Five Affordable Skincare Products To Add To Your Spring Routine

As the seasons change so should a skincare routine but often a change is moisturiser and toner alone can be a costly affair. Thankfully, there are ways around this with skincare made affordable if you know the brands to opt for and where to look. 

So today I'm sharing just that, with a lineup of five affordable skincare products perfect for any springtime routine for clear, fresh skin.


While a change of cleanser isn't a must for a new season I personally like to opt for something fresher and calming on the skin come Spring/Summer. Which is why the Caolion Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick in Green Tea made my spring skin lineup. This balm to oil to foam cleanser is not only portable for any travels you may have but it's mild yet effective and is ideal for calming redness in the skin. The other huge plus is that the cleansing stick is currently half price at only £11.50 here, which is a total steal as I've been finding cleansing sticks to be one long lasting product due to being in solid form. For more blemish-prone skin there's also a charcoal version! Simply a really lovely cleanser I've been using for the past 6 months in both my morning and evening skin routine.


For me, toner is very much a warmer weather skincare product perfect for refreshing the skin in the morning or simply when required. It also there to give a good dose of hydration to the skin without feeling sticky or clogging pores making it ideal for all skin types. My favourite and an impressive Fresh dupe (for their own rose toner that's much more pricey) is The Body Shop Rose Petal-Soft Gel Toner (£9.50/250ml here) which is simply beautiful to apply before the rest of your skincare routine. While instantly refreshing the skin the cooling gel plumps tired or dehydrated skin and impressively softens which you can be both felt and seen with continued use. A lovely product to add to your spring skincare routine whatever your skin type.


Moisturiser is the key product in my routine to get switched up come Spring as there simply isn't any need for rich heavy creams unless you have very dry skin. For me, it's all about light textures that take seconds to soak in yet leave the skin hydrated and fresh feeling. My go-to has been Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser (which you can find at the cheapest price online £6 here) for years as it's just a wonderful gel moisturiser that is perfect for combination skin in summer. However, there's a new offering on the scene, Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield Hydration Lotion SPF 25 (currently half price at £6 in Tesco until 8th May here) which I couldn't resist picking up. Again, perfectly lightweight this doesn't feel like a product with SPF in it and soaks in a dream. While I do use a separate SPF 50 sunscreen on very sunny/hot days and would advise others to do the same I feel City Shield is a good option for them cloudier spring days as it protects the skin from both sun damage and pollution.

Another current favourite that again is just ideal for warmer weather is La Roche Posay Hydreane Light Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Cream (currently reduced to only £9.00 here). The feather-light formulation is designed to infuse normal to combination skin with essential moisture, without overburdening the complexion or overloading it with oils making it ideal for both fresh and balmy days to come. I cannot express how much I love this moisturiser as it gives the biggest dose of hydration within seconds yet leaving the skin grease/residue-free and firm. Love, love, love!


Lastly, an inexpensive skincare treat with the Nugg Deep Cleansing Face Mask (£3.99 here). This one-use mask pod is ideal for a deep cleanse of the skin, especially the T-zone area and to soothe. Nugg has definitely become my go-to brand when I want to pick up a single-use face mask as they do the job and seem much better quality than other similar products. The formula of this mask is light yet creamy with an uplifting scent of cucumber and jojoba. Simply a lovely one-off treat for the skin come spring.

Let me know what products you like to add to your Spring skincare routine and if any of my own recommendations have caught your eye.

Fee xo.

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