The Best Cosy Candle Brands for Autumn

Candles lovers certainly don't need any excuse to pick up a nice scent but there's no denying candles and autumn go hand in hand. Which could be why I've managed to acquire four new candles in the past month alone.

For me gone are the days I pick up a magazine as a treat (blame the increase in price yet decrease in written content) rather spending the same amount of money on a new candle to light and enjoy of an evening. 

While I burn candles all year round the cosiness of autumn as the nights draw in encourages my love of candles, bringing out old favourites and seeking out new scents. So today I wanted to share with you four home fragrance brands that I've loved for years that suit all budgets.

Village Candle
Official Village Candle online store

For the past 5 years Village Candle has been my favourite candle brand! I first discovered them on eBay (listings here) and hoped they would be a budget alternative to Yankee Candles, but soon realised not only were they cheaper but had much more true-to-life smelling fragrances that didn't give me a headache due to being over fragranced and synthetic. 

My favourite size has to be the medium jars as they are not only affordable but contain a dual wick for an even burn. However, when trying out scents I like to pick up a few votive candles from eBay first as Village Candle isn't stocked in many physical shops (my only local stockist is JTS). 

Scent wise Village Candle know how to do gourmand (foodie) scents very well, with my favourite ever candle being Brownie Delight here which simply smells like you've been baking chocolate brownies! I also adore Honey Creme which I burn throughout summer and into autumn as it's such a cosy and welcoming smelling candle and also quite unique! 

However, if you aren't into the yummy type fragrances then Village Candle has you covered as they have hundreds of different scents! My favourite non-food based scent that I burn through autumn and winter that while cosy and perfect for the colder months has a clean scent to it (think a fresh out of the tumble drier soft knitted jumper you want to cuddle into) is Cosy Cashmere. Again this is another really unique scent that smells familiar and comforting - Village Candle do comforting candles seriously well! 

While I find eBay to often be the best place to find my Village Candle favourites, the UK website stocks their entire range, including their new seasonal stock (yes, that means Christmas candles!). They now also offer small glass votive candles for £2.99 each that have an impressive 10hr burn time with only 99p delivery if you want to try out a range of scents or aren't keen on traditional votive candles. 

Truly a candle company I will always go back to time and time again! 

DW Home Candles
Official DW Home US online store

If like me you shop for candles in TK Maxx or their sister company homeware store, Homesense, then you most likely own a DW Home candle, probably without knowing it. 

Available in the largest range of designs and scents and at the most affordable prices (from £2.99-£6.99) this candle brand really is one of my favourites! 

While DW Home is an American company as mentioned they are stocked in both TK Maxx and HomeSense UK stores and generally seasonal themed, making them perfect to pick up at the start of each new season. 

As a huge fan I've often given these candles as gifts and mostly likely to treat myself to a few every autumn, which may seem excessive but at £2.99 each for their medium single wick glass jar candles (33 hour burn time) I can't resist. 

Unlike a lot of UK candle companies 'pumpkin' in one of their many scent ranges in every Fall collection so I'm currently burning a new Pumpkin Bourbon scented candle along with a White Pumpkin candle that I'm still enjoying from last year. 

Both scents are truly autumnal and cosy however their latest range and the Pumpkin Bourbon candle I picked up actually contains a small wood wick oppesed to a traditional material wick that quietly crackles and gives a slightly smoother burning flame. As for this particular scent, it's a wonderful caramelised sweet pumpkin scent spiked with warm bourbon and a creamy nutmeg, making for a truly autumnal fragrance with a great scent throw to fill any room. 

I initially picked up my first DW Home candle due to the gorgeous packaging, and still love them for their varied designs, however, I soon realised they are much more than their pleasing aesthetics with so many amazing scents that I simply can't resist each and every season. 

Official WoodWick online store

From budget seasonal to something more artisan and special, with WoodWick candles. 

Launched in only 2007 WoodWick is a medium priced range of glass jar candles (£10-29) featuring wood wicks that crackle as they burn, creating such a lovely atmosphere and sound especially in the autumn/winter months. They're also loved for their Trilogy candles that again feature wood wicks but also combine 3 different layered fragrances that you can enjoy at the candle burns down. 

While these are a treat for me due to the price point I feel the trilogy range along with the hearthwick range (landscape candles that contain an extra wide wick to give a larger crackle and visual effect) really are worth it. However, discount candles can often be found on their website and Fragrance Direct. But if you are someone that likes to buy candles in person you can find paired down ranges at both Booths and Asda.

For me, these are certainly the best candles to give as gifts as most people haven't tried them, even candle lovers, and they are just something special and different with their crackling wood wicks. 

I currently have my eye on a lovely discounted Sunset Bonfire Trilogy candle on Fragrance Direct that's only £15.95 and includes Campfire Marshmallow, Gold Spun Sugar and Sand & Driftwood here

Candle Belle
Official Candle Belle online store

Last but certainly not least I wanted to share a lovely small candle business that I discovered many years ago and have loved ever since. Offering a huge range of fun and unique home fragrances made from only soy wax in both glass jar candles and wax melts there's something for everyone. 

For me while I love picking up a double-wick jar candle (£12.49 here or £19.95 for two here) in my favourite fragrance now and again, my favourite item from Candle Belle is the Aromapods (wax melts) which are affordable priced at £2.99 each (48g) here or a bundle of 9 for £14.99 here. These can be broke in half to give multiple uses and burnt in electric or candle wax burners, giving off both a glow and fantastic scent throw. 

My own favourite scents in both the candles and wax melts for autumn include Pralines & Cream, Chocolate Brownie and Cookie Dough; totally gourmand with such strong and true to scent fragrance throws that fill the room. 

If you prefer unique scents while supporting a small business then Candle Belle really is the candle company to look at. 

Do you have a favourite candle brand you go back to time and time again? Let me know! 

I'd also love to know your favourite candle scent just for fun. Mine has to be sweet baked good scents! 

Fee xo.

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