are warm toned and autumn feeling the centre matte shade along with 3 of the 4 duo-chrome shimmers feel like the New Nude Palette, so if you aren't wanting to splurge on that then this is like a little piece of it to create a few similar looks with along with some cosy autumn/winter looks and of course lots of brown smokey eyes.

Another gorgeous palette from Huda Beauty and possibly my favourite of the three Obsessions palettes I've featured in this post.

Along with free worldwide shipping throughout November on all Huda products, this month Cult Beauty is also holding a massive Huda Beauty giveaway on their Instagram page (@cultbeauty) worth over £700. It even includes a New Nude Palette signed by Huda Kattan, herself!  A giveaway definitely worth entering - although you only have until 18th November to enter!

To summerise this huge post filled with my favourite Huda Beauty palettes, it's clear to see the brand knows what they are doing when it comes to both matte and foil shades and really caters for different colour spectrums with the Obsessions range which I really love.

But seriously can we talk about how pretty The New Nude Palette is in the comments, please?! 

Let me know if you would like to see my favourite eyeshadow palettes from my entire collection next?

Fee xo.
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