Stuck for what to ask for? Add these treats to your Christmas list

With Christmas fast approaching I think we are all in PBM (Present Buying Mode) and while it hasn't reached PPMB (Panic Present Buying Mode) levels just yet, we all want to nail down some good gifts for our nearest and dearests.

Which is why if like me you've been asked 'what do you want for Christmas?" or "give me ideas?!" more than a few times since November! So here is the post to give you ideas of what to ask for or simply so that you can drop hints about what you would like to see under the tree come Christmas morning.

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Korean Beauty Secrets by Kerry Thompson & Coco Park (£15.99): While a lot of makeup books are on the basic side for most beauty lovers there are a select few that aren't , otffering a wealth of new information. This book is one of them and while it does touch on makeup a little it is a predominately skincare, focusing on Korean skincare going really in-depth. I've already learnt so much about skincare in general from this book and think most beauty lovers will love it too! 

Laura Mercier Mod to Modern Holiday Caviar Stick Set (£29): If like me you always like to receive a beauty gift set at Christmas that you wouldn't normally treat yourself to, then this Laura Mercier set may be the one to put down on your list. It contains four mini Caviar Eye Sticks in very wearable every day to night shades and is pretty affordable.

Dolce & Gabanna The One EDP 30ml (£47): Of course I could have just suggested asking for any new fragrance as a gift idea but instead I wanted to share a perfume I received last year and really is something special and perfect for winter. It's warm, floral and sparkling and basically special seeming! The bottle is also very Christmas-y and luxurious which I really like.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick (£24): Whether you're totally new to CT or have a stash of her gorgeous products, asking for a single lipstick is a really nice gift idea. Okay, they may choke on the price a little, especially if they aren't into high-end makeup themselves, but they are luxurious treat and really can't be faulted on formula. My suggestion would be to ask for Pillow Talk or Amazing Grace - two very wearable shades.

Burberry Festive Beauty Box (£30): If you love luxury makeup but don't want someone to spend too much then this may be the perfect item to drop non-subtle hints about! I personally think this small but perfectly formed set is excellent value for money, considering the price of Burberry beauty in general and that it is from Net-A-Porter. I'd actually really like this under my own Christmas tree! 

Becca Apres Ski Glow Collection Face Palette (£45): Becca has certainly gained in popularity this year and as a result they have definitely upped their game especially in the packaging department. So this Christmas Becca is very much on my own beauty radar with a few palettes really standing out to me. The above palette is from the Apres Ski limited edition collection and includes 3 highlighters and 3 bronzer and blusher hues. There's something really special seeming about this product! 

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes (£11.24): If you love beauty and still haven't managed to get your hands on Pretty Honest then it may be time to ask someone to buy it for you this Christmas! It's definitely a sit in your pyjamas kind of read, dipping in and out of the interesting chapters that cover pretty much everything you can imagine being associated with beauty. This wasn't a huge bestseller for nothing!

Rose Gold Vanity Case (£29.99): Lastly for my beauty section I wanted to suggest this stunning rose gold vanity case. I picked this up for myself this summer to store my everyday makeup in and I'm still so pleased with it. Not only does it look good but it can store a lot of makeup in a compact space which really opens up when you are doing your makeup. New makeup + this vanity case = A beauty lovers Christmas dream!


Magazine Subscription (£15-30): For the past few years I asked the family member that don't know what to buy me for a magazine subscription. I always help them out by giving them an offer leaflet found in the magazine subscription I'm wanting (you can save so much!) or point them in the direction of a subscription with free gift deal. What I love about a magazine subscription is that it's a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and it's definitely more special than buying your favourite magazine every month. My own picks would be Porter, Red or Breathe magazine.

Katie Loxton Pouch (£16.99): Last year I spotted these gorgeous pouches in a little gift shop in the Lake District and was really impressed with the quality for the price. Each pouch comes in a nice hardwearing cross hatch handbag material with a metal zip in an array of colours and with different subtle embossed slogans/saying, such as ' Beautiful Dreamer', 'Ta-Dah!' and 'Be Brilliant'. Really very lovely and perfect for using as a makeup bag inside your handbag or even as a clutch bag.

Copper Cutlery Set (£14.86): This summer I updated all my budget cutlery with a weighty rose gold/copper set and I'm so glad I did because they look and feel so much nicer! Most copper sets are fairly inexpensive but nice quality and can be picked up from Argos, Asda or Tesco making them pretty easy to find if you put them on your Christmas list.

Pyrite Headphones (£35): While I thought I was strictly only a fan of earphones I recently came across this dainty pair of headphones that changed my mind. If like me you wouldn't want to go for anything bulky these are a perfect pick and just so beautiful with the encrusted Pyrite sides. I've seen these up close and they really do look very nice!

Retro Style Vinyl Player (£30): Last Christmas saw the vinyl player come back but thankfully the hype has died down this year so you can pick up quite a nice one for around £30-50. This specific one is from Argos and comes in a range of colours and would make a lovely present to open on Christmas day.

Modern Calligraphy Book (£9.09): If like me you've marvelled at the art of modern calligraphy online over the past few years then a book like this may finally get you on track or at least giving it a go. A really nice in-depth book to ask for that could potentially become a new hobby in 2018!

Rifle Paper Co 2018 Diary (£28.50): It wouldn't have been a gift guide for me if I didn't include something from stationery brand, Rifle Paper Co. This stunning gold gilded diary along with lots of other designs and products caught my eye on Paper Mash and although prices aren't the cheapest the items are something to cherish throughout the new year.

Gold Monogrammed Mug (£10): Last on my lifestyle wish list I had to include a lovely gold monogram mug from Anthropologie, which can now be bought on the John Lewis website. This is one special looking mug and something that's on my own Christmas list this year. However, if you aren't such a fan of this one you can find other lovely mugs from Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston and Le Creuset.


Hand Finished Copper Fondue Set (£38.99): Okay, so there is a chance that this could be one of those un-used presents that sees more of the cupboard then use but if you are someone that has people over often or is basically obsessed with a traditional fondue in restaurants then this may be a brilliant gift ito recieve. Unlike smaller designs, which don't really work, this is a much more professional one and something to bring out as a treat and to impress guests with!

The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme (12.26): If you love books that you can dip in and out of and makes you feel cosy yet inspired then this is the book for you. Set out in seasonal chapters this covers recipes, crafts and other lovely things to suit the time of year.

Cashmere Bed Socks (£15): Last year for Christmas I asked for my first ever pair of Cashmere socks and I've since used them so much and really do love them. So if like me you love feeling cosy then this may be something to ask a relative for. The socks I've linked to come in a range of colours and in a personalised box and are pretty affordable for such lovely cosy cashmere socks.

Silent Night Double Electric Blanket (£22): Boring but ultra cosy present alert! Yes, I am suggesting an electric blanket can be a good present idea even for those under the age of 70! Electric blankets really can transform the cosy level of a bed in wintertime, especially on super cold nights. The one I've linked to is branded with really good reviews and is surprisingly affordable.

Electric Aroma Diffuser  (£18.99): If you enjoy burning candles or using a wax burner then you may just love an aroma diffuser. I first spotted one in Muji and loved the idea as the fragrance smelt lovely and the whole thing felt calming and cosy. However, you can find endless designs and sizes on Amazon that would suit a living room or bedroom.

this works Deep Sleep Gift Set (£27): For the past few years, I've been obsessed with using this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Why? Because it works! I've recommended it to multiple people and have repurchased both the pulse rollerball and spray a few times now. The scent is lavender based but is just so soothing and calming before bed, making this a really nice set if you struggle with getting to sleep or feel relaxed.

Jo Malone Candle (£45): So this may be one pricey candle but if you are a candle lover or love Jo Malone colognes/bath products then this may be the perfect Christmas treat. I've yet to own a Jo Malone candle, although I picked up my first cologne this summer so I'd be very tempted to ask for the Sweet Almond & Macaroon candle which sounds totally dreamy!

Mule Slippers (£36): If you've ever lusted after Ugg slippers then you will be pleased to know there are now some really good affordable alternatives out there! This specific pair from Clarks (so you know they will be good quality) caught my eye as they not only look like the Ugg mule slippers but they have only glowing reviews. Everyone needs new slippers at Christmas, right?

I really hope this post has been helpful! Let me know if you've found anything to ask for or even treat yourself to. 

Fee xo.

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