A Christmas Reading List 2017

I don't know about you but Christmas is one of my busiest times of the year and although I love it I require daily downtime to stay on top of it all and enjoy it!

Of course, sticking on a Christmas movie is one way to relax while saying in the spirit of things but for me, I also like to combine my love of reading with this special time of year! This is something that I started a few years ago, seeking out festive reads instead of my go-to thriller genre.

So today I thought it would be a nice idea to share my own collection of festive reads and put together a Christmas reading list that not only could you pick and choose from yourself but you could also gift others, especially if you know a fellow Christmas fanatic! Below you will find a good mix of reads, from a book for all ages, something that will prompt nostalgic memories of Christmas as a child, a festive cookbook with a twist and even a short story from author, John Green - who knew he'd written a Christmas tale!

Letters From Father Christmas by J.R.R Tolkien
BUY HERE (£7.86)
Without a doubt the sweetest Christmas book I've ever purchased. This special book is an archived collection of handwritten and self-illustrated letters from J.R Tolkien acting as the role of Father Christmas to his three children from 1920 to 1942. With simple letters in shaky handwriting whilst his children were small, to more detailed and elaborate stories as the years go on, even with input from Father Christmas' polar bear chief assistant. Not only is this a book of short Christmas stories in letter form but the love Tolkien had for his children shines through, making this such a beautiful and magical book.

This is without a doubt the most creative and heartwarming Christmas book I own and one I often pull off my bookshelf in December to have a read a few of the many letters within. A book about storytelling, love and the true spirit of Christmas.

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig
BUY HERE (£4.54)
Want to feel the magic of Christmas? Well, The Boy Called Christmas needs to be on your reading list in that case. This festive fairytale wrote by the literary genius that is Matt Haig is for children and adults alike and won't fail to bring a little sparkle to your Christmas. A Boy Called Christmas is a tale of adventure, snow, kidnap, elves, more snow, and a boy called Nikolas, who isn't afraid to believe in magic. It's also sprinkled with illustrations throughout which adds to the magical story of how Father Christmas came to be. And if you steam read through it over the festive period then you can also enjoy The Girl Who Saved Christmas and the latest release in the series, Father Christmas and Me.

Let It Snow , short stories by John Green and Maureen Johnson
BUY HERE (£5.37)
This was a book I initially picked up for John Green's short story as I've never read a short story from him before and John Green + Christmas = Perfection! However, this is a good sized book containing three short stories all with a consistent festive theme that are cleverly tied together through the characters. As you may have guessed this is YA fiction so it's a semi-easy read and perfect to read an hour before bed to get them cosy festive feels and have a little chuckle at the humour throughout. 
I can't tell you more than that because I've only just started it but if you love fiction and want something festive to read then this may be a good shout!

Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy
BUY HERE (£4.49)
A magical reworking of The Night Before Christmas here, wonderfully illustrated by Rob Ryan. This little book would make an ideal stocking filler or to be bought and read to children at bedtime on Christmas Eve. This compact but perfectly formed book is something to cherish and bring out each year. It would also make a nice stocking filler for a fellow Christmas lover!

Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak
BUY HERE (£9.98)
If you are looking for something new to read but don't fancy anything too joyous or cheesy but still with a sprinkle of Christmas then this new release may be the book for you this December. Telling the story of the Birch family as they get together for their annual Christmas, but this time due to circumstances of a certain family member they must all remain in quarantine at home for seven days. Okay, so it sounds like a movie in book form but I have a feeling this will be funny, relatable and not sickly sweet considering it's out for Christmas. After reading Let It Snow I will be downloading this to my Kindle as it's currently £1.99 (here) opposed to £9.98 in hardback.

New York Christmas
BUY HERE (£17.27)
Each year I like to hunt down a wonderful new Christmas cookbook that I can a) cook from, obviously, and b) enjoy reading in bed... and this year I think I've outdone myself! Combining New York at Christmas time with traditional festive dishes along with the odd tale and carol thrown in for good measure I don't think this book could get any more festive if it tried! Packed full of mouth-watering recipes (helpfully converted to grams) that cover savoury, sweet and even Christmas dinner this will be a book I return to every year for inspiration and recipes. As this is new I have yet to try anything but I know the first recipes I will be trying out this week will either be Blueberry (chocolate) Brownies or something savoury like a New York classic such as Mac & Cheese. If you love Christmas and you love food then this is a book to treat yourself to!

Nigella Christmas
BUY HERE (£16.79)
I couldn't recommend my favourite festive reads without mentioning the cookbook I rely on every Christmas. Nigella Christmas for me is the original Christmas cookbook/bible with recipes you will actually cook and enjoy. This large coffee table sized book with over 250 pages includes stunning photography alongside the most glorious and indulgent sounding recipes. There's also a 50-page guide to the middle of the book on how to cook Christmas dinner from the turkey to all the trimmings and multiple gravy recipes. P.S. If you pick this up please try out the fully loaded potato skins... you won't be disappointed!

I hope this post has given you a few festive reads to discover and possibly a new tradition of trying out this feel-good genre every December! 

Fee xo.

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