The Mascara Blink Technique You Need To Try

The thing about mascara is we don't often talk about the application technique behind it, we just kinda' brush it on. 

Most of the time it looks good, but then there are the times even your favourite mascara can make your eyelashes look short and clumpy, or worst still you hurt your eye as you are wiggling the brush ever closer to the base of your lashes and your eye does that awful rolling to the back of your head in pain thing, please tell me that's not just me? 

Is there such a thing as the perfect mascara application? Or is it just personal choice on how you best like to apply it? For me, I realised I was applying mascara in several different ways, dependant on... well nothing, really. It was more of a case of wiggling it at the base of my roots sometimes, then brushing it through on other occasions, because I never really took much thought to it or knew which way gave the best results. But then a few weeks ago after using the technique I want to share today (see below) and getting flawless clump-free eyelashes from with it, I thought why don't I do this every time? While it's nothing revolutionary or even something you won't have seen before it's pretty foolproof and for me gives the best results whatever type of mascara I go for.

The Mascara Blink Technique 

First things first, if you aren't looking down into a mirror or have your mirror slightly lower than your face when you apply mascara then start. Bringing wand to lash when your eyes are in line with the mirror is a sure way to get mascara on your eyelids or stab yourself in the eye - something we know to avoid at all costs. 

Next, you want to throw your brushing through your lashes technique out the window. Yes, it works but it can be strangely inconsistent, either not fully coating the lashes or adding clumps of mascara to them. This is probably the thing that will feel weird about this technique, the lack of brushing/combing through your lashes over and over, but trust me this blink technique is worth trying. 

So, as you can imagine it's all about blinking! Simply wipe off the excess mascara from the mascara brush onto the tube and placing it near to the base of the eyelashes, lightly touching them. Then you want to blink. Move the mascara brush to a different section of your eyelashes and blink again, and so on. 

And that's it! The mascara blink technique is as simple as that, 3-5 blinks approx on each eye to coat each lash and give a really boosted lift to them. Also I've found this to be the perfect way to avoid clumps or spider eyelashes!

Lastly, my favourite mascara to use with application technique is the IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara or Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara!

Let me know how you prefer to apply mascara and if you use the same technique every time! 

Fee xo. 
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