New in Beauty Wish List - August 2018


If you're a long time reader around here then you will know 'new in' posts don't appear all too often. The reason... 1) I feel there are beauty bloggers more on the pulse than I, namely British Beauty Blogger and Really Ree, and 2) It's not often a whole bunch of new releases catch my attention all at once!

However, over the past few weeks I've been adding to my 'to buy' list ever more to the point I felt like writing a 'new-in/wish list' type post. For the most part, everything here, bar two products, is budget-friendly so if anything does catch your eye it won't hurt your bank balance.

Wet n Wild UK Launch
Available from Beauty Bay - here
While Wet n Wild is the #1 value brand in America and has been for decades it never made its way over the pond... until now that it! Launched on Beauty Bay this month we can now enjoy a new budget makeup range costing between £2-£5. While a few of the more sort after items have totally sold out already, I had my eye on an oh so pretty embossed highlighter (back in stock here!) and some very budget-friendly autumnal eyeshadow palettes (fingers crossed for a re-stock - EditL They did, here & here!) there does seem to be new products still launching daily along with a few ranges that look really great. Edit: Order placed as Beauty Bay has a full re-stock... blog post to come soon on what I picked up! 

Love Beauty and Planet Bountiful Launch
While I don't know a whole lot about this new hair & body care range I do know they have just hit the shelves of both Boots & Superdrug and have an affordable price tag, ultra pretty packaging and are cruelty-free! Currently on offer at Superdrug for £3.99 the shower gel range is catching my eye the most, in particular, the Tropical Hydration Shower Gel (Ylang Ylang holiday type scent!) and the Radical Refresher Shower Gel (Mimosa scent). But I am most intrigued by the Happy & Hydrated Cleansing Conditioner as there aren't many 'skip shampoo' products on the high street. Definitely a range to look out for!

Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops Advanced Therapy
£21.50 here
Fresh is a brand that certainly knows how to do lip care product. Yes, they're undeniably pricey but if you want one lip balm/nourish product that will work wonders on your lips then it should be from Fresh. However, their latest launch is like nothing I've ever seen really from them or any other brand for that matter. Applied with a pipette and containing AHA's to exfoliate and rejuvenate the lips!

Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette
£13.49 here
I'm forever excited about unique eyeshadow palettes in a sea of neutrals, so when I very recently realised Maybelline had launched a UK version of their Lemonade Craze palette exclusively on Amazon I was pretty excited! With a mix of stunning shimmers and pastel toned mattes, this truly looks a stunning palette that would be perfect for both summer and autumn.  

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics 
£5.90 here 
For the longest time I've loved The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 as it's the perfect and budget-friendly hydrator for my skincare routine, either applying it before my moisturise or with it (or mixed with a facial oil) to give my skin a good dose of hydration without leaving it feeling oily or clogged. However the formula is on the sticky side and does leave some residue behind. Which is why I feel The Ordinary has brought out Marine Hyaluronic, as essentially it works in the same way however the formula is a water-like consistency, instantly soaking into the skin without a tacky feel. Once I have used up my favourite HA 2% from The Ordinary I will be definitely moving onto this.

Aldi Fig Garden Candle 
£8.79 (600g)
Only last week I was raving about Aldi's range of Diptyque-style candles (full post here) and how their £3.99 gift set was the ideal way to test out the range. And while I still adoring the set, I can't but help want the latest large candle that's a whopping 600g in size and comes in a weighty ceramic pot. Of course, this could be used as intended as a garden candle, however, personally I feel these look very similar to the large and ultra expensive Diptyque jar candles and would look perfect in the home; by the bed or in the bathroom. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for one of these candles when next in Aldi!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer
£29.00 (out 23rd August) - waiting list here
Already being a fan of The Retoucher concealer and Charlotte Tilbury base products in general, I'm eagerly awaiting this new concealer launch. Much like the CT range of sponge applicator highlight & contour wands (which give such a flawless natural finish), this concealer comes with a foam-tipped applicator that I'm positive will give perfect air-brushed results, especially under the eyes. Basically I'm thinking this will be the luxury version of Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer which works amazingly well due to the clever applicator.

Abnormaly Petrowhat? 
£7.00 each here  
Described by Deciem as a brand for products that don't fit anywhere else, Abnormaly is an interesting one. So far the brand consists only of multi-purpose lip balms (4 flavours/scents to be exact) and much like the brand itself these are some unique lip balms with an interesting petrolatum-free formula. From reviews I've come across, although they look similar to Glossier's Balm Dotcom the formula is anything but, being light and silky with zero waxy feel on the lips. While the balms come in 4 different flavours none of them are tinted so they all work as multi-use skin balms; to be used on the cuticles, heels, eyebrows and any dry patches. I'm really intrigued to try at least one of these! 

Let me know if you're excited about any of these new beauty launches as I am! 

Fee xo.

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