The Best Alpha-H Products for Oily and Blemish Prone Skin

If you've heard of Alpha-H then it's more than likely you know about then due to Liquid Gold; their standout and bestselling Glycolic Acid-based treatment that's loved by many. But while I love the brand for that single product alone there are so many more products from Alpha-H worth trying.

So in collaboration with Cult Beauty as Alpha-H is CT's October Brand of the Month, meaning free worldwide delivery across the brand, I thought I would highlight the Alpha-H products that are ideal of anyone with a similar skin type to mine - oily, combination and blemish-prone.



One thing is for sure with Alpha-H, they know the power of cleansing with 8 cleansers in their skincare range. However picking from such a wide range can be tricky so after a lot of research & review reading I decided to test out their Triple Action Cleanser - an eye makeup remover, face wash and toner in one.

For me, this is very much a morning and evening 2nd cleanse as while it does remove even stubborn waterproof eye makeup it is the lightest formula I've ever come across (which I love!) only slightly foaming with a low pH and being importantly SLS-free.

Packed with anti-oxidants and balancing ingredients the aim of this lightweight cleanser is to kill bacteria on the skin and balance out excess oil production and I can confirm it really does live up to its claims, even helping my skin stay blemish-free around my time of the month... something that never happens.

While I've tended to stick to more simple cleansers for my 2nd cleanse for quite some time now, I believe this cleanser to be just that step-up. Still simple with a perfect formulation but enough to actively keep my oily/blemish-prone skin clear, soft and smooth.

If you don't like how 'basic' some of the most raved about facial washes can be then this clever balancing cleanser really is a must-try. This will 100% be staying in my skincare routine from now on!


Next, a product to totally solve the problem of too many skincare layers before applying makeup for those with oily or blemish-prone skin! 

Yes, I'm talking a high SPF and lightweight moisturiser in one! Because I don't know about you but however much I try, I sometimes skip sunscreen simply because I don't want my skin to be more oily through the day and wear off my makeup. But with the use of AHA's along with other skincare ingredients making a lot of people's skin more sun sensitive and just wanting to prevent premature ageing high SPF use all year round really is a must!

Almost like a hand cream with a good level of SPF, I've struggled to find a facial moisturiser & sunscreen hybrid that feels like a moisturiser and not a sunscreen for a long time! But thankfully Alpha-H know what they are doing and have created what I can only describe as a dream product! 

Lightly whipped and enriched with vitamin E and soothing aloe this moisturiser soaks into the skin a dream leaving zero residue behind while hydrating the skin throughout the day. 

I wouldn't suggest this product to those with dry skin as it simply wouldn't be enough, but for those with oily skin looking for a high SPF in their daily moisturiser that's undetectable then this truly is a spot on!


With Alpha-H focusing on signs of ageing, sun damage, sensitivity and acne, I thought it was only right I gave their blemish control gel a try. 

Gone are the days my skin my tolerate a potent spot cream without flaking or scabbing so I leave them kind of strong overnight treatments for larger spots that really need it and now prefer gel products that don't make the skin sting or dry out while they speed up the healing time of spots. 

And thankfully this is the kind of product that Alpha-H Blemish Control Gel is. I can hastily apply it to any area of blemishes and while it reduces redness and gets rid of said spots in 1-2 days it doesn't leave the surrounding skin dry or reddened - hoorah! 

The gel is lightweight and clear making it ideal for under makeup or even dabbed on top of makeup should you need to and is importantly free of fragrance and known irritants. It's also packed full of anti-bacterial ingredients along with salicylic acid (a spots worst enemy!) to clear excess oil and break down all the junk inside clogged up pores that are the cause of spots in the first place. 

While I still require Kate Sommerville EradiKate Acne Treatment for tackling major spots, I'm now much happier dealing with day-to-day blemish and hormonal breakouts with this simple blemish gel

ALPHA-H LIQUID GOLD (100ml) | £33.50

Lastly, I wanted to mention Alpha-H's best selling product; Liquid Gold. The reason for this is while it's an amazing resurfacing treatment that sloughs away dead skin cells on the skin to reveal much smoother and brighter skin, making it great for oily/combination skin, it can cause excess oil production if overused or simply because glycolic acid while suitable for all skin types it most ideal for ageing skin.


Option 1: If you have used Liquid Gold before and found you wake up in the morning with quite an oily face then simply consider applying it as soon as you have cleansed in the evening until you about to go to bed. Then simply washing it off with water and applying any other skincare you would normally apply. 

Option 2: To reduce the potency of Liquid Gold especially if you are new to using AHA's and to help keep an oily T-zone at bay once applied leave to dry and then follow up with a lightweight moisturiser. This should ease your skin into using glycolic based products and help with any oily skin issues. 

While I've tried many glycolic acid lotions this truly is the one that gives instant results from first use and continues to impress me, so I personally prefer to make it work with my oily t-zone by using a buffer of a lightweight moisturiser on top which allows me to use it once a week without any breakouts or excess oil issues. 

If you're a fan of using AHA's but haven't tried Liquid Gold then the 100ml bottle + 50ml travel bottle offer for £29.99 (here!) is well worth picking up! 

Of course with overview blog posts such as these where I basically love all the products I mention I'm well aware not many will want to pick up the entire range... it's all about being savvy after all. 

So if I was to recommend anything it would be either the Triple Action Cleanser, especially if you've never tried a low pH/no SLS face wash before, or the amazing Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50 because I really feel like there aren't many good lightweight face creams out there with such a high SPF.

Let me know if you're also a fan of ALPHA-H! 

Fee xo.

- This post is in collaboration with Cult Beauty
with products provided to me free of charge - 

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