How Coco & Eve Hair Mask Transformed My Hair Overnight

Whether your hair is colour treated, heat damaged or simply doesn't like to play ball, most locks are in need of some TLC in the form of a hair mask - my own go-to for the past month? Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Coconut and Fig Hair Mask, which as the name suggests transforms the hair back to its natural virgin pre-damaged state for ultra healthy and glossy tresses!

Below find out all you need to know about this 10-minute wonder mask, along with my own before & after results.

While you may think a hair mask is a quick fix, as it does give instant results, when used on a regular basis it can help the hair resist damage keeping it in better condition overall - think fewer breakages/split ends, more shine and less frizz! This is something I've without a doubt overlooked in the past few months and so my hair was in definite need of some restoration and nourishment.

Enter, Coco & Eve Coconut and Fig Hair Mask, a 5-in-1 treatment for all hair types that restores dry damaged hair, improves hair texture and shine, treats split ends and importantly deeply hydrates! It also helps that it's pretty damn Instagram-worthy with it's aesthetically pleased Bali inspired packaging along with a free Tangle Tamer to use both with the mask and for the aftercare of your hair.

I should also point out that Coco & Eve is 100% PETA-approved, vegan and cruelty-free, colour safe, and contains no nasties (i.e no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or gluten)!

On first use of this luscious smelling hair mask, I decided to go all in and keep it on my hair overnight for a truly deep conditioning treatment. To my surprise the mask was much thicker than I was expecting, feeling rich and creamy when spread through the hair. My hair also felt amazingly smooth and tangle-free on using the free tangle tamer as instructed with the mask on your hair and is a step I wouldn't ever skip now I've tried it. I then simply twisted my hair up into a bun and went to sleep. Coco & Eve suggest wearing a shower cap but I decided using an old pillowcase over my pillow would be more comfortable.

After a good 9 hours sleep, I woke up and jumped straight into the shower, washing out the remaining hair mask. While my hair felt beyond silky smooth as the water flowed through it something amazing happened, for the first time in forever I was able to run my fingers through my just washed hair without any tangles what so ever - this really did impress me so much!

Once out of the shower I used the tangle tamer once more to comb through my wet hair, although there were no tangles to be tamed at this point much to my delight and I blow-dried my hair as normal. This is where the results could be visibly seen as my now dry hair was increasingly shiny which definitely wasn't there before and it felt perfectly smooth and frizz-free meaning the time I used my hair straighteners was cut in half! I also noticed that throughout the day my hair stayed tangle-free and the shine didn't dull down any.

Since my initial overnight deep treatment with the Coco & Eve mask, I've been using it 1-2 times a week just for 10 minutes to keep up the amazing results. Not only is this a quick process but I love the feeling of my hair being totally tangle-free and silky smooth on stepping out of the shower as it's been truly nourished and hydrated.

The free tangle tamer has also made its way into my daily hair routine as the 2-tiered bristles really do glide tangles out of the hair without causing damage.

Overall, while I was expecting good results from this hair mask I really didn't imagine such a transformation in my hair. Not only is it now much more manageable with a lot less frizz and kinks but the shine and softness it adds to my hair really is amazing - all without my hair feeling weighed down.

If you are someone that feels their hair requires nourishing and restoring back to it's pre-heat or colour damaged state then I wouldn't hesitate in trying this amazing 5-in-1 hair mask.

Fee xo.

This is a sponsored post however all opinions are your own based on my use of this product.

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